Ember Build 2020 Warframe Guide

Ember Build 2020 Warframe Guide

Construction of a cinder war frame

The cinder is a weapon that focuses on the use of firepower and can cause significant thermal damage to enemies over a large area.

Her skills allow her to do a lot of damage, and she does well when she encounters a large group of enemies, which she disarms and over time suffers damage.

Using her skills together, she can easily destroy large groups of enemies and protect herself from damage, giving her the ability to control the crowd.

Place of the player-prime minister

Where did you get amber?



Part of the amber can be bought as a reward for the victory over General Sargas Ruk at Tethys on Saturn.

Your drawing can be bought on the market in the Orbital Room for 25,000 credits.

Amber can be bought directly on the market for 225 platinum.

Primus amber


Amber Prime is the main version of Amber and has increased statistics such as armor and shield.

Relics with amber prime:

Drawing: Consolidated: Available Meso E1, Neo E1, Axi E1 No.

Neuropathy: Consolidated: Meso F3, Neo S5 Available No.

Chassis: Consolidated: Meso F2, Neo F1 Available No.

Systems: Consolidated: Lights G1, Axi S2 available: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.



Amber has the ability to send fireballs to burn his enemies, to make enemies over a large area to inflict additional damage through heatstroke, to create a ring of fire that expands and burns the enemies inside, and to set fire to all his enemies just by walking beside them.

His passive power gives him an extra power of 5% for each enemy within a radius of 50 meters absorbed by the flames.



Sends a fireball forward to damage the enemy when a projectile is hit, but also to set the enemy on fire.

The possibility can be loaded to do even more damage, and there is a combined window that forces the consecutive fireballs to do even more damage.

The loading speed and damage increase with the degree of immobilization of the embers.

This ability is very useful for dealing with damage to enemies nearby or far away, and for inflicting heat to damage them over time.


(Amber throws a fireball and burns the enemies)


Change Mod. Fireball Frenzy allows you to inflict 100% extra heat damage on allies for 40 seconds if they are considered a draw.



Activating this feature protects Amber with a fire that develops slowly over time and is displayed in a bar on the screen.

The higher the heat, the less damage is caused by enemy attacks and other sources of damage.

Over time, the heat will slowly increase, but if you launch Fireball or Inferno, the shield will burn faster while using Fire Blast to reduce heat.

When the Warming Stick is full, the amber energy starts to lose, but you can still control it by using your other skills to keep it at your desired level.

This option can be deactivated by pressing the button again to turn it off or to reset the heating level.

This ability is excellent for giving Amber a better chance of survival and can help her survive in tough battles, either against a group of enemies or in the midst of powerful bosses.


(amber with active immunising properties)


Change Mod. Nominal radiation reduces damage to closed allies by 50%.

Fire explosion


The amber hits the ground and sends out a fire wave that goes out, knocking down the enemies and setting them on fire.

Enemy armor is also removed by the sacrifice, resulting in the removal of more armor depending on the level of sacrifice.

It’s a great crowd control feature because it sends the enemies away when things get too difficult, and touching the heat helps to be passive.

Fire Blast allows you to control the amount of dipping heat as it reduces the dipping height during casting.


(Refrigerated cast iron)


Change Mod. The healing flame causes a fiery explosion to heal the embers for about 25-50 health for each affected enemy.



The cinder conjures up a comet from above, hitting all the enemies in the area, damaging the impact and forcing them to shoot around it.

The Ring of Fire will eventually cause damage and spread to nearby enemies, forcing them to do damage as well.

The damage to the Ring of Fire will increase with the degree of sacrifice, making it even more destructive.

This ability is great for destroying enemy groups and can easily contribute to Bernstein’s passivity.


(Amber Cast Inferno)


Change Mod. With exothermia there is a 15% chance that energy balloons will fall if the enemy is killed by an inferno.

Structure also reads as follows: Volt

Proposed buildings

Building in balance


Our well-balanced amber-coloured building allows it to use all its capacities sparingly, with a good increase in strength, range and efficiency.

The duration of a capacity can easily be shortened, but this has no serious impact on the capacity and you won’t even notice the shortening.

The ability to give up all his abilities at any time will allow him to fight enemies and help his allies in the fight against the crowd.

This is a good model for those who are testing Amber, or for those who need a standard model to start with changes and later if they want to.


(Amber uses several of its capacities)

Nuclear buildings (efficiency and range)


The Nuker model is mainly designed for multiple casting of the Emberg capacities, with good energy reserves to cover the costs of casting.

With this training you can reuse your skills to do damage over a large area, but also to give enemies a chance or shoot them down to control the crowd.

The Fireball can be released multiple times to treat damage to enemies, and Inferno can be released to treat damage to all enemies within range and apply status effects and Fire Ring expansion.

Thanks to this construction, you can damage your enemies for a long time and also fend off multiple enemies in the area.


(Amber throwing an inferno over a large area with multiple enemies)

Damage over time Construction (duration of the building)


Damage to buildings over time focuses on having a good time to build, as well as an increase over other cinder statistics.

It’s mainly about targeting enemies with the consequences of hell to force them to do damage over a longer period of time.

The use of this assembly works well with various replay sets and can be used to damage enemies by running or making direct contact with them.


(Amber moves around enemies hit by hell)

Building Survival (balanced building with health and speed of mind)


With a smaller but more balanced build, we give Bernstein a better chance of survival with the addition of Vitality for better health and Quick Thinking for the chance to escape death.

This allows Amber to be more aggressive on missions and fight more often with her abilities.

In case of deadly damage, Quick Thinking Amber gives a chance to escape, either by using her skills to shoot and chase down enemies, or by using her skills to defend herself for a limited time while defying death.

This is a good basis for those who like to use their skills and participate in battles, especially for those who want to make lots of melee shots, both in person and in harness.

With a good level of agility, it can be one of the strongest hybrid moves for players, which can be used as a universal move.


(Amber battles with skills against enemies nearby)

Structure also reads as follows: Woban



Amber is a very powerful weapon of war and is known to cause great thermal damage by burning enemies nearby.

The Fireball ability gives it the ability to destroy enemies at any distance, while the Hell ability makes it very deadly and causes damage to a large area around it.

In addition to the initial damage caused by its capabilities, it also causes many thermal effects, damaging enemies over time and eventually dying.

Not only can it do a lot of damage, but it also gives control over the crowd to take down enemies, giving it and its allies a mission advantage.

Although it is somewhat fragile due to its poor health and standard armor, it can cause many injuries and survive even some of the fiercest battles if used skillfully.

By hitting her enemies with explosive shells and setting all her enemies on fire, Amber remains one of the most popular and widespread traders causing damage through effects.



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