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Guide to the Boltor Prime 2020

Guide to the Boltor Prime 2020

The Boltor Prime is a main weapon, an assault rifle firing from the bolt in the form of grenades, from which it takes its name. This is the first version of the Boltor, the Tenno assault rifle.

Guide to the Boltor Prime 2020


Boltor Prime is the most important version of Boltor and keeps most statistics with some changes.

Guide to the Boltor Prime 2020

Guide to the Boltor Prime 2020

Boltor Prime has the following basic statistics:


  • Accuracy: It has an accuracy of 50, making it capable of hitting enemies at short and long distances with precision. (25 for Boltor)
  • Critical Chance: A 12% chance of getting one critical hit per shot. (10% for Boltor)
  • Critical multiplication factor: In the case of critical shots, the shots are twice as harmful. (1.8 for Boltor)
  • Burn rate: Fires about 10 grenades per second. (8.75 for Boltor)
  • Magazine: Productivity of 60 photos in the magazine.
  • Noise : The shots are alarming and warn the enemy if they fire.
  • Reboot: It takes 2.4 seconds to restart the new protocol. (2.6 for Boltor)
  • Status: Has a 34% chance of delaying the effects of the status at once. (14% for Boltor)
  • Trigger: Automatic – the gun keeps firing and firing when the trigger is pulled.
  • Type of damage: Transactions 4.6 Impact and 41.4 Perforation damage (2.6 Impact, 2.5 Perforation and damage caused by puncturing 20 bolts).

Prime Boltor requires to master rank 13 before it can be used by players and built with its designs and main components.


  • Moderate damage as a result of a perforation
  • Minor but useful damage
  • Moderate critical opportunity
  • an important opportunity
  • High intensity lighting
  • Good loading speed
  • Fast projection speed
  • Good assortment
  • 2 polarities
  • Moderate puncture
  • The ability to identify enemies


  • A small magazine
  • No transport damage.
  • Requires a master’s degree 13.
  • Travel time of the shells
  • No natural risks


Boltor Prime can be made from the design and pieces, which can be obtained by opening relics or trading with other players.

Guide to the Boltor Prime 2020

They contain the design and components needed to manufacture Boltor Prime:

  • Drawing: Bed B4, Neo B3.
  • Race: Meso M1, Meso N6.
  • Receiver: Lights B1, Neo P1,
  • Shares: Axi R1, Axi S3.

All relics are currently in the vault, but the relics currently owned by the players can be opened.

Building design

With its good accuracy and decent shooting speed, Boltor Prime can easily handle consecutive shots and has a high probability of causing status effects.

Depending on how the user wants to customize it, it can adapt to many situations and cause damage to different types of enemies.

Below you will find some examples:

Buildings with critical ventilation

Guide to the Boltor Prime 2020

Using the base damage type Boltor Prime – Piercing, we increase his base damage with the Serration and increase his Piercing with the Piercing Caliber.

Equipped with a slit chamber and vigilante weapons, you can fire a second shot each time with the possibility of a third shot.

A heavy-duty calibrator will reduce its accuracy by half, but since Boltor Prime has considerable accuracy, it will still be able to fire with millimetre accuracy.

Point Strike is equipped to increase its critical probability, while Vital Sense and Hammer Shot increase its critical multiplication factor.

It is recommended to use perforation as primary damage, as this is the most important physical damage for Boltor Prime.

This design focuses on attacking higher damage by increasing the critical probability of more critical effects and a critical multiplication factor for higher yields.

Because Boltor Prime has a small storage capacity, it is best to be accurate and aim for headshots.

Guide to the Boltor Prime 2020

Check here as well: Arc plasma construction

Critical Elementary Building

Guide to the Boltor Prime 2020

As we focus more on natural disasters, we will replace several models from the previous meeting with additional modules for natural disasters.

This design focuses on the use of elementary damage to create a large amount of damage that has the potential to cause additional damage due to vulnerabilities.

As mentioned above, there are two ways to damage elements, which can be replaced by other elements to modify the combined element

With the right elementary damage, critical strikes will cause more damage to certain types of enemies, depending on the elementary modes used.

Guide to the Boltor Prime 2020

Government buildings

Guide to the Boltor Prime 2020

This construction focuses on damage and stat capabilities, using Serration and Heavy Caliber to, and four elementary and stat modifications for elementary damage and increased stat odds.

If a two-shot camera is used, there is a good chance that only one shot will be fired with an additional shutter, which may also affect the status.

The metal of the drill fits well with this design because it allows the bolts to drill and hit multiple enemies.

Using basic damage to increase the basic damage can lead to high yields, especially depending on the enemies you are dealing with.

This design has an extremely high chance of creating status effects, which have different effects depending on the elements that are combined.

With four basic damage and status modes, Boltor Prime can be configured to target specific enemies for additional damage.

The repositioning of the four modes will change the combined elements.

Guide to the Boltor Prime 2020

Head drawing

Guide to the Boltor Prime 2020

In this design we use Skape Argon to add a critical random increment every time a main shot is fired.

We retain most of the mods from our previous critical assembly to maintain our critical capabilities throughout the assembly.

This design will allow Boltor Prime to do more critical damage, which can save a lot of ammunition during accurate fire.

Guide to the Boltor Prime 2020

These are not the only parts available for Boltor Prime, but they are very useful in many situations.

There are many ways to customize these weapons, and all this can vary depending on the user and the choice of modes.


Boltor Prime is a very accurate weapon and has great potential to repel enemies at medium and even greater distances.

Some of their disadvantages are the ammunition and the relatively low damage that can be obtained by firing more accurately and increasing the damage with mods.

If the Boltor Prime is applied accurately and modified correctly, it can withstand an enormous amount of damage.

Guide to the Boltor Prime 2020



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