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Dragon ball z dokkan fight type and compatibility

Dragon ball z dokkan fight type and compatibility

Dragon ball z dokkan fight type and compatibility

Drakenbal Z Struggle Dock jug | Type and compatibility

Here is an article about the attributes to understand during the battle of Dokkan or Dragon Ball Z. It summarizes the number, type and beneficial compatibility of the attributes in the table.

About the combat attribute DBZ Dokkan

In DBZ Battle of the Dokkan, each character has five attributes.

Each attribute compatibility has one advantage and one disadvantage.

When you attack an enemy with an advantage attribute, you can multiply the damage by 1.5 times.

Conversely, if you feel uncomfortable, the damage you do to the enemy may be less than halg.

We can say the same, if you get an attack from an enemy with an advantage, it will also do you more damage. It is therefore very important to treat the damage discreetly.

About attribute compatibility

Colour compatibility

This drawing shows the characteristics of the color advantage during the match.

This image is displayed in the upper right corner of the screen.



Strong against INT, but weak against STR.

Strong on TEQ, but weak on PHY.

Strong against LGA, but weak against INT.

Strong against STR, but weak against TEQ.

Strong against FI, but weak against AGL.

If you attack an advantage attribute, the damage is increased, but if you attack a disadvantage attribute, the damage is not given as you think.

Settlement during Stroke

Better able to do good damage to the enemy

If the enemy has a weak feature, you can activate security.

When the protective cap is activated, the damage can be reduced to about half of the normal value.

In this case, the compatibility of the enemy’s attributes is STR.

We will use a Goku with AGL attribute compatibility to do more damage to the enemy.

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