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Rework on Biological Ascension

Rework on Biological Ascension


Rework on Biological Ascension

Rework on Biological Ascension

Biological Ascension is easily the most boring and least dense of the 3 ascents in the starry sky, it adds almost zero history to your realm and consists mainly of applying and removing modifiers through the Genetic Modification menu; it can be fun for those who like heavy micro-control, but otherwise it is very boring.

So I think biological escalation needs some kind of treatment or expansion of the content, so I’ve put forward some ideas that they can add.

* The ability to clone cosmic entities such as space amoebas for your fleet

* Shipbuilding, you can create a whole new kind of doll on the planet *

*Eliminating animals, you can block the enemy creatures that block the tiles in alien pets.


*Ecological intervention, modifying plants to obtain global modifiers such as atmospheric aphrodisiacs or new ones such as caffeine traces that could improve scientific results.

* A unique feature, such as photosynthesis, which reduces the need for food

* Devolvisation, changing your butt / coming out to be present can be a colossal weapon *

* Welcome to the spirit of the beehive

* These ships can have a hull and love regeneration, unique modules, maybe even a new set of ships that look organic.

These are just some of my thoughts on biological climbing that I would like to have if we could do something about this path and these ideas.


Organic Ascension Message for Stellaris.

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