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Dragon Quest XI – Guide to Places Of All Six Orbs

Dragon Quest XI – Guide to Places Of All Six Orbs

In PC games PS4 04/09/2018

Dragon Quest XI – Guide to Places Of All Six Orbs

The developer and publisher of Square Enix has released its latest Dragon Quest XI game for PS4, PC and Nintendo Switch. This is a step-by-step JRPG adventure game that will be the eleventh in the main Dragon Quest series.

The story of the game takes the player on an immersion journey to save the damned world. In addition to the main story, you can play a variety of quests and minigames, with over 100 hours of content available.

Guide to the location of the six tents in Dragon XI

In the game you have to search for different characters and objects in different regions to convey the story.

Finding the six balls will be one of the most important tasks of the game. Part of the story asks you to open the road to Iggdrasil, which is only possible if you find all six balls.

First and second ball – Even before you start your six ball adventure, you would have reached a point in the game where you have already received two of the six balls.

Third Sphere – If the game asks you to search the other spheres, you have access to the ship and the story takes you to the underwater city of Nautica. Here, follow the story and you’ll get your third ball.

Fourth ball – to get the next ball, you have to go to the Champs Sauvage Once there, go north and go to the Accademia de Notre. Go inside and talk to the director.

After that, the game offers you the opportunity to head east from the Academia in the direction of Eerie Eyrie. At this point you have to go through the dungeon and eventually fight with the bird at the top. That’s where you’ll find the fourth bullet.

The fifth power – The next power is in Phnom-nom, here you have to get the magic key To get the key, you have to defeat the boss Dora-in-Grey. Once you have the key, you have to open the red doors in the ruins.

To get to the ruins, go to Warrior’s Rest Inn and then west to the ruins. There, you need to go down the right stairs. Follow this procedure and you will reach the red door.

Sixth ball – To get the last ball, you have to go to the big city of Sniflheim, where you have to follow the history and where the Queen of Sniflheim will give you the last sixth ball.

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