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The Best Starting Characters in Mana Trials

The Best Starting Characters in Mana Trials


The composition of the team is an important aspect of the Mana process. At the beginning of the game you can only choose three of the six characters. This guide examines the movements, skills and background of each character and gives an overview of the best beginning characters in Manatests.

There are a total of 6 characters, each with its own play style and context that influence the game. In Trials of Mana, you can switch from one character to another at any time, so you’re not tied to a specific character.

Before we decide which character is the best starting point in the mana tests, we take a closer look at each character so you can get an idea.


Hawkeye is a fast thief who uses daggers with good luck, which is perfect for finding prey. It begins in Nevarel, where his thieves’ troops roam the streets to escape the authorities. The movements of the Hawks are fast attacks that strike multiple times, and the finish is powerful.

Hawkeye manages to do damage quickly, which is good for getting in and out. His standard punching skill is Poison Dagger, a two-handed knife attack that strikes enemies in front of him. Hawkeye can enter the Ranger or Ninja class early. Hawkeye has level three:

  • Nomad – Support capacity.
  • Wanderer – Traps and shunting battles.
  • Ninja Master is a specialist in AoE damage.
  • Knight’s Blade – to start and weaken enemies.


Angela is a witch who does a lot of magical damage from a distance and the control of the crowd. She uses sticks and has a great intelligence and a great mind. Angela starts in Alten, where she hopes to earn the respect of the true queen, who is also her mother. Her main attacks are simple melee wall attacks, but over time she will get AoE spells and become one of the strongest characters in the game.

The double slash is Angela’s starting power, which is pretty low. Her second level classes are Witch, who deals with high elemental damage, and Mystic, who performs dark magic spells with high MPs. Angela’s on level three:

  • Archmag – A variety of elementary and non elemental spells.
  • Great Soothsayer – Uses clones of twins who attack their own.
  • Magus – inflicts severe damage after a nuclear explosion.
  • The Rune Seer – Influences the status needs of enemies.


Kevin is a fighter who can transform at night and uses his fists as weapons, with great strength and attack damage. He is Prince Ferolia, where he starts the game and falls into the hands of his father. His head movements are quite strong compared to the other characters.

Kevin’s starting power is the Phenomenal Fist, a combination of a heel strike and a punch that damages enemies in front of him. His second level classes are the Monk, who deals with damage and healing, and Browler, a warrior-style class. Kevin’s on level three:

  • The Divine Fist is a good DPS with some support.
  • Warrior Monk – Absorbs MPs and uses magic.
  • Illuminated – Vital causes and magical damage.
  • Fatal fist – high damage class DPS and AoE.


Riesz is a well-armed fighter and a good supportive character, using spears and magic to attack. It all starts with Laurent, where she’s trying to save her brother Elliot. Most of her attacks are scattered and cause a lot of damage, so she can be considered a damage dealer with strong tractive power.

Riesz starts with the whirlwind spear, which can be used to collect enemies and cause damage. His second level classes are Valkyrie to scare allies and Runa Maiden to scare enemies. Rish is in third grade:

  • The Vanadis is a high endurance support class and a convocation.
  • The Stargazer is a support class with fans of the team.
  • Dragon Master – Fight your enemies with a unique challenge.
  • Knight Fenrir – kill the enemies and attack them first at the head of battle.


Charlotte is a supportive character specialized in healing and magic. She has a high mind and intelligence and uses a hammer, which makes her effective in close combat. She starts in Wendel, where she has strange dreams, and ends up in Hawkeye. Charlotte is actually quite agile and can move quickly for a healer, with the added bonus of high DPS spells.

Charlotte starts with Wakbama, which is a fairly simple but effective melee attack. His second level classes are the Priestess, who is a supportive healer, and the Wizard, a class that focuses on fighting with openings. Charlotte has level three:

  • Great Spiritual – A team healer with great healing abilities.
  • Sage – removes garbage and uses magic.
  • Necromancer – Raises undead followers and cursed enemies.
  • Wizard – he defends himself against enemies and uses powerful spells.


Duran is the most powerful melee character and tank in the game. As you can see, he has very great strength and endurance and has a big sword like a tank. He starts in Walsen, where he proves he can start a duel to impress. Duran is probably the best fighter in the game.

Duran starts with the ability to cross, where he jumps to his enemies and cuts them off. His second level is a knight with a shield and a gladiator who focuses on offensive attacks. Duran has level three:

  • Paladin – High defense, good for tanning.
  • Hatch – Modernized knight, superior in attack and defense.
  • Edelphrey is a great fighter who exploits his weaknesses.
  • Duelist – The whole attack class with high DPS.

Best start signs at Mana– Pilot project

A good example of a battle consisting of fighters, tanks and healers. It is a good compound for very large damages and stability with Charlotte to heal and polish the device.

  • Kevin – Deadly Fist.
  • Durand the Duelist
  • Charlotte the High Priest.

Here is an example of a spell based teid that focuses on spells, MP regeneration and team fans.

  • Angela – master of runes
  • Kevin – warrior monk
  • Rice – Starlanzer

Part of what makes this game so entertaining is to have your own party and play the game the way you want. There are many characters with different compositions that you can use, so there are many different combinations that can work very well.

The Best Starting Characters in Mana Trials



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