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Inquisition of Dragon Age Best Staff

In 300 hours of play for the Dragon Age and the DLC Dragon Slayer, didn’t you launch a wizard? Sure, magic makes them swampy, but you use the right weapon for your needs?

Let’s talk about your -Personal(wiki).

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The best members of the Dragon Age Inquisition can take a walk in the park. Whether you face the demons of Vauli in multiplayer or Corifius in the plot, these are the five best inquisition sticks of the era of the Dragon.


The people working on the Encore program are generally considered to be the best in the game. Clicker you can only get this staff by buying and downloading TrespasserDLC, the epilogue of the main story.

You can use the Golden Circle in your workshop to pass it on to a second passage (or to another magician).

This staff will guide you through the game with strong 94-125 DPS. In addition to a large number of upgrade slots, this staff member also has the opportunity to launch one of three unique fans for your entire game: Gang Battle (with attack bonus 20%), Mark Riff (guaranteed bonus 42 elementary damage) or Sing-Along (health regeneration 2%).

This staff is only available in the infiltration control department. You have to follow the treasure maps to the different places in the Winter Palace.

If you have this system and are able to create staff, you only have a few hours of play space, but Golden Nug bypasses this problem and allows you to move the staff to another game path or to a wizard.

Unfortunately, this staff has to be created, which means that is not available on the multi-user server. However, these staff members will turn your PVE campaign into a walk in the park.

It’s absolutely advisable to transfer it to a new character and see the difference between your DPS and the style of play.

Headquarters is a major offensive-aggressive weapon, but they also need defense. Discover the best inquisition armor of the dragon era, which we recommend. Deadly personnel

Festival of Forgotten

The Feast of the Forgotten is a unique stick that plunges into the time of the dragon. The festival is named after the ancient elf gods, also called the forgotten gods.

These gods, like Mital and the terrible wolf, are worshipped in the game. They say they belonged to one of Darthal’s priests.

You need this staff for your PDS! This staff has a DPS with a height of for the basic package (110-113). Add three slots with upgrades, and that should be enough to attract all players. With a +16% Attack Bonus and +14% Security Damageyou can cause serious damage with this staff. Perfect for the dungeons.

Ironically, it also has +14% penetration ofarmor, but the amateur is now completely useless in the game because the staff has no physical attack.

Although we use it with stencils to prevent large blows because of their good protection and to change weapons when necessary.

As one of the most powerful headquarters, many fear that it is only accessible in a single player DLC. Well, the good news is, it’s not.

The Pyre of Oblivion can be purchased as part of the Western approach, provided a list of discounted purchases is available.

It’s definitely worth revising Griffin’s Wing to save money, even if you only buy this item.

For multiplayer fans: You’re a lucky man. It’s also available for purchase in multiplayer mode. …with the same stats. You can unlock these personnel to inflict fire damage on any demons you encounter.

We’re moving with our list of the best Inquisition officers of the Dragon era.

Corrupt employees

Corrupt Staff is a schematic level 4 staff that can also be purchased.

It’s for a wizard who likes to get close to the center… especially if you want to use the Rift Wizard for your character.

The anti-bribery system gives you a high DPS : 94-125depending on the materials you use for the creation.

Thanks to the crushing three-headed hose she makes, you can also do elemental damage by three different elements! This means that few enemies can resist your magical powers.

This system is for sale at our friend, a merchant from the Black Empire, who is a bit dubious. All you have to do is get the Emporium Legend Schedules to get a big 17k of gold.

Even for this price it is worth working on, if only because of the DPS.

Calm down! Calm down!

Corrupt personnel is present. Like the call-back staff, you can’t take him into the multiplayer game and he stinks of chaos.

However, you can use your Golden Bat to transfer it to another game without having to go through the Golden Bat you made the first time!

Are you fighting your magic character? Inspire our best wizard from the Inquisition of Dragon Time.

The wrath of Lovias

Rage of Lovias is the only team in the game that has two different options The first option is a large rookie team that will destroy your opponents.

The second is in the form of a level 4 regime. It’s great for wizards and temples.

This personnel is an excellent choice for the production because of the high DPS, but also because of the elementary damage. Designed to work with the Enchanting Knight’s high DPS, it’s a great way to enhance your magical powers.

Three upgrade slots also make it easy to configure staff for different meetings.

The staff of the base will help you to improve your statistics at the beginning of the game. It also means that you do not change personnel at any level, because you already have more personnel.

The plan for level 4 staff can be purchased from our friendly Black Emporium. If you haven’t downloaded this DLC, you’ll need to download it again to make sure you get the best weapons stats.

However, our base personnel can easily be looted by the elite wizard of the rebels during the searchDefectors of Witchcraft .

But is it going on?

It’s time for good news and bad news. Your level 4 monster doesn’t take you on a multiplayer adventure with friends. But your basic staff can!

You can steal it from crates in multiplayer mode and it will be a great starting stick for your multiplayer wizards!

And our latest list of the best inquisitors of the dragon’s time.

Deadly personnel

Death Race offers a great range of top quests and the best stats for your Necromancer build. The staff comes from the Nevarra Death Murderer, the guild of necromancers, who would be the first.

Why is that the best choice for my necromancer?

For starters, you have three empty slots to upgrade. They can be improved with handles and knives adapted to allow staff to treat the injuries of the undead and help you regain your health. DPS is a good, but the real beauty is in the statistics!

With this staff, your necromancer will work +10 Constitution, +9 will workand on healing strokes will receive 1% of your maximum health. This means that your Necromancer mage can take the blows, even if he needs to get closer to his enemies.

What are these questions about?

The Deathward task line is a fun grinding line that can be carried out in emerald graves. You have to get the Astrarans into the graves by interacting with one of them.

There are only three, so you can do it quickly or just put them on another mission.

As soon as you activate the three Astaria’s, a cave will open for you. In the main vaults of the cave there will be a mortar and free moths for the classes with the warriors.

The good news is that Deathward can be bought or looted in multiplayer mode. The best news is that he is built as one of the strongest contributors on multi-user servers.

You can use it for maximum undead against some of the Knights of Lyrium.

Whether you’re fighting the Coryphyus army in multiplayer or in action, your wizard deserves the best possible casting.

Concentrate on your body to find the stick that best suits your playing style. And I hope you can count on one of them!

What do you think of our list of top agents of the Dragon Tense Inquisition? Do you agree with us?

Do you think the Dragon Age Inquisition is the best action RPG?



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