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Elite Dangerous 12 Quick Tips for Beginners

Elite Dangerous 12 Quick Tips for Beginners

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The Dangerous Elite of Frontier Development is huge, both in size and fans. The latest game to be released on PlayStation 4 in 2017 has had fans for many years. In this case, the game is not very user-friendly for new players. So we came up with ten quick tips for new players.

Do ALL Manual

Elite Dangerous 12 Quick Tips for Beginners

When you download Elite Dangerous for the first time, you will be in the main menu. You may be tempted to dive into multiplayer mode, but there are a few things you need to do first. There are a whole series of tutorials that you can only get after the game has loaded. From studying the trade to understanding the deformation mechanisms of the game, you’ll have a lot to learn.

Textbooks are certainly not the most exciting part of Elite Dangerous. However, the game is complex and in many ways unforgivable. For some games you can just skip the manual and learn spontaneously. However, when it comes to Elite Dangerous, it is highly recommended to start the game by completing the individual manuals.

Introduction to some practices in solo mode

Elite Dangerous 12 Quick Tips for Beginners

Now that you’ve finished your lessons in Elite Dangerous, you’re almost ready for multiplayer play. However, there is another station you have to do.

The elite world is dangerous, well, dangerous. Although the game galaxy is not teeming with herds of players in each star system, space travel is becoming increasingly dangerous as riches and resources begin to accumulate. Moreover, the game is not interested in holding the player’s hand or offering the famous cushions every time he fails.

It is therefore preferable to first make the first mistakes in the single-player mode. This mode will be less dangerous because the multiplayer element will be removed completely. You always have to worry about NPC pirates, but this threat is much less than that of real players.

Make notes

Elite Dangerous 12 Quick Tips for Beginners

Elite Dangerous will not hold a player’s hand. Therefore, it is up to the players to follow the many tricks of the galaxy. During the game, you’ll notice that you’re going from one star system to another. When you jump from planet to planet and from solar system to solar system, you collect a lot of information that is easily forgotten.

When you encounter a planet full of valuable resources, you may want to remember them later, if you can find a way to take advantage of these values. But Elite Dangerous won’t help you remember. That’s why you should always have a laptop, tablet or phone nearby so that you can take plenty of notes during your trip.

These recordings allow you to make full use of the universe at your disposal.

Don’t forget to remove updates before you sell.

Elite Dangerous 12 Quick Tips for Beginners

One of the first important decisions you are likely to make after spending some time in the game is choosing a new ship. To save money, you probably want to sell your old boat. However, it is important to note that you are likely to receive a terrible price from the shipyard for all the improvements you have made to your ship.

That’s why you need to remove all updates you have requested on your boat before you sell the car. You can do this by going to your nearest supplier and exchanging updates for cheaper parts.

Find a group that suits you.

Elite Dangerous 12 Quick Tips for Beginners

Elite Dangerous is a terribly important game to play alone. A variety of threats and challenges that galactic forces can bring to the player. And there’s an answer to that. You should join the group.

Rats Fuel, for example, is a group of players who supply fuel to the struggling drivers throughout the galaxy. There’s also the famous band The First Great Expedition, which puts travel and discovery above all else. A code is a lobbying group full of pirates, and they all perform different missions, good or bad, throughout the galaxy. Whatever you have in mind, there will probably be a group of players who already have experience in the game and would like to welcome you into their ranks.

If you want to search for active groups in Elite Dangerous, try searching in /r/EliteDangerous and

An easy way to make quick money.

Elite Dangerous 12 Quick Tips for Beginners

When you start your journey to Elite Dangerous, you’ll want to make money fast. They need money for fuel, for the modernisation of the ships and ultimately for the best ship. Of course, this just scratches the surface of your future spending habits. That’s why money is the key to the success of Elite Dangerous.

One of the easiest ways to make money when playing for the first time is bounty hunting. To go on a bounty hunt, you need to find a well-secured security system nearby and clear the way for a nearby lighthouse. They are always listed as attractions in your navigation bar and are often located near the most central star of a particular system.

As soon as you reach the navigation beacon, focus on each person and scan as you pass. You’ll eventually find someone wanted by the local authorities. If you are involved in the destruction of their ship, you can claim money in exchange for a reward. Follow the person you are looking for, but do not intervene immediately. Wait for the security services to arrive and attack the ship, then follow their lead. This minimizes your risks throughout the entire process.

Remember redemption.

As we’ve said, Elite Dangerous is cruel. The game is complex and unforgivable. If your ship is destroyed during the voyage, you must pay the insurance excess to recover your ship. If you don’t have enough money to buy the insurance, you lose your ship and are put back in the starting ship of the game.

It is therefore important to always have enough money with you to be able to pay for the necessary redemption when you fly.

Don’t be afraid to prove yourself.

Elite Dangerous 12 Quick Tips for Beginners

As said, the fight against wanted persons can be very profitable. In this context, it is important not to be afraid to fight in Elite Dangerous. It may not happen right away, but it’s almost certain you’ll end up in rags at some point in this game. Just like piloting your spaceship for space flight, mastering the battle in Elite Dangerous will take time and practice.

Rather than avoiding a fight until danger eventually strikes, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with battles from the start, so you’ll be ready to defend yourself if you have more valuable resources to risk later in the game.

Get the cab as soon as possible

Elite Dangerous 12 Quick Tips for Beginners

If you feel uncomfortable chasing ships that are wanted because of their generosity, you will attack your ship’s cabin as soon as possible. On the mission board there will be a lot of open contracts for transporting players from one point to another. After all, playing the role of the space taxi can be very profitable. A smart solution: maximizing the space on the ship to be able to transport players by taxi and at the same time transport resources for trade on the road.

Plan your flights in advance

Elite Dangerous 12 Quick Tips for Beginners

You will have to go to the different systems almost immediately. But your ship can’t get very far. This is why designing an air route for longer journeys can be quite complicated.

Always find the time to look at the map first, so you can determine how tiring your trip will be. If the trip lasts several days, the corresponding contract may not be valid at the beginning of the game.

Don’t worry about buying aflight key.

Elite Dangerous 12 Quick Tips for Beginners

Many -Elite: Dangerous Players enjoy the game because of the rather expensive controller. In fact, the use of these often expensive peripherals has to some extent become the standard for the Elite Dangerous. When you say it, you don’t have to feel the pressure to buy it yourself.

The elite: Dangerous people can play effectively with the mouse and keyboard. If you want a different experience, try playing the game with the Xbox One or PlayStation 4 controller. In any case, the game can be very entertaining without the need for an expensive flight simulator controller.

Creating a playlist

Elite Dangerous 12 Quick Tips for Beginners

Elite: Hazardous can become quite lonely. Of course, gambling has a thriving community. There are also always exciting space battles.

But you’ll still find that you spend much of your time with this game in the silence of space. You’re only exploiting the galaxy or resources, Elite:. Hazard number is filled with a number of moments.

These quiet moments can still be very pleasant. However, consider filling in a music playlist or a series of podcasts to listen to as you explore the space to add to the soothing silence of more meditative moments in the game.



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