Warframe Credit Farm Guide 2021 【Get Credits Fast】

Warframe Credit Farm Guide 2021 【Get Credits Fast】

In Warframe, credits are the common currency for the purchase of designs, equipment or items on the market, equipment for foundry production, but also for fashion mergers or transmutations and much more.

Credits are earned in many ways, such as looting enemies, rewarding missions, selling unwanted items and other actions.

Whether you are new to Warframe or just need to find the best way to get business loans, this Warframe credit farm guide will show you how and where to get business loans.

Activities in the black sector

(Compendium of Various Dark Sector Missions)


The dark areas were originally uninhabited parts of the starchy planets and were eventually conquered by the infected planets.

All missions in the Dark Sector will be hostile, and the rewards for these missions include a large number of credits after the first round.

To determine if a mission is a dark sector, you’ll see the icon of the dark sector and the details of the mission, similar to the image above.

Some missions in Dark Sector can help you gain extra experience by killing enemies with certain weapons such as rifles, carbines, pistols and melee weapons.

In addition to the bonus experience offered by the weapons used, the Dark Sector will also offer an additional bonus experience.

During a mission to the Dark Sector, depending on the mission, there is an additional possibility that could be useful for agriculture.

Best operations in the black sector for agricultural appropriations

(image processed to represent Seymen and Gaby)


The best place to earn Farm Credits is to choose players for one of the two missions on Ceres.

Seimens and Gabians are considered places for those who know how to cultivate because they not only reward a large number of credits but also make them easy to finish.


(Gabi’s mission in Ceres)


Seimen is a defense mission on Ceres with enemies from level 15-25.

During this defensive mission, players benefit from an additional 35% increase in fall velocity, which is a good opportunity to get more resources.

Players get 26% more experience as a bonus during the mission and 21% more by killing enemies with melee weapons.

(Leading Sarine Mission at Seimen)


During a defense mission, you are responsible for guarding a target that is attacked by infected people.

You have to face 5 waves of enemies before you can leave the mission, and the sooner you complete the mission, the faster you’ll earn credits.

Infected enemies will be weak in the face of damage from blows, heat, and gas, and this can be used wisely.

After 5 waves you can pass the mission and repeat it.

This is the fastest way to get credit because the enemies are easy to kill and the map is small.

(mission results per sample)


After completing 5 waves in Seimen, you’ll get 20.000 extra credits on top of what you collected during the mission.


(Gabi’s mission in Ceres)


Gaby is a survival mission on Ceres with enemy distances between 15 and 25.

As with the rhyme, the percentage of reduction in resources for this mission has been increased by 35 percent.

Experience is also added to 26% of all murders and 21% for melee murders.

(Mission Necros in Gabi)


During the mission, you only have to survive for 5 minutes, by camping in one place or by walking on the map.

When the standard of living is low, simply activate the survival capsules located on the map and indicated by the indicators.

Sharp weapons are very effective against infected persons and against thermal and gaseous elements.

When the 5 minutes have elapsed, simply remove them, and repeat.

I think it’s the easiest way to get recognition for agriculture, because whatever you do in the mission, if you last five minutes, you get recognition as a reward.

Because of the amount of coal mined this can eventually result in more than Seimeni, but you’ll have to wait 5 minutes for a mission before you start mining.

Keep reading the Warframe Credit Farm guide below for further tips.

(Results of the mission to Gabi)


If you end your agricultural activities with Gabii, you are guaranteed 20,000 extra credits on your premiums.



Detailed information on loans to agriculture through the index is available at https://progametalk.com/warframe/the-index-guide/.

Other means of obtaining credit


In addition to the basic possibilities for agriculture, there are a few other things you can do if you want to get more loans and find another way to get loans.



In addition to the rewards received during the mission, each mission completed for the first time is rewarded with 20,000 for the first mission, 30,000 for the second, and 50,000 for the third.

For some departures, it can be difficult to do it on your own, and a group trip can be a great help.

Sorters also give random rewards from the prize money when all missions are completed.

Sales model


As you can see, if you’ve been in shape for a while, you may have bought a lot of mods, and most of them will be duplicates of your own mods.

Depending on your needs, you can sell fashion on credit or endo.

It’s a great way to get credit when you really need it.

Sale of inventory items


You’re free to sell a lot of items from your inventory to get credits, and if you have a lot of specific items you only need once, like a drawing or part of a dwarf frame, you can sell them in bulk to get credits.


Hope this Warframe credit farm guide was helpful.


Agricultural credits are not so hard to get if you know how to get them and how to use them effectively.

It’s good to have a stock of credits, because you may need them to merge or transfer mods, buy things on the market or trade with other players on a duty-free basis, and so on.

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