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Inquisition of Dragon Age Best Armor

Inquisition of Dragon Age Best Armor

The Dragon Age Inquisition is a fantastic game, but knowing where the Dragon Age Inquisition comes from can make the best armor quite difficult.

If you ask anyone, they usually tell you: You just have to kill dragons to get the best. It’s boring and not very useful.

Today I’m going to keep everything good and honest for you, showing you where some of the best dealers are in the game and giving you a few tips to make sure your armor is the best it can be.

The best armor for the Dragon Age Inquisition is the superior armor for the Mage, the Battlemaster for the DPS Warrior, the advanced armor for the Tank Warrior, and the superior bomber armor for the Rogue class.

Maybe someone has figured out exactly which Dragon Age Inquisition is the best armor.

But if you want to know quickly and easily what a fantastic armor is for a certain class. This handy guide will help you stand on your right foot.

Wizard — High armor program


What makes this armor set special for you who like to play for the mage is that it has two slots for upgrades as well as two slots for utilities.

One way to further improve the superior combat mage armor is to go to the Hissing Wastes merchant and buy the upgrades for the combat mage armor and legs he has for sale.

KriegerDSS. Commander of an armoured combat

Inquisition of Dragon Age Best Armor

It can be difficult to find armor made with DPS warriors in mind. What you want is Battle Master armor.

This is definitely the best choice because it gives you two upgrade slots and two utility slots, which is good because you want to have as many metal utility slots as possible if you are a DPS Warrior.

Lost Wasteland Merchant can connect you to Battlemaster armor and legs that can give you up to 32 extra powers.

Armored warrior. Postal Program for Advanced Infantry (requires Hakkon jaws)

With three security slots and two update slots. This armor is fantastic because these defense slots have a total of 16 materials and an upgrade for another 24 slots, so it’s very impressive and you can customize it exactly to your needs.

If you only have a simple game, choose the game Superior Battlemaster Mail and Coat, which is almost as good as the Refined game, but loses two materials when you make it. However, if you only have the basic gameplay, this Dragon Age Inquisition is the best armor for the tank warrior you can get.
The Battlemaster Coat or the Battlemaster Mail Arms and Legs upgrade works very well with these two armors.

However, it’s like a random, schematic fall, so you want to cultivate seriously until you find the right pattern.

Wanderer. Ground-based shielding


When you play as a villain, you need as many utility slots as possible on the armor you’re carrying.

The reason for this is that this is the only way to increase the damage caused by this type of shielding.

That’s why the bandit’s high armor is the right decision. You get two upgrade slots, but you simply get two leather utility slots. Hunter jackets and tank guns are upgrades that will also help you get the most out of this reserve.

Diagram of an operation

Most Level 3 armour systems can be purchased from merchants throughout the card. With this method you can easily continue to save yourself.

Step 1: At Skyhold, you can get Perk’s expert hands on the war table. You can find them under the tab Secrets.

Step 2: Take a little detour to Dragon Rising’s camp, located at Lion’s Reach. They want to get rid of all the black peasants and then open the closed door there.

Step 3: There are two safes in this room. These boxes can generate level 3 circuits. Check your chest, and if there are level 3 schematics, take them. Make sure you leave at least one object in your chest. Now that you save the game and reload, these crates will be refilled. So you can keep going until you get the circuits you find. Just make sure you leave something in your chest.

Good dispensers should be tested with DAI

The Dragon Age Inquisition has many good merchants from whom you can buy armor and plans. These are the first three that have proven to be fantastic shielding systems.

Val Royo

In the northeast you’ll find a croupier that’s perfect if you’re new to the game. Probably up to level 9 it would be very useful to visit this dealer. Not only does it have some of the best low-level armor of the Dragon Age, but also weapons and plans.

Missing scrap

To save you from centuries of wandering because this map is so big. Just walk a little west of Grand Canyon Camp and you’ll find it. He sells ready-made armor if you want to make it easy.

However, some systems are also sold, which is the best option, because if you make the armor yourself, you will find that you tend to get better armor after all.

If you are looking for level 3 armor, the missing Desert Merchant won’t let you down.

Lion revolt

Before you can talk to this trader, you must complete the Capture the Dungeon adventure in the dungeon of Suledin.

Now, you can get armor here, which is great, but sometimes the best defense is a strong attack, and this guy sells incredible weapons at a high level.

Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go!

It doesn’t matter if you go to a shop or a farm. Now you know the best way to get the best Inquisition armor of the Dragon era.

Don’t forget to try my armor suggestions for every class. I’m sure you’ll be very pleased with the results.

If you have a better opportunity to buy armor, please let us know in the comments below. More tips and tricks can be found here.



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