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Town of Tears

Town of Tears

Back to the Empty Knight.

The city of tears (West)

Town of Tears

Only the western part of Tears will be accessible until you find another entrance from another area in the eastern part of the city. The path leading directly to the cartographer is also blocked, so you have to make a loop to find it.

From the entrance follow the path to the right and go down to find the first position position. Keep driving through town. Turn left until you find the Carnation camera in the small cabin. It will increase the strength of your nail. For the first time, he’ll be just Geo. Future updates will cost you both Geo and bleaching ore. Each update adds 4 damage points to your attack. The base nail has 5 damages, so it will be damaged with 9 pieces after the first upgrade. There are a total of four upgrades: Sanded nail, polished nail, curved nail and clean nail.

Go back to your steps and continue to the right on the ground. As you go through the elevator, you’ll see a mechanism that needs a simple key. This opens the stream to the royal waterways. Ignore him for now and go straight to the Empty Knight Memorial. You’ll meet the Hornet again.

The building on the right is closed from here on, so go back to the left. Go to the second elevator, take a hop and turn left about halfway the ledge.

Town of Tears

Go to the top of the rim for the hollow seal. Go to the right to enter the next building. Lower the first turn, press the switch to open the shortcut and then turn right to meet the Relic Finder Lemm. He buys you relics, like Wanderer magazines and hollow seals.

Go upstairs. About halfway you will find the Rancidegg. In the upper right corner another Grubis caught.

Town of Tears

Go to the top of the building and follow the exit pages in the upper left corner. Turn right to find the booth and Map Maker.

From there you turn left to find Zote Mighty. This time he doesn’t need to be saved, but he complains about the rain.

Climb on the docks up to the exit on the top right. Jump over the roof to reach another bench and a shovel station for this area. Kill the beetles on the left to find the hiker’s diary. Continue to the left to unlock the lift Forgotten junction

Forgotten intersection

Go with the spikes to the left and down the passage. Go around to the left to find a piece of mask.  If you want to go directly to Salubra to get extra cuts or charms , now is the right time. Go back to the elevator and go to City of Tears City of Tears.

The city of tears

Go back to the cartographer, go down in front of him and take the exit at the right side. You’ll be trapped in a cell with Twister’s soul. This creature will teleport and shoot fireballs at you. Try to use the rods to block the fireball and jump to hit it when it gets close enough. Once he’s killed, the door opens. Take the exit upstairs.

Sanctuary of the Soul

The path on the left leads to a locked door. To open it, you need the Elegant Key, which you get from the dealer in Dirtmouth when you give him the key from the dealer in Crystal Peak. Inside is a new spell for the Vigilant Spirit, called the Soul of the Shadow.

Go through the building. On the way you’ll come across more Twister Soul. When you’re at the top, you’ve got a mini-boss fighting the Soul Warrior.

Town of Tears

He has a number of fairly easy to spot attacks, a teleport, a forward thrust, a down thrust and fireballs. Once he’s killed, you can go right.

First go downstairs to open the shortcut and then return to the top of the building. On your way to the boss’s arena, just before leaving the square, you jump in secret.  Go to the right for Twister’s spell. Now back to the bosses’ battle.

Master of the Soul

Town of Tears

The Soul Master is a difficult boss to fight, and he has many attacks. The most dangerous is the teleport, followed by the downward shock wave. Sometimes the Soul Master will make a double beam to shut down your defense before you descend. Get off the road and avoid the shock wave.

The Soul Master also shoots fireballs and then attacks where he turns the fireballs and moves from one side of the arena to the other. His last attack was a hard blow for you on the ground.

What makes the fight with the boss harder is that the shrink almost always steals. Dodge his attacks and take a few punches if you can. It’s a good time after a fall to the ground, just like when it’s moving on the screen with rotating fireballs.

When the Soul Master is defeated, he will break the ice floor and both of you will be in the arena downstairs. The soul master will change shape and touch the ground several times. You’ve got to get out of the way fast.

If the Soul Master stays on one side of the arena, he will produce fireballs. This would be a good time to beat him as soon as possible. Eventually he dies, and you win the fight. It leaves behind the Desolate Dive possibility, which allows you to break and destroy certain types of soil.

Turn left to receive the Geo Award and Hallownestseal. On the way you will also find a last Grub.

You must go back and explore the eastern part of the City of Tears. There are currently many other places to explore, including the Royal Waterways and the Royal Gardens. In the meantime, we’re going to Crystal Peak for a new capacity.

Return: Mushroom waste More information: crystal lace



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