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The Dream Boss

The Dream Boss

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Grey Prince Fool

The Dream Boss

The Grey Prince Zota is in Brett’s basement in Dirtmouth when you saved Brett and Zota and defeated Zota in the Coliseum of the Madfellows. It can pass the test up to 10 times, but only gives you 300 entities the first time you hit it.

Grey Prince Fool doesn’t seem to know what he’s doing, and he keeps falling. He’s always hard to beat, because every time he falls, he creates a shock wave, and he also likes to teleport himself into the arena before he hits the ground.

Zota has 1200 health before the first stroke. You have to discover the movements that shock waves generate, so you can ignore them in time. Often one or two points can be drawn after each shock wave. Quick Slash’s charm and fragile power will work for this fight. The fragile spell won’t break if you lose the fight of the Dream Boss.

Loser – Master

The Dream Boss

The failed champion is located above the arena where you fought the liar. After the jump open the wall to the right and use a dream nail on a dead larva. You can use the dream nail on other larvae to refresh your soul before you go into battle.

The unfortunate champion is a sophisticated version of the fake knight. Every time he attacks, stones will fall from the roof, but most of his attacks are very similar. If he jumps in front of you, you have a chance to get under him. You can give him a few punches before he turns around.

If you’re in one of the corners, you might have a chance to recover, especially if you have the charm of quick concentration. The unfortunate champion is knocked down several times, giving you the chance to heal yourself or hit your head to get more soul. He will eventually be defeated and crushed to the ground. If he wins, you get 300 essences.

Species lost

The Dream Boss

The lost species is in the same place as the shipwreck in the Old Basin. He has 1,200 health problems and slightly more complex seizures. During the fight, the contamination droplets multiply and chase you.

The strategy to defeat the lost king is largely the same as that of the broken ship. Stay down, because the Lost King likes to jump. Use Quick Slash to get many hits at once, and Desolate Dive does real quick damage. Kill the drops that are reproducing to give you a soul, so you should have no problem using spells during this battle.

During the battle, the lost king is knocked down several times, giving you a chance to heal, but you have to watch out for the infected droplets coming at you. Once the Lost King is defeated, you will be rewarded with 400 entities.

White defender

The Dream Boss

The White Defender is a very healthy, or rather 1600 horsepower. It is located with Desolate Dive directly under the room on the right side of the Dung Defender, where the lever is located.

The White Defender has many of the same attacks as the Manure Defender, but it is fairly easy to predict and most attacks can be avoided. Use Quick Slash to hit him several times while throwing the feces. Follow him and join the fight when he makes a manure burst. If you’re near him, that shit won’t reach you.

Once the white defender is defeated, you will be rewarded with 300 entities.

Tractor core

The Dream Boss

The tyrant of the soul is in the same place as the master of the soul. Use the dream nail on the body to start the fight. Tyrant Soul has 900 conditions on the first level and 350 on the second.

The attacks of the Tirana Soul are the same as those of the Master Soul, with the difference that he is a little faster and has more fireballs during his rotating fireball attack. The presence of the Wings of the Monarch will prevent the shock wave of an attack on the Earth Pound.

The tyrant of the soul teleports himself into the arena, so it’s hard to get hold of him. You can only attack one or two at a time, so Quicky Slash’s charm isn’t very effective for this battle.

In Phase 2, the Trante of Souls will pierce the ground and land in the arena below. He wears the cotton several times until it finally stops on one side of the room. This is your chance to kill him. Avoid fireballs and hit him with the scream of the abyss or the nail. Once he is defeated, you will be rewarded with 300 entities.

Return: Foggy throat: White Palace



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