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Dragon Quest Builders 2 – The location of materials at Explorer Shores

Dragon Quest Builders 2 – The location of materials at Explorer Shores

On the competitions 18/07/2019

Dragon Quest Builders 2 – The location of materials at Explorer Shores

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is the latest game from Square Enix publisher and developer Omega Force. Players play around a mysterious master builder who must build a new city and defeat the children of Hargon.

During the game, players can travel to Explorer Shores, a mysterious region whose location changes every time they play. Here you can carry out the mission of the treasure hunt and the checklist.

The order of the checklist contains the different objects you need to collect. After completing the checklist you will receive an unlimited offer. But as you know, the layout islands are constantly changing, making it very difficult to find items.

  • Material location in Blossom Bay

Location of materials in the Coastguard Discovery Checklist in Dragon Quest Builders 2 (Wet Shkherry)

Location of unrestricted timber products

  • Acorn – Found on each bark, usually on green and yellow tiles.
  • Obergetta – Located on a yellow tile and looks like a pole with leaves and a melon harvest.
  • Chicken – You can find them anywhere on the island, so just explore them.
  • Bark – It can be found in yellow and green rhombuses on all large trees.
  • Branch Block – it is located in a high area of yellow-green tiles. it will be a tree branch.
  • RootBlock support – This is located in the yellow brick area and looks like a quarter circle from the root of the tree.
  • Rootblock – It is in a yellow tile and looks like a root growing out of the ground and normally present next to the bark of the tree.
  • Large water tree – this tree can be found in the green and yellow tiles. it is huge and is located in the forest area.
  • Large Wizard Tree – It is found in the yellow tiles and is tall with yellow leaves.
  • Humus – A light brown tile appears on the map next to the fertile ground tiles.
  • Hydrangea – This is found in green, yellow and brown tiles and can usually be found at the end of a cliff or near a mountain.
  • Leaves – You can find them on the bark of the tree and obtain them using the earth block.
  • Cream-coloured tree – this tree can be found in the green and yellow tiles. It’s medium sized with green leaves.
  • Plumber’s stump – You will find it in green and yellow tiles and it usually stands next to a water tree.
  • Wheat – Found on the brown tiles around the island.
  • Pig tree – This is a yellow stone tree with medium yellow leaves.

Indefinite location of a dry grass-based object

  • Ants’ nest – near a marshy area and dark brown spoiled earth.
  • Blackberry – Located in a swampy area. Entwined with other plants.
  • Large mulberry tree – located in a swampy area.
  • Fiddlehead Greens – are found in wooded areas and resemble an extensive plant.
  • Green Gangrene – Located on depleted brown land, usually near the ocean.
  • Light Falling – Located in wooded areas and looks blue.
  • Altered Earth Leaf – Green coloured earth that is fairly easy to find.
  • Stones with moss – is in the green tiles You have to look for stones and moss on them.
  • Pumpkin – is in yellow tile next to the trees.
  • Reed – You can find it in a swampy area.
  • Sandy plant – in the green foliage of rotten soil the plant has pointed leaves.
  • Assess – The plant is found in spoilt green-leaved soil and resembles a triple form in its structure.
  • Marshland – As the name suggests, you have to go to the marshland to get it.
  • Vine – it is tiled yellow and has medium yellow leaves.

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