Pokemon Yellow Cheats Complete Codes list

Pokemon Yellow Cheats Complete Codes list

Pokemon Yellow sounds like too old a game but still, it’s a better version of Pokemon Red and Blue. Although it is an old one the craze for this game is still inaccessible. Pokemon games and pokemon cheats go hands in hands. Sometimes it feels like both of them are equally famous and wanted. This brings us to the topic of pokemon yellow cheats. If you are in the search of pokemon Yellow cheat codes then this is where you need to be. Because over here you’ll find every cheat in existence. Some of the popular cheat codes for pokemon yellow are walk through a wall, rare candies, legendary pokemon encounter, wild pokemon modifier, infinite money, and masterball cheat, all of which you’ll find below & much more.

Tip: It is recommended that you use the USA Rom version along with the GBC emulator as it has been found to work best with cheat codes.

Pokemon Yellow Cheats 2021:

Here are all the cheats for Pokemon Yellow that are found to be working effortlessly.

Infinite Money

Get infinite cash with this cheat.


No Random Battles

Avoid random battles outside with this cheat.


Infinite PP

Get unlimited PP with this code.


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Float in Air

Ever wanted to fly? Use this cheat.


Walk Through Walls

Walkthrough walls & terrains using this cheat. Be careful as you may get stuck in some places & the game might crash. Be sure to save progress beforehand.


Protect Status

use the following cheat to protect status.


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Level Modifier

pokemon yellow cheat codes

Modify your Pokemon’s level.

010526d1 = Level 5
010a26d1 = Level 10
010f26d1 = Level 15
011426D1 = level 20
011926D1 = level 25
011E26D1 = level 30
012326D1 = level 35
012826D1 = level 40
012D26D1 = level 45
013226D1 = level 50
014B26D1 = level 75
016426D1 = level 100
019626D1 = level 150
01BE26D1 = level 190

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Unlimited HP

Get unlimited HP in battle.


Pikachu Cheats

Cool cheats for Pikachu!

Pikachu flies with Balloons

Pikachu surfs


Pacific Pikachu

Legendary Pokemon

Encounter legendary Pokemons every time you use these code.

014AD7CF = Articuno
0159D7CF = Dragonair
0142D7CF = Dragonite
0158D7CF = Dratini
0149D7CF = Motres
0183D7CF = Mewtwo
0115D7CF = Mew
014BD7CF = Zapdos

Infinite Rare Candy

pokemon yellow gameshark codes

The master code needs to individually entered & activiated first before using the cheat.

Master code

Rare Candies

Charizard as Starter

Start with Charizard as your starter Pokemon.


Unlimited Time

Get unlimited time in Safari Zone.

All badges

Get all badges. Though you should save progress before using this as it might ruin your bag.


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Unlimited Casino Coins

Get unlimited Casino coins by using the following cheat!


Masterball cheats

Following are all the master balls cheats in the game.

Masterball (Check PC)


Free master balls from the shop


Burn and Sleep

Make your opponent’s Pokemon Burn & Sleep.

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Unlimited Safari Balls

Get unlimted Safri Balls

Catch Trainer’s Pokemon

Steal the Pokemon of your enemy trainer & combine the code with masterball for a guranteed catch.


pokemon yellow rom cheats

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Catch Wild Pokemon

You can catch the following wild Pokemon with these cheats.

Catch Wild Articuno 014ad7cf
Catch Wild Zapdos 014bd7cf
Catch WIld Motres 0149d7cf
Catch Wild Dratini 0158d7cf
Catch Wild Dragonair 0159d7cf
Catch Wild Dragonite 0142d7cf
Catch Wild Mewtwo 0183d7cf
Catch Wild Mew 0115d7cf

Catch Wild Gyarados 0116d7cf
Catch Wild Lapras 0113d7cf
Catch Wild Ditto 014cd7cf
Catch Wild Eevee 0166d7cf
Catch Wild Vaporeon 0169d7cf
Catch Wild Jolteon 0168d7cf
Catch Wild Flareon 0167d7cf
Catch Wild Porygon 01aad7cf
Catch Wild Omanytle 0162d7cf
Catch Wild Omanyte 0162d7cf
Catch Wild Omastar 0163d7cf
Catch Wild Majikarp 0185d7cf
Catch Wild Kabuto 015ad7cf
Catch Wild Kabutops 015bd7cf
Catch Wild Aerodactyl 01abd7cf
Catch Wild Snorlax 0184d7cf
Catch Wild Hitmonlee 012bd7cf
Catch Wild Hitmonchan 012cd7cf
Catch Wild Marowak 0191d7cf
Catch Wild Lickitung 010bd7cf
Catch Wild Koffing 0137d7cf
Catch Wild Weezing 018fd7cf
Catch Wild Rhyhorn 0112d7cf
Catch Wild Rhydon 0101d7cf
Catch Wild Chansey 0128d7cf
Catch Wild Tangela 011ed7cf
Catch Wild Kangaskhan 0102d7cf
Catch Wild Horsea 015cd7cf
Catch Wild Seadra 015dd7cf
Catch Wild Goldeen 019dd7cf
Catch Wild Seaking 019ed7cf
Catch Wild Staru 011bd7cf
Catch Wild Starmie 0198d7cf
Catch Wild Mr. Mime 012ad7cf
Catch Wild Scyther 011ad7cf
Catch Wild Jynx 0148d7cf
Catch Wild Electabuzz 0135d7cf
Catch Wild Magmar 0133d7cf
Catch Wild Magmar 0133d7cf
Catch Wild Pinsir 011dd7cf
Catch Wild Tauros 013cd7cf
Catch Wild Seel 013ad7cf
Catch Wild Drowzee 0130d7cf
Catch Wild Dewgong 0178d7cf
Catch Wild Grimer 010dd7cf
Catch Wild Muk 0188d7cf
Catch Wild Shellder 0117d7cf
Catch Wild Cloyster 018bd7cf
Catch Wild Gastly 0119d7cf
Catch Wild Haunter 0193d7cf
Catch Wild Krabby 014edd7cf
Catch Wild Gengar 010ed7cf
Catch Wild Onix 0122d7cf
Catch Wild Hypno 0181d7cf
Catch Wild Kinger 018ad7cf
Catch Wild Voltorb 0106d7cf
Catch Wild Electrode 018dd7cf
Catch Wild Exeggcute 010cd7cf
Catch Wild Exeggutor 010ad7cf
Catch Wild Cubone 0111d7cf
Catch Wild Slowbro 0108d7cf
Catch Wild Magnemite 01add7cf
Catch Wild Magneton 0136d7cf
Catch Wild Farfetch’d 0140d7cf
Catch Wild Doduo 0146d7cf
Catch Wild Dodrio 0174d7cf
Catch Wild Slowpoke 0125d7cf
Catch Wild Primeape 0175d7cf
Catch Wild Growlithe 0121d7cf
Catch Wild Arcanine 0114d7cf
Catch Wild Poliwag 0147d7cf
Catch Wild Poliwhirl 016ed7cf
Catch Wild Poliwrath 016fd7cf
Catch Wild Abra 0194d7cf
Catch Wild Kadabra 0126d7cf
Catch Wild Alakazam 0195d7cf
Catch Wild Machop 016ad7cf
Catch Wild Machoke 0129d7cf
Catch Wild Machamp 017ed7cf
Catch Wild Bellsprout 01bcd7cf
Catch Wild Weepinbell 01bdd7cf
Catch Wild Victreebell 01bed7cf
Catch Wild Mankey 0139d7cf
Catch Wild Tentacool 0118d7cf
Catch Wild Tentacruel 019bd7cf
Catch Wild Geodude 01a9d7cf
Catch Wild Graveler 0127d7cf
Catch Wild Golem 0131d7cf
Catch Wild Ponyta 01a3d7cf
Catch Wild Rapidash 01a4d7cf
Catch Wild Parasect 012ed7cf
Catch Wild Venonat 0141d7cf
Catch Wild Venamoth 0177d7cf
Catch Wild Diglett 013bd7cf
Catch Wild Dugtrio 0176d7cf
Catch Wild Meowth 014dd7cf
Catch Wild Persian 0190d7cf
Catch Wild Psyduck 012fd7cf
Catch Wild Golduck 0180d7cf
Catch Wild Vulpix 0152d7cf
Catch Wild Ninetales 0153d7cf
Catch Wild Jigglypuff 0164d7cf
Catch Wild Wigglypuff 0165d7cf
Catch Wild Zubat 016bd7cf
Catch Wild Golbat 0182d7cf
Catch Wild Oddish 01b9d7cf
Catch Wild Gloom 01bad7cf
Catch Wild Vileplume 01bbd7cf
Catch Wild Paras 016dd7cf
Catch Wild Clefable 018ed7cf
Catch Wild Butterfree 017dd7cf
Catch Wild Weedle 0170d7cf
Catch Wild Kakuna 0171d7cf
Catch Wild Beedrill 0172d7cf
Catch Wild Pidgey 0124d7cf
Catch Wild Pidgeotto 0196d7cf
Catch Wild Pidgeot 0197d7cf
Catch Wild Rattata 01a5d7cf
Catch Wild Raticate 01a6d7cf
Catch Wild Spearow 0105d7cf
Catch Wild Fearow 0123d7cf
Catch Wild Ekans 016cd7cf
Catch Wild Arbok 012dd7cf
Catch Wild Pikachu 0154d7cf
Catch Wild Raichu 0155d7cf
Catch Wild Sandshrew 0160d7cf
Catch Wild Sandslash 0161d7cf
Catch Wild Nidoran 010fd7cf
Catch Wild Nidorina 01a8d7cf
Catch Wild NidoQueen 0110d7cf
Catch Wild Nidoran (male) 0103d7cf
Catch Wild Nidorino (male) 01a7d7cf
Catch Wild NidoKing 0107d7cf
Catch Wild Clefairy 0104d7cf

Further Info

If you already don’t know, then Pokemon yellow is known as Game oy color game but actually, it is played by VBA or GBA (game boy advance.) and just like that pokemon yellow gameshark vba codes are quite unique. All you need to do is while being in-game go on the cheat list, then click on the gameshark option and enter the cheats.

Some of the above-mentioned emulator cheats are quite tricky. For example, master codes are mandatory for rare candies. Master codes need to be entered and then activated or else the cheat won’t function at all. Also, while acknowledging pokemon yellow cheats it is recommended not to activate more than two cheats. As overuse of cheats confuses the game and brings negative side effects in the game which results in crashing of it.

In order to safe play, make sure to save the game every time you are activating any new code. And enter gameshark codes as in the emulator through the cheats menu. You can also enter these cheats through the codes manager of the GameShark.

One of the most common gameshark codes of pokemon yellow is of the master balls. The cheat codes of masterball are 01017CCF which is for free. Just like that more common rom cheats have to walk through walls and rare candies. The gameshark code’s real candy is 01281ED3 and of the walk, though walls are 010138CD.

Apart from these, pokemon yellow codes also include money cheats. Which is assumed to be one of the most wanted cheats. The code of infinite money cheat is:


You just need to activate these three infinite money glitches on the emulator and then you are good to go.

Other than that, in pokemon yellow cheats, one of the most wanted has to be gameshark rare candy code. And trust us these codes do not require any rocket science. It just needs a master code to activate the emulator cheat and the basic cheat. The master code is 01281DD3 and the rare candies code is 01281ED3.

Rare candy cheats can also be called level cheats because these codes instantly increase the level. And with that, these cheats give the supply of unlimited pokemons. Apart from that, in this article, you will be finding other gbc cheats as well.

Just to give a little more insight about following pokemon yellow cheats here we are going to elaborate a little more.

Pokemon yellow codes helps you to meet any desired Pokemon you would want to meet. It can be anyone and due to that these cheats are quite famous. Also, apart from that, it also helps with setting the level you would want to appear on the map.

If you are annoyed by the fact that the pokemon yellow game only allows only one or two master balls Then, the master ball gameshark cheats is all-ready to the rescue because you can buy as many of them you would like to from the Poke mart. Master balls cheat helps you to immediately catch the pokemon you encounter.

Because we understand how much of a headache it is to not move forward in the game. After all, we all get curious to know what’s beyond and when it comes to games controlling yourself seems like a big task. And due to that pokemon yellow cheats are invented. And our task is to concede you guys about all these important and relevant cheats.

My Oldboy pokemon cheats will instantly help you to reach the highest levels. And these cheats will make this already exciting game more fun and thrilling. So, get ready to witness more about Pokemon Yellow.

The matter of fact is that along with these pokemon yellow cheats you need to be a little alert because they might crash your game. For example, Pikachu surf skill is a little tricky. While making use of this cheat make sure to site the Pikachu at the first position. The risk that comes with this cheat is, it might eradicate all the existing Pikachus. One never wants to go through such a disaster, right? So, be careful!

Pokemon yellow cheat codes not only help you in an encounter with pokemon but also helps you to change the direct level as well. You can easily change the level of the wild pokemon modifier with the help of the codes provided to you. Suppose you are on level 150 by any chance you can easily catch the pokemon by entering the code “019626D1.”

There are some other action replay codes as well that you use to attack others, in other words, they are also known as attack codes. 1 AB 73D1 (substitute AB with the desired number.) For example, if you want to attack with a fire punch whose number is 07. Then, the final code will become 1 07 73D1. Pokemon yellow has four slots so the Pokemon yellow version cheats of Slot 1, Slot 2, Slot 3, and Slot 4 are 01xx72d1, 01xx73d1, 01xx74d1, and 07xx75d1 respectively. Now replace the xx with the digits to make desired or required code.

All the cheats Gameboy, game genie codes, bgb pokemon yellow cheats, and the Gameboy color cheats are somewhat the same as that of blue and black pokemon which are the older versions. It is completely possible to get the masterballs or any other items from the older version codes.

All these acknowledgments regarding the cheats are same for the all the devices may it be cheating android, ios, or any other window. The only that differs is the emulator for every device.

Use these cheats, level up, make your game more exhilarating, and ENJOY!

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