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Dragon Age Inquisition of Best Perks

Getting bonuses in the Dragon Age Inquisition is what it takes to succeed in the game.

There are tons of different bonuses in the Dragon Age Inquisition, and it is necessary to know the best bonuses in the Dragon Age Inquisition in order not to waste the acquired bonus points.

Bonus points aren’t the easiest things to earn in the game, so the last thing you want to do is spend them on bonuses you won’t benefit from in the long run.

The best advantages of the inquisition of the time of the dragons are the true grain, the eagle eye, the skillful hands, the fine instruments, the elite clientele, the ancient sewing, the sewing of the imperial court, the impeccable reputation, more remedies, better concentration, the concentration of the master, the counterpart, and all the advantages of knowledge.

All knowledge

Requirements: No — You can get immediate access to these benefits by spending one point in a category.

In the dragonry-inquisition there were many advantages to having all the knowledge. The advantages give you extra possibilities for the story.

They will have the opportunity to decide on the results of the missions. And that’s not all, you get 50% more experience when you get the code.

Actual particle size

Requirements:You only need to enter the content.

True Grit is a very handy bonus. This is one of the best bonuses because it makes things a little easier for everyone at your party.

The reason for this is that each party member receives a 10% increase in protection.

This bonus is very, very useful if you are playing at the highest difficulty level and if you have members with a weak defense.

Eagle Eye Perk

Requirements: There’s nothing special about this bonus.

Eagle Eye is the bonus that when you read what it does, you think it’s lame and not worth spending bonus points for.

However, I object by saying that once you get used to Eagle’s Eye as one of your bonuses, there is no turning back.

Although it is not considered one of the best benefits of the Dragon Age Inquisition, it is still very useful.

This makes the area you scan much larger, making it easier to find interactive objects. It’s a lot more comfortable than you think.

Craft skills plus with skilled hands, fine tools

Requirements: You must invest four points in the X-Files category.

It’s a very nice bonus, and if you have bad guys at a party, it’s definitely a bonus you want.

This means that all the Reds you have in your group can open the main floodgates.

Now you can scare away a lot more things and find boxes that contain great things.

Best prices for dealers with elite customers

Requirements: You must have the reputation of the pound.

Money makes the world run at full speed, and that applies especially to the Dragon Age Inquisition!

The elite customer base does this so you get 15% better offers when buying and selling sellers. That 15% may not sound very good, but it does go very far.

This bonus is actually a combination of the other two bonuses, the reputation of the British Pound and profit for profit. With this bonus you get the best of both worlds.

Increasing skin resistance with antiviral stitching

Requirements: There’s no bonus for that.

It’s a bonus that everyone who plays the Dragon Age Inquisition needs. The reason for this is that stock management is much easier here, because it gives you 15 extra places.

Although the Dragon Age Inquisition offers you 60 places that are filled very quickly, you will really appreciate these 15 extra places.

Expand your inventory with Imperial Court Sewing

Requirements: Before you receive this bonus, you must have a diploma in Antivan tailoring.

So at first sight, sewing clothes at the imperial court is the same as sewing clothes at the imperial court we just mentioned. This gives you access to 15 additional stock locations.

This, in combination with Antivan Tailoring, can increase your storage space from 60 to 90! It’s a bonus you just have to look for.

10% extra gold for sale withReputation in Pound Sterling

Requirements: There’s no bonus for that.

I really believe that Sterling’s reputation is one of the best bonuses for players who are new to the game. If you ultimately want to receive an elite customer bonus.

This reputation bonus in pound sterling is perfect for the start of the game as you get 10% more gold for the items you sell to traders. It’s a great way to get a nice golden nest at the beginning of the game.

Survive longer with more healing drinks

requirements : You must invest three bonus points per bonus in the Performance category. 1С9

Other healing potions go straight to the goal with their names! No clutter here, you get a very welcome capacity that makes it possible to have four extra care drinks on your person.

This bonus can really save your ass at higher difficulty levels, because you can burn your healing potions incredibly fast. So it’s great to be able to carry four more.

More functions with an extended focus

requirements : You must invest five bonus points in the Force category. 1С9

Advanced Focus is a bonus that seems to work under the radar of many countries, but it is very practical. This allows you to focus more on 200 points.

That’s the kind of bonus that comes in handy when you’re fighting. Like Eagle’s Eye, it’s a very handy bonus, but people don’t think it’s worth spending a bonus point.

The advanced dragon era inquisition trick costs

Requirements: You need to concentrate better before you get it.

Why be sophisticated when you can be a master! Once you have received the Advanced Focus, you can make an extra effort and use another bonus point to get the Master Focus.

This increases the concentration by a further 100 points to 300 points.

Reductions received with privileges

Requirements: There’s no bonus for that.

Gratitude as a bonus for Sterling’s reputation. While the main goal is to get a bonus for elite customers. At the beginning of the game, you want to get this.

That’s because retailers lower their prices by 10%, which can help you get the items you need to get ahead in the game.

These are the best Inquisition bonuses of the Dragon era! These bonuses will really help you make progress in the game.

Read them carefully to make sure you understand that in order to get certain bonuses you must have others or do certain things to receive them.

Discounts can make your life easier in the world of the Dragon Age Inquisition!



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