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Guide to Rusted Keys-Maplestory 2

Guide to Rusted Keys-Maplestory 2


This is a guide to the Rusty Key in Maplestory 2 The following topics are covered

  • What are rusty keys for?
  • How to get rusty keys
  • How can I analyze rusty keys?

Which rusty keys are used for?

The main purpose of the rusty key element is its analysis. The analysis makes it a B1 key or a B4 key. These two keys are needed to enter the treasure chests, the Abandoned My B1 and B4. Among them, the B4 cherry is definitely the best. In an abandoned mine B4 you can get towers and jewel cases on level 2. That’s why players want B4 keys when analyzing their rusted keys.

Rusty keys are useful, so people buy them on the black market. This means you can reproduce rusty keys for the mezos. You can also analyze rusty keys yourself and hope for the B4 key. However, the chance of getting one is small and an important analysis is costly.

Guide to Rusted Keys-Maplestory 2

How to get rusty keys

The rusted keys are in wooden and gold safes. These boxes can be found all over the world of maples, but mostly on certain maps. If you want to plant a rusty key object, try North Royal Road, Blazing Forest or Mounthill. On all these cards there are many safes. If you have removed the card, just change the channel and you have a new card to find the keys.

If you want, you can buy the rusted keys directly on the black market.

Guide to Rusted Keys-Maplestory 2

How to analyse rusted keys

To analyze the rusted key, contact NPC Natalie in Tria. Natalie is right in the middle between the Middleton Gate and the Beauty Street Gate.

Guide to Rusted Keys-Maplestory 2

As soon as you get there, talk to him and get my rusted key. You can then select the button and press Analyze. The analysis of the first key will cost 100,000 mesons. The second key you will analyze will cost you 300k, the third 500k, the fourth 700k, the faith 900k and so on.

Guide to Rusted Keys-Maplestory 2

Guide to Rusted Keys-Maplestory 2

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