How to Eat Food and Feed a Dog in Kenshi

How to Eat Food and Feed a Dog in Kenshi

Kenshi is a squad-based RPG that takes place in a vast world. You can be a multitude of things from a trader to a thief to a warlord. One important aspect of Kenshi is that you are not ‘the chosen one’ like most games. You can and will die. You do not have a ton of hit points, you are not special. You have basic needs to look after, one of them being hunger. The hunger and food system in Kenshi can be a bit confusing to new and old players. New players may see their food bar go down and wonder how they can eat to raise it. Here’s a full guide on how to eat food in Kenshi as well as some information on how to feed a dog.

How to Eat Food in Kenshi

Eating food in Kenshi is actually really simple, it’s automatic! That’s right, your squad will automatically eat food located in backpacks or nearby pack beasts when their hunger drops below a certain level. Your characters will automatically consume food when their hunger drops below 250. If there is no edible food, they will wait until it drops below 200 to consume edible ingredients.

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Different races will have their hunger decrease at different rates. Characters will also have their hunger decrease faster or slower depending on what they are doing. A character at idle will burn through less food than a character at work.

The best food to keep in your backpack or on your pack animals are foods with high nutrition. For every 1 point of nutrition, your hunger bar will raise by one point. The best foods are ancient nutri-rations and ration packs which both have 125 nutrition. Food cubes are also very good because you get a lot of nutrition for their price and their size compared to other options.

How to Feed a Dog

You may also be wondering how to feed a dog in Kenshi, and luckily, it’s not that hard. To feed a dog, you simply need to place food on the ground in front of them. While it may not eat right away, when its health bar gets low enough (around 240), your dog will consume the food. Further, dogs can consume any item that a human character can eat, so it’d probably be best to give it things that won’t offer you much health. 

It’s also worth noting that you may not actually need to know how to feed a dog, because they will also eat limbs from enemies, meat from animals, or any other scraps they can find. Remember, these aren’t your modern-day house pets — they’ll do whatever it takes to stay alive.

And that’s how to eat food in Kenshi and feed a dog. As you can see, both are really all automatic and there is nothing you need to do besides ensuring that there is food in your backpacks or on your pack animals. Your squad will do the rest and eat their food as needed!

Justin Wagner