Kenshi Bounties 【The Complete Guide】

Kenshi Bounties 【The Complete Guide】

The hit RPG Kenshi developed by Lo-Fi Games features essentially no linear story and allows the players to do almost whatever they want. One of the things players can choose to do in Kenshi is to become a bounty hunter. Bounties are rewards for bringing characters to certain factions dead or alive. Some players are having trouble understanding how exactly to turn in bounties and how they work. Therefore we have made a full guide on how to turn in bounties in Kenshi. We hope you find this guide useful and we hope it helps you claim some big bounties!

How to Get Bounties in Kenshi

wanted poster kenshi

In order to find out who is wanted in Kenshi, you should go to a town and walk around the shops looking for wanted posters. These posters will have information about the person who has the bounty on their head, how dangerous they are, and most importantly – the reward. This is the whole reason you do bounties, the cats and the items that the person might have!

Remember, other factions can put out bounties on you so be careful. Try not to commit any crimes – or don’t get caught while doing them!

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How to Turn in a Bounty in Kenshi

cage how to turn in bounties kenshi

Bounties in Kenshi are worth more money alive than dead, but don’t worry too much if you end up killing the fugitive. You can still typically collect half the bounty if you bring them back dead. To collect your bounty in Kenshi, you simply need to find the cages in the town of the faction that put out the bounty. Head to a guard building or anywhere there’s a cage in town and place the fugitive in the cage.

You can put the person in a cage by using the ‘pick-up’ option when holding right-click over them. After clicking ‘pick-up’ simply drag them to the cage and right-click once or hold it and select the ‘put in’ option. Once you’ve done this you should get your reward!

Since you have to transport the prisoner around, it sometimes isn’t worth it to go out of your way for lower paying bounties unless you are nearby where they need to be delivered. Always keep an eye out for wanted posters and try to remember who wants who dead!

We hope you enjoyed our guide on how to turn in bounties in Kenshi. If you enjoyed this guide, check out our other guide on Kenshi about food and nutrition here.

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