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The Cristal Peak

The Cristal Peak

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crystal side

The Cristal Peak

From the forgotten crossroads there are two entrances to Crystal Peak, either by Desolate Dive into the mines or by buying a lamp and taking the path below. Jump to the right with Desolate Dive to pick up egg Rancid on the way down.

The Crystal Peak region is a beautiful place and fortunately not too complicated. Along the way you will also get another new capacity, the Super Strike.

When you have reached the bottom, go all the way to the right to the first position. Now you want to go left again and climb the central pillar.  In the first camera you’ll find the first Grub for this area, but you have to go around the peaks to get there.

The Cristal Peak

Tap the button to open the shortcut and then go to the next camera. Pass the lasers and break through the secret wall at the left side.

The Cristal Peak

You won’t be able to reach the other side until you have the Crystal Heart Super Dash capability, but when you cross it, you will find the Deep Focus charm on the other side.

Follow the paper path with lasers to the top of the room and then turn left to see the Cornifer on the map. Once you have Crystal Heart you can race to the other side where you will find Grub and another exit to Dirtmouth. There’s a royal idol above Cornfey, but you have to have wings to make a double jump to get there.

In the meantime go to the right again and continue to the next room. Here you will find the key of the shop owner. You can give it back to a shop owner in Dirtmouth and he will find new items for sale. Go to the top right to find the key.

The Cristal Peak

Go down the stairs and take the exit to the right to fight with the boss.

Crystal holder

The Cristal Peak

Crystal Guardian is a fairly easy fight of the bosses and has 280 of health in the first session. Hit him while he’s resting on the bench to start the fight. He has two attacks, a laser beam that he fires from his hand and lasers from the air coming down from the roof.

The fastest way to beat the Crystal Keeper is to stay close to him and jump to the other side when he starts using the laser. Once defeated, it falls 385 Geo.

You’ll meet the Crystal Keeper in a small cell above this cell, but you’ll have to make a double jump to get to the top. In the second match he is healthier and as a reward he drops the mask fragment.

Crystal heart

To reach the Crystal Heart, you need to unlock two doors so you can stand up and walk around the cave where it is located. From the boss turn your head to the right and press the switch to unlock the first door.

Now would be a good time to save the second well. Go down the stairs and go to the left. Avoid sharpeners and release maggots from above. For a short tour you can press the Tap-change button.

The Cristal Peak

Go back to the left and pass in front of the place where you found the key of the dealer. At the top you’ll find Quirrel, again in charge of Dirtmouth. Turn right and take the next exit. If you go further to the right, you’ll meet another larva, and if you climb to the top of the Halloween wreath, you’ll find pale ore. The Monarch’s Wings must jump to the right.

Stop in the laser room on the right to see the walker’s logbook. The room on the left has a shaky floor where you can dive in to break it. In the space below is the Rancidegg.

Go back to your desk and go downstairs. That opens the second door. Scroll down to the bottom right and press the next button. She’ll open the Crystal Heart label. Go to the right and prepare yourself on a small platform. Passenger passage, rotating platforms and lasers.

The Cristal Peak

Follow the path until you find the crystal clear heart. It gives you a chance to fly the Super Dash.

Super Dash on the left, and when you enter the room with the giant beetle in the background, climb the wall and Super Dash crosses Grub on the right.

The Cristal Peak

To the right, then down. Go through the breakers and come down to find the next meal. Click the button to open another shortcut.

The Cristal Peak

Crystalline hill

Go down and turn right. Jump over the ledges and avoid flying crystal hunters. With a big punch in the breach on the other side and up the hill. Desolation dive to break rocks and prepare for a new platform jump.

When you reach the point in the figure below, go right to save another Grub and go left to update yourself with the Dive Desolation spell called Flowing Dark.

The Cristal Peak

Some Latest Secrets

Back to the secret area under the map maker. Make your way through the crystal cave on the left with your new super evaporation power. You have to run your super through the lasers to the other side. Once there, you will be rewarded with the charm of the Superfocus .

Go back to where you met the cartographer. Fly with the super jump through the crystal cave to the other side. When you’re almost at the end, take the path down to the last Gruba.

The Cristal Peak

If you break a can, Rude walks away, but changes to Rude Mimic. He moves very fast, but is exposed to attacks from above. After killing him, drill through the wall in the lower left corner and find the real Grub.

The Cristal Peak

Go upstairs, and on the left is the Superpoint. You can take the elevator back to Dirtmouth.

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