Guide to End Farm 2020

Guide to End Farm 2020


Used in the thermonuclear fusion process to power existingmodels.


This is a special type of resource used to update mods by merging and is usually available in small quantities.


Place of the player-prime minister

The more you update your mods, the more backings you need, and to update all the mods, you need a lot of backings.

Endo is very important for a good and strong constitution, because you need a maximum of fashion to get the best out of it.

Apart from the fact that it is a reward by rotation on different missions, there are many other ways to do Endo Farming.

Knowing how to ferment your endo will be necessary later, when you need to update a lot of your mods.

How is Endo managed?


In order to keep Endo’s farm several times, you’ll have to take certain steps to complete the mission that allows you to do so, and this will be done in Sednja.


Sedna has three arena missions – Nucky, Jam and Water.

In this mission, the player and his team (if they are part of a team) are exposed to the enemies of the Grineers as they fight like a gladiator in an arena.

The first team to receive 25 attacks is the winner, and after the victory the players receive referee points.

Test goggles are required to access a top level arena, and our goal is Endo’s Farm on the Water.

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Receipt of referee points


There are two arenas you can reach first before entering the waterway, Nucky and Pit.

During these two missions you will receive referee points which you can use later on the waterway.


1) Nucky


Nucky is the first mission in the arena where no points can be scored.

Enemies are set at level 40, which can be difficult for some new players in Warframe.

Players can easily reach this level on their own, but by joining a team they will be faster, because their opponents will multiply in number.


There are many mounts to take, and most types of weapons easily kill level 40 enemies in Nakki.

Since the enemies do not have large capacities, some frames with drainage capacity can be used. Keep in mind, however, that wasted energy may not be enough for the whole team because it only generates a small amount of money.


At the end of the Nucky course you can earn an average of 15 to 200 Endorsements and will be rewarded with 10 Trial Points.

2) Yam


Unlike Nakki, Yam needs 10 referee points to start a betting session, and players on a betting team will miss these points as soon as the bet starts.

Enemies here will be level 60 and can be difficult even for experienced players.

The team is recommended for this level not only because of the high level of the enemy, but also because of the speed with which the mission will be completed with a large number of members.


Enemies have a higher armor, because they are level 60 and can easily be dangerous for most cadres.

A team with different skills can be beneficial for victory, especially if there are war cadres who can cause or inflict heavy damage.


At the end of the yama you will be rewarded with 15 evaluation points and you can have bought between 15 and 300 backings.

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3) Water


As in the well, this mission will be worth the first 15 rating points.

Here the opponents reach level 85 and can even be a challenge for experienced players.

Because of the high level and skills of your opponents, we strongly recommend that you take your team with you.


A good team is essential to get the most out of the mission by killing the enemy quickly and keeping the drops in an area.

The presence of necrosis is very important to have an extra chance to have more prey, which will result in more backs.

The Nidus also plays an important role here, because it can attract enemies from a great distance, so that everyone can safely group on the enemies.

Other weapons that could damage or support the group can be selected as you wish, and it is up to you to do so as long as you have these two weapons.

Nidus and Necros, together with the team, will keep the loot in the same place and make sure that everyone can grow it.

If you try to set up camp, don’t go too far away, because this will only spread the enemies.

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Agricultural implements at the end of line


Our best Endo cultivation method consists of two frames, Nidus and Nekros.

Thanks to the ability of the Necros, called Profanation, we can force slain enemies and eventually cut them into pieces to unload additional loot.

The risk of falling increases when the enemy is chopped to pieces, because a violent flight also affects body parts.

Nidus facilitates the mission by the larva’s ability to lure enemies to a location and let the team kill them free.

The use of Nidus, whose range has been modified, is most effective, as it will be able to attract enemies from a great distance, saving time and killing them more efficiently.


Having a squad with you not only makes it easier to kill your enemies, but also to speed up your session on the farm by creating more enemies.

There is no better framework for war, but when it comes to situational preferences and challenges, some war frameworks can make agriculture more efficient.

Choosing the right war managers to work as a team will make your mission faster and easier, saving you a lot of time and a good operation.


Since Nydus attracts enemies, the team can focus on the enemies in the larva, since the range of suction attracts all the enemies and none of them is free to hit the team.

After enslaving his enemies, Nydus can do damage, but he can also make sure he uses the larvae several times or hits the team.

The main task of Nidus in the team in the cultivation of the last crops is to disarm the enemies and lump them up for the team to chew on.


The proposed design for Nidus would increase its reach and effectiveness, allowing it to spam the larvae.

As you can see above, the enemies are attracted from afar and the team is ready to tear them to pieces.

It is an excellent strategy to accomplish a mission quickly and save time by allowing multiple launches, and is considered the best way to manage Endo.


Once the enemies captured by the nesting larvae are destroyed, the chance of predation increases.

Desecration will lead to the death of enemies and the accidental dispersion of all parts of the dismembered body and the projection of the object.

Endo is one of those items, and at the end of the mission you can win a lot of Endo.


In addition to Nidus and Necros, other weapons can be added to the team, depending on which weapon they prefer and what they think will benefit the group.

You can add a stamp to fine-tune the team and tilt the scales to your advantage, giving the whole group a big bonus depending on the stamp.

If someone decides to take over another war support that heals or protects the team, he can do the same.

With even more warframes, as long as you all pull together and work together, you can run endo-farming sessions quickly and efficiently.


In less than 3 minutes you and your warframe can go from 400 to 1000 and more Endo.

Now there are only 3 minutes left, so imagine if you did it about 10 times, you could end up with 4,000 to 10,000 backings or more.

Teamwork is the key and a good team can make the endoculture easier than you think.

Other ways to obtain endo

1) Ayatan Treasures


Ayatan treasures are elegant objects that can be found in various missions in random places and by small chance.

They can be used as jewels or just kept in a collection, but there is something else you can do with Ayatan’s treasures.

Endo’s treasure can be sold in the Bazar de Maroux, which lies on Mars.

2) Sale of model


If you find some extra mods you don’t need, you can also trade them in for Endo mods.

Usually, thanks to Ferming, you have a collection of hundreds of backup mods at your disposal, and this can be a great source of backup for Endo when you really need it.



The winners have the option to reward Endo, which is randomly selected from the mission’s reward table.

Relying on generosity is not the best way for Endos Farm and should not be practiced to obtain large quantities.

Test: All resources here


Endo is an important and necessary resource to make your mods stronger, to increase the total potential of your warframes and weapons.

A good stock of Endos is good for later in the game when you need to make these updates after receiving certain mods, including Rivens.

For more information on resource management, click here to see the different ways resources can be managed and a guide to what can be used to manage resources effectively.



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