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Warzone Unable to Connect to Online Services

Warzone Unable to Connect to Online Services

| Published 11. March 2020 3:12 AM – Updated 17. March 2020 20:49

Duty activation/call

The call of duty: Warzone was released today and immediately got a large audience. At one point, more than 600,000 players watched Call of Duty on Twitch. Activision’s new game Battle Royale has some interesting new mechanics that bring a breath of fresh air to a genre that is losing ground lately.

However, the servers are quite poorly maneuvered. Many stakeholders report different types of connection problems, such as the following: Connection to online services is not possible.

Call for services: War Zone cannot connect to online services

In the last few hours this error has occurred with many players, both on the PC and on the console. Activision and the Call of Duty team have not released any information about the bug. This is probably due to the fact that a large number of people are currently connecting to the servers.

Players in the Activision Call of Duty forums report many of the same issues in this thread. No other solution was recommended than simply trying to renew the connection to the server.

We recommend restarting the game to try to force a new connection. Typically, problems of this type are on the server side, so there isn’t much you can do as a player to solve them, except wait for them to be solved. We will keep you informed if Activision of Call of Duty publishes anything on this subject.

Update: A former Infinity Ward community manager explains that AT&T customers are currently blocking games due to the dramatic increase in traffic to the Modern Warfare server. This explains why you experience this problem when using AT&T Internet. Note that there are people who have this problem, even without AT&T Internet, and we are looking for answers.

Update 2: Some reports that use a VPN have their problems. Others claim that opening the following ports worked for them:

  • TCP : 3074,27014-27050
  • UDP: 3074,3478,4379-4380,27000-27031,27036

It is also important to check that your firewall is not blocking connections to Call of Duty: Warzone, whether it’s Windows Defender or other antivirus software.

Warzone Unable to Connect to Online Services

| 30 published. April 2020 1:32

After the last patch 1.20, some Call of Duty Warzone players have seen an old bug reappear on Xbox One.

Memory error 13 – 71

How can I correct this error if the old temporary solutions no longer work? In addition to waiting for Activision to repair the game, there is a simple solution that we can try.

First back to main menu

Press A to start but stop immediately and then press GO OFFLINE.

As soon as you are in the offline menu, go back to online

Once you’re back online, your game should work. Some people have reported that you may need to try this procedure several times.

We hope this correction works for all of you with memory error 13-71 .

Have fun!

| 30 published. April 2020 1:30

Activation zone / war call zone

Following the recent update of Call of Duty Warzone, some players are prevented from entering the matches. One error in particular is the Warzone 5759 error, which may be DirectX related. We have some possible solutions to this problem, which we will discuss later in this article.

War Zone Error of use 5759

Error 5759 of the Call of Duty War zone refers to DirectX. Microsoft DirectX is an application that allows games to work with your video and audio devices. In this case, the problem is the graphics card of your computer.

Graphics Card Driver Update

The first step to solve this problem is to make sure that the drivers of your graphics card are up to date. If you have an NVIDIA or ATI card, the update steps are slightly different.

For NVIDIA cards, you can navigate to the driver tab in the GeForce Experience application. From this screen you can search for the Update Driver button on the far right. You can also go to this page and download the latest driver directly from the website.

For ATI cards, you can download the latest graphics card drivers from the official AMD website. You need to download the Radeon auto-detect graphics drivers for Windows, which determine which graphics card you have, and automatically download the correct drivers.

After updating the drivers for your graphics card, you need to restart your computer, then you can try logging into Call of Duty Warzone to see if the problem is solved. If you still receive the error, proceed to the next steps.

Downloading and installing shaders

After starting Warzone, you will see a text at the top of the screen indicating that shader packages are being downloaded and installed. You should stop the download because it affects the interaction of your graphics card with the game. If they cannot be downloaded, this can lead to error 5759.

Sweeping and restoring war zone

Then you can try to scan and repair the call of the game Duty Modern Warfare. You can do this from the client, where you start modern warfare. Choose Call of Duty : MW from the menu and access options. Select Scan and Repair from the hardware drop-down menu.

Your game will browse and check all files and make sure everything is installed correctly. If there are any, hopefully they’ll be repaired from this point on.

When this is done, you can try to restart your game once. If you continue to receive this error, try reinstalling Call of Duty: Modern war/war zone, to see if that solves the problem.



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