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Dragon Age 2 Guide to Companion

Dragon Age 2 Guide to Companion

Dragon Age 2 has several companions with whom you can communicate and recruit. Companions can be you, friends, rivals or even romantic people. Your relationship with each of your companions will be affected by the things you do during Dragon Age around the world. The way you talk to them, the decisions you make and even the questions you ask them all affect your relationship with them. Their actions can affect even more than your relationship, they can force them to leave your party forever.

This guide is written to give you everything you need to know about your companions. It will tell you how you will recruit them, which searches will be available for each companion and what the personal characteristics of each companion are, so that you know how best to manage them. This visit will also highlight important moments in the game which, if not handled carefully, will lead to the loss of a fellow player. It should be noted that spoilers are used in this manual.

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Dragon Age 2 Guide to Companion Bethany Falcon

Characteristic analysis

Bethany is the sister of Hawke’s protagonist. It guides you from the start and the set is automatic, although you may lose it very early, depending on the class you’ve chosen for your main character. Bethany is a wizard of apostasy, so he seeks refuge with Hawke. As a magician, communication with magicians will be useful in your relationship, and the advice given here, if possible during the dialogues, will help to strengthen your friendship.


  • If you choose a sorcerer’s class for your prologue, bethany dies during the prologue.
  • If Bethany survives the prologue, she leaves the party for good at the end of the first act.
  • The decision whether or not to take Bethany down deep will have consequences. If you don’t take Bethany to the deep end, she has to join the circle. If you take her, but leave Anders, bethany dies deep in the way. If you take Bethany and Anders with you, you’ll be able to send them to the Grey Guard.
  • If Bethany Act I survives, she will resurface in subsequent searches, but will no longer be available as a party member.
  • It would be a conflict with Fenris if they were both in your party.
  • You’ll find him at Gamlin’s in Lawtown.



Activation Go home to Hamlain and talk to Mommy, then talk to Bethany.
Execution – Go to Darktown and enter the basement of Amell’s estate. Keep moving until you get to the vault. To take the safe out of your grandfather’s will.
Completion – return home Gamlin and confrontation with the will. Talk to bethany to end the search.

Portrait of your mother’s gift

Find a portrait of your mother in the same vault as your grandfather’s will in the basement of Amell’s estate. Take the portrait back to Gamlin’s house and give it to Bethany.

Dragon Age 2 Guide to Companion Cutting machine Falcon

Characteristic analysis

Carver’s a different Hawke brother, so he’s adjusted automatically. The class you’ve chosen for your main character affects how long Carver has been a member of your group. Your brother is a warrior and will respond well if you support a decision to control the mages. Carver will start the game with a little competition for your character. Due to the early competition and the limited time you have to access Carver, it will be very difficult to achieve 100% friendship. Carver’s rivalry stems from the feeling that his older brother and sister are overshadowing you! If you want to have a positive relationship with your brother, you should consult him if you can. If you have a dialog box you want to view with Carver, use it.


  • If you choose the role of warrior or imposter for your main character, Carver will not survive the prologue.
  • If Carver survives the prologue, he leaves the party for good at the end of the first act.
  • Before you enter the Deep Roads, you have the choice of whether or not to take Carver with you. If you decide to keep it at home, Carver will give you the models when you come back. If you take Carver, but leave Anders, Carver will die. If you bring Anders and Carver, you can choose to send Carver to the Grey Overlords.
  • If Carver survives the last Act I, he won’t play as a party member, but will appear in future missions.
  • Will will meet Anders and Merrill when they go to your party with Carver.
  • You’ll find him at Gamlin’s in Lawtown.



Activation Go home to Hamlen and talk to your mother, then talk to Carver.
Execution – Go to Darktown and enter the basement of Amell’s estate. Keep moving until you get to the vault. To take the safe out of your grandfather’s will.
Completion – return home Gamlin and confrontation with the will. Talk to Carver to end the search.

Donation of Tobrius documents

Find Tobrius’ papers in the same trunk as your grandfather’s will in the basement of Amell’s estate. Take the portrait back to Gamlin’s and give it to Carver.

Dragon Age 2 Guide to Companion Abeline Traps

Characteristic analysis

Abelin is the knight you will meet during the prologue. You meet her and her husband Wesley in their fight against the black ashes. Wesley is wounded and a painful decision about his fate awaits him. Abelin follows you to Kirkwall and becomes a good friend to help you. After his arrival in Kirkwall, Abelin got a job with the security services. This makes her an honest person who disapproves of questionable behavior. If your party has Avelyn, you have to stay on the right side of the law if you don’t want her to be your opponent.


  • If you want to make Abelin your girlfriend, make sure you’re a law-abiding citizen when she’s in your party. Being a good guy and being friends with Abelin is an easy task.
  • You meet Merrill sometimes when they’re both on your side.
  • When you have finished the search for the long way, Donnik appears and helps you in the fight against Meredith.
  • During the Last Straw phase, even if it’s difficult, you can lose Avelyn.
  • You’ll find him in the security barracks of the viscount’s warehouse.
  • You can’t have romance with Abelin.


Path shall be

Activation – Talk to Aveline at the Viscount’s Keep.
Execution – Make sure Avelyn is at your party and visit the ambush in Sandermount. Take any enemies you encounter, then go back to the Viscount’s storeroom and check the duty roster. From there, you need to go to Lawtown and find Donnick, who was attacked.
Conclusion – Return to the Viscount’s storeroom after the people who attacked Donnique were killed.

Long Road

Activation – Fill out the Black Powder Courtesy Form and go to the viscount’s warehouse to speak to Abelin.
Execution – To start the search, you need to make a delivery to Donnik’s guard, check the to-do list, then talk to Donnik and arrange a meeting with him in Hangman. After a conversation with Donnik in Hanging and another with Avelina, you have to go to the victim’s couch. Follow the path at the top of the map and kill all enemies along the way. Activate any marker along the way and enjoy embarrassing cutting scenes.
Completion – When you’re finished at Wounded Shore, go back to the viscount’s warehouse and talk to Abelin to get everything in order.

Beneficial and error

Activation – You must have completed Act I of Avelyn’s quest. When you’re done, look at the desk of your home to take over the search.
Execution – talk to Abelin in the warehouse, then add her to your group and go to the docks at night. Again, Donnick was attacked, and it’s your job to help him. Make sure, go to Galow and talk to Cullen. Go to Lawtown tonight and find Brennan’s guard. From there you have to go to Darktown to confront Javen. Once you’ve completed the long journey, none of the guards will be near Javen, which means all you have to do is fight the enemy of your garden variety. If you let Avelin take the lead in discussions with Javen, you increase your freedom of action. If you dominate the conversation, you increase the rivalry.
Completion – When you’re done with Javen, go back to the warehouse to talk to Avelina.

Knight Shield

The sign at the exit is in the hideout of Varnell during the bidding and has been lost. Take Abelin’s gift to the viscount’s warehouse and give it to him.

Dragon Age 2 Guide to Companion Warrick tetra

Accompanying analysis

Warrick is the brother of Bertrand, a dwarf who leads the Deep Roads expedition. He encourages you to find money to invest in the expedition and joins your group to help you do so. Warrick is a very easy to move character, which means that it is very difficult to compete with him. Its light character also means you can’t lose your party. Warrick will take you to the end.


  • Warrick will be a solid friend who, if you’re not completely bored during the game, will be very hard to annoy.
  • Unlike the other companions, there’s no chance of losing Warrick to your group.
  • Warrick loves jokes, so bring a little humour into your conversations with him and you’re sure to get a high friendship rating in no time.
  • You’ll find him in his room in Hanging.
  • You can’t have romance with Warrick.


Family matters

Activation – After returning the Deep Roads form (and completing the update), go to Hanging and talk to Warrick. He’ll let you know he’s heard a rumor about Bartrand wanting to go and check it out.
Execution – you must go to Bartrun Manor in Hightown. When you enter, Varric will twist the thread of the epic battle he fought alone. When he’s finished, you’ll be able to study the house better.
Completion – If you find Bartrand, you have to help Warrick decide what to do with him. If you contact Anders for help when the dialog option appears, you can bring Bertrand back to his thoughts for a moment. Either way, Warrick has to decide whether or not to spare Bartrand. When you leave the house, you’ll have a brief conversation with Warrick and finish your investigation.


Activation – Finish the problem and then talk to Hanged Warrick.
Execution – Make sure Warrick is at your party and return to Bartrand’s property in Hightown. Go down the stairs until you find a room where an edit scene will be initiated. This gives you access to the rest of the house, so look around to find the room. Once you’ve done that, you’re in battle. Broadcasting all the enemies will lead to a conversation with Warrick.
Completion – You must advise him on the fate of the shard. If you tell Warrick to leave the shard, he’ll get three rune locations on his weapon. Another possibility is to take the fragment with you, go back to your mansion and have Sandal transformed into the ancient lyrical fleece. This rune can be attached to any weapon that has a slot for the rune and increases the fastening speed. I mean, you can tell Warrick to destroy the shard. Your friendship with him and Sebastian would be strengthened if he were in your party.

Delivery of the signature ring

You can buy a ring at Lirene’s Ferelden Import in Lowtown. If you buy a ring, you can hang it yourself and give it to Warrick to strengthen your friendship.

Dragon Age 2 Guide to Companion Others

Characteristic analysis

Anyone who played in the age of the dragon: Awakening recognizes Anders as a renegade magician who helped the Grey Guard. When I woke up, the Grey Director picked up another satellite called Justice. The director found justice in a state of decay. Unlike the other residents, Justice is a good guy, unlike the demons of lust and others he defends Somewhere between the end of Awakening and the beginning of AD2 his Justice and Anders merged into one. Today, Anders uses the forces of justice to help others, but he is sometimes difficult to control.


  • As a magician, Anders can easily get annoyed when you’re on the side of the models. Taking the side of the wizards will of course strengthen the friendship.
  • Although Anders is recruited as part of the plot, you must complete the search before he joins you.
  • There are two possible moments when Anders leaves the party. If you fail in your attempts to disagree, Anders will leave your party for good. He will present himself later, but not as a toy figure. At the end of the game, you can choose to kill Anders if you want. It’s obvious that this makes him completely disappear from the picture. If you send him back instead of killing him, one of two situations will occur. If you’re on the side of the magicians, you can recruit him at the last battle. If you’re on the side of the models, you have to fight Anders to the end.
  • Otherwise Fenris will meet, who is strong against the Magi and is committed to controlling them. He could also meet Sebastian and Carver.
  • You can find Anders at his clinic in Darktown.
  • You can have a romance with Anders. He ends his satellite search and flirts wherever possible. Be nice to him and the wizards when he’s at your party. After your visit, return to your home in the evening to spend a romantic evening with him. Then you can ask him to move in and do the rest of the tutor’s tasks to achieve a complete romance with him.



Activation – This quest is not necessarily a party quest, but must be completed in order to recruit Anders. As a quest in history, he must end it. To start the search, you need to talk to Hanged Warrick. It will express the need for detailed roadmaps.
Execution – You have to find out where Anders is hiding, and your protagonist is Lirena, who runs a shop in Lawtown. Go to their import store and ask for the gray probation officer. In Cajoling you can hear from his mouth that Anders is in Darktown. Go to his clinic and talk to him. Otherwise you ask to help him save his friend from Chantry and offer to meet you there. When you get to Chantry, you can go inside and go up the stairs to find his friend Carl. After a short scenario you will notice that a fight is about to start. Free your enemies and you can talk to Carl normally. During this conversation you have to advise Anders on the best way to help his friend. If you are kind to him and feel sorry for his righteousness, it can help you get off to a good start in friendship. The opposite is true for the competition if you’re rude to him.
Completion – After leaving Chantry, go back to Anders’ clinic and tell him about the event of this search. It doesn’t matter how you handle the situation, Anders will go with you and give you the cards you hunted.


Activation – Fill out the Black Powder Courtesy Form, then go to the Anders Clinic and talk to him to start the search.
Execution – Take Anders with you and go to the gallows basement. Go through the tunnels until you get to Ser Alrik. After a short conversation, Anders will lose control of the legal system and go a little crazy. When the battle is over, you should watch the next call. The choices you make can have a major impact on your relationship with Anders. You can reassure him by using the green leaf dialog option, and he will walk back to his clinic. If you choose another dialogue option, he’ll kill Ella, making him feel very guilty. If you refuse to help Anders, the search there will stop and your rivalry with him will increase significantly.
Completion – Return to the Anders Clinic to talk to him about the completion of this examination. Again, you have to be careful when you speak, because your decisions can have consequences. Otherwise you can offer to leave your party and you can let him go. If you do this, he will no longer be a character in the game, but will only return for the final quest of the game. If you are trying to form a friendship or an affair with Anders, you should be comforting and careful when talking to him. Be smaller, and you can increase your rivalry with him.


Activation – End the search. Find Anders and talk to him at his clinic.
Execution – You can complete this search before you even start. If you refuse to help Anders, the search will stop immediately. Your relationship with Anders is not affected by this situation. The decision in favour of Anders could lead to more competition with Fenris. Even if you are trying to build a friendship or a love affair with Sebastian, it is advisable to leave him at home for this investigation. You have to come into Chantree for certain offenses, and Sebastian won’t like that at all. In the first phase of the quest you have to help Anders collect the ingredients. We need to start searching the sewers of Darktown for the stinking deposits of Sela Petre. If you have what you need, you can go to the Bone Pit and pick up some of Draxtone’s deposits. If you have what you need, you can go back to Anders’ clinic where he will ask you to accompany him to Chantree. He’ll ask you to take a high priest, but refuses to tell you why. You can choose not to help him, in which case the search will stop there. If you are willing to help, do what he asks and talk to the high priest. After a short interview with her Anders will start the interview and you will be back in Darktown.
I mean, talk to Anders at his clinic to stop the search.

Tevinter Chantry Amulet Gift

You will find this gift in the cave of the abandoned slave during the bitter pill. When you reach the room with the surviving female elf, you’ll find this gift in the trunk of the same room. Go to Anders’ clinic and give him this document.

Dragon Age 2 Guide to Companion Merrill

Characteristic analysis

You will meet Merrill for the first time while searching for Long Way Home, because she is a member of the Dalish Elf clan, whose amulet the Flame you have given to wear. The Keeper asks you to bring Merrill, whom you don’t know. Merrill has a small obsession with an old pixie artifact, which has alienated him from the rest of the clan. Merrill is a gentle but naive character. As with all the other magicians with whom you have taken part in quests with magician/motif, this will affect your relationship with her.


  • Merrill is naturally sensitive and has been rejected by his clan. Treat them kindly and support them to ensure their friendship.
  • Finding a job at Merrill is a must, because the history of the Long Road Home Quest is part of it.
  • As a magician, Merrill can meet both Fenris and Carver.
  • In the final quest of the game you can lose Merrill on your side. If you choose the side of the models, Merrill will leave your party if you have not been able to achieve 100% friendship with her.
  • Once Merrill is active, you can meet her at her home in Elven Alienage in Lawtown.
  • Romance is possible with Merrill. They must carry out their tasks and support them throughout the mission. Talk to him in a friendly way and offer him a gift from Hull to strengthen your relationship. After an evening visit by Merrill to your home, you can ask him to move in with you. They must complete their final companion quest to achieve a complete romantic relationship with Merrill.


The long way home

Activation – This quest is part of the action and becomes active before you complete the prologue.
Enforcement – when you become a resident of Kirkwall, you can leave the city to enter new areas. One of them is Sandermount. When you reach the mountain, you’ll find the Dlash camp, where the Flemings asked you to give them the amulet. Talk to the Daisy Guardian, and he’ll tell you all about Merrill. Go work in the mountains until you find them. Accompanied by Merrill, you can now enter the caves that will lead you to your destination further up the mountain. But if Merrill removes the barrier, you know she’s a blood witch. If your party has Phenris or even Anders, supporting Merrill’s blood spell can offend both. Proceed to the altar at the top of the mountain.
Conclusion – if all the scenes are played at the top of the mountain, return to Dalish Camp and talk to the Maretari to complete the investigation.

Mirror image

Activation – You must complete the Black Powder Courtesy and then speak to Merrill at her home in Lawtown.
Execution – Go to Sundermount and talk to Maretari’s Steward to begin the quest for Fallen Glory, which is linked to Merrill’s quest for companionship. From there you have to go to the Varterral hunting area indicated on the map. Scour the caves and find the bodies of the three hunters Maretari told us about. You’ll also meet one of the surviving hunters, Paul. After you talk to Paul, you have to fight Warther.
Completion – Defeat Warteral and return to Warden Marethari to obtain the Merrill item you were looking for at the beginning of this search.

New track

Activation – End the conversation with and without, then speak to Merrill at her home in Lawtown.
Execution – Walk to Sandermount and find the end of Pride Cave. In the cave you will find a statue with which you have to interact to activate the cut scene. Now you will fight the demon’s pride. If you move the daemon far enough, you will get an options dialog box. Choose you said you have to die to end the fight now, or I’m glad it’s over to continue the fight a little longer. When the battle is over, go back to Dalish Camp to fight the final battle.
Completion – When you reach the Dalish camp, you can choose a dialogue to influence the outcome of this study. If you take full responsibility for Merrill, the clan will let you go. However, if at some point you return to the camp with Merrill, the clan will attack you and force you to kill them all. Any other dialogue option will force the clan to attack you as well.

Donation of wood for carving

You can buy this gift in Ilen’s craft shop at Dalish Camp in Sundermount during the second act. Take this to Merrill’s house and give it to him.

Silvania wooden ring as a gift

If you manage to unlock the Kill Crows quest in Act III, you can loot this item from the Raven Leader’s body. Then you can go back to Merrill and give her a second friendship gift.

Dragon Age 2 Guide to Companion Phenris

Characteristic analysis

Fenris is an escaped slave that you will meet if you decide to accept the optional Ace and Trade quest. He has a strong character and strong opinions. Phenris is a warrior and a very anti-magazine. If someone’s opinion isn’t his, Fenris won’t get along with him. He is particularly passionate about his former master and determined to hunt him down and kill him to guarantee his absolute freedom. Fenris has unique tattoos, his tattoos are made of Lirium and give him unique abilities, including the ability to pierce the body of the person you will see for the first time when you see him. Fenris’ submission made him a bitter man, which means you have to be careful when you talk to him if you’re trying to get a friendship.


  • If you don’t finish the bait and trade, you won’t be able to recruit Phenris. This is an optional search. If you want Fenris to join you, you must do so before the end of the first act.
  • If you do not help Fenris with his companionship tasks or if you do not allow him to perform these tasks after they have become active, Fenris will leave your company.
  • When searching for Companion One you can have Danarius take Fenris with you, resulting in his loss as Companion.
  • You must achieve 100% friendship or rivalry before the final quest, otherwise Fenris will leave the group after the fall of Chantry. If you have a big friendship, you can give it back a little later if your friendship was big enough before he disappeared. If you are an enemy, you must fight him if you are on the side of the Wise Men.
  • Fenris is in Danarius’ mansion in Hightown, which he calls his, because he recruited him in the first act.
  • To have sex with Fenris you have to do all his tasks and give him both gifts. Flirt with him if you can, and make sure his friendship is big enough for him to pay you a nightly visit to your estate. If all goes well, you can ask him to leave before he leaves. If you continue to support him and increase your friendship appreciation, you can get a complete novel to the end.


Bait and switches

Activation – End the discussion about the company and go home to Hamlen to find the letter on your desk.
Execution – You must travel to Lowtown at night to meet your Anzo contact. He’ll take you to the stranger’s house, which he wants you to investigate and get information about. If you go home, you’ll be attacked. Kill the attackers and search the breasts indicated on the map. You will find it empty and you will agree that your party should go back to Anzo and talk to him about it. Before you get very far, you’ll be attacked again and realize it’s a trap. You now see a carved scene of Fanris. Here, you have to agree to help him if you want to recruit him. We meet him in Hightown, at Danarius Mansion, and we go in. Search the house and you’ll find a lot of nuances. Fight them and find the Arcane Horror in one of the rooms on the ground floor. Kill him to get the key to the floor cameras. Go inside and search the room and you’ll see that Danarius isn’t there.
Completion – If you leave the mansion, you will find Fenris outside. If you talk to him, he’ll go with you from now on.

Bitter tablet

Activation – Talk to Fenris at Villa Danarius to complete the Speak to Fenris quest. Travel with Fenris in your group to any location outside the city. On the way, you will be lured into an ambush, which triggers the activation of this search.
Execution – You must destroy the enemies you ambushed, and Fenris will ask you to accompany him to find Adriana. If you accept this quest, but stay too late to meet Adriana, you will be ambushed again if Fenris is still in your group. If Fenris is not in your game and it takes you too long to avoid this quest, he will eventually turn up and confront you, forcing you to stop the game. Finding Adrianna for too long will lead to more competition with Fenris. If you go through the caves, you’ll come across an elf slave. She’ll tell you she has no idea what to do now that she’s a free agent. You can have an elf here. You can tell her to go home to Hightown, and she’ll work for you. Fenris will object, but if you agree to pay him, he will be reassured. Sneak into the caves until you find Adriana. You’ll end up in another battle where you have to destroy Adriana and her friends. When she dies, you can look at the carvings, and then Fenris is gone.
Conclusion – At first, you might think you’ve lost it forever because you can’t put it in the game. That’s not true. Go back to your estate and Fenris will meet you there. After a short conversation with him, he resigns and becomes an active member again.


Activation – if you run the Bitterpil in the second act, you can talk to Fenris in his possession to activate this quest.
Execution – For this task you will eventually be confronted with Danarius. If you do, you have the opportunity to let Danarius Fenris take over. If you do, you’ll lose Fenris forever. It will also lead to more competition from Abelin and Sebastian and a slight increase for Merrill and Warrick.  If you do not want to lose Fenris, you have to fight. If you’ve killed all the necessary enemies, you’ll be rewarded if you’ve cut the scene.
Completion – Here you can make a choice, you can ask Fenris to kill his sister or convince him to spare her. It won’t play a big role, and it really is a decision that stands on its own.

Book in gift box

This book can only be found at night in the Aliens House in Lawtown. The element then appears as the life of a slave. Take this to Dunrius’ mansion so Fenris can give it to him.

Mercy Sheet Gift

You will find this item if you are looking for cold meals at the secret meeting place with the best service. Make it a friendship for Fenris.

Dragon Age 2 Guide to Companion Isabella

Characteristic analysis

Those who played Dragon Age Origins may remember Isabella before her appearance in a bar in Denerim. She’s some kind of pirate and has lower morale than most of your other characters. She is fully committed to victory and will accept any choice you make that earns you money. Isabella will also respond well to humour, so make a joke here and there to strengthen your friendship.


  • Isabela’s employment is voluntary. To become an active member of the party, you must complete the Mad Storm on the Move quest. If you don’t do this research, you won’t be able to recruit them, even though they are important for part of the story.
  • Isabella can leave your game at any time during the game. You must have 50% friendship or rivalry and complete your social research before you can follow her, otherwise you will lose her forever.
  • As soon as you have completed the Follow Kun search, Isabella will visit you in your mansion. She will ask you for help, and her refusal may also lead to her disappearance forever.
  • You need to ensure a high level of friendship for Kunn’s requests so that Isabella can come back and help you. If you don’t, she’ll run away and never come back.
  • If Isabella leaves your game, you can’t get the Ambrosia ingredient.
  • You can find Isabella on the suspension if she’s not at your party.
  • You may be having an affair with Isabella, although she’s more opposed to anything other than a physical relationship. Although you can sleep with her, whether she is a friend or an opponent, she will only enter into a relationship with you if you have a great friendship. As with all companions, you should flirt with her, give her presents and where possible flirt with her. To end the affair with Isabella, you have to make sure she comes back after her short disappearance.


Crazy people rush to

Activation – The search will be available as soon as you complete the Quest for Peace. Go to the hanged man, and you’ll find Isabella for the first time. Talk to him to start the search.
Execution. I think Isabela needs your help with the man who’s upsetting her. Go to Hightown to meet them and you’ll be ambushed. If you kill all your enemies, you steal Hader’s body to find the letter. It will lead you to Chantree and another fight.
Completion – When you’ve killed them all, talk to Isabella and she’ll join your party.

Catching a thief

Activation – Even though it’s not a search party, it does have something to do with Isabella. You have to finish following Kunn. Go back to your property and Isabella will come to you for help.
Execution – You’ll have to go to Lower Town at night to help Isabella. There you will encounter enemies and you will have to fight on your way to the foundry in the foundry area. Inside, Isabella will run away and leave you with a missing penis for the party. From then on, Isabella will no longer be at your disposal, at least not for the duration of the second act. If your friendship is great enough, she will return to this law on her last journey. Otherwise she’s gone forever.  You’ll also find other enemies inside and you’ll have to fight your way through.
Completion – The quest ends when you kill the last enemy in the foundry.

No rest for the bad guys

Activation – You will only have access to this search if Isabella returns before the end of Act II. When you’re done, you can talk to Isabella in Hangingd about this investigation.
Execution – Go to Flowering Rose and return to the marker on the map. Here you have to pretend treason has been committed. If this scenario unfolds, you’ll miss a member. You have to leave Flowering Rose, but before you leave, make sure you change games to compensate for the participant’s loss. If you’re going through Hightown, you have to follow Isabella’s trail. The path takes you around Kirkwall to the docks of the Castiglion pier. Go around the neighborhood until you fight Velasco. If he dies, you can take over his body with the key. The key opens the room, which can be searched for incriminating documents. With those in your hands, you must return to Castiglion.
Conclusion – At this point, you are faced with the choice of whether or not to fight Castiglion. If you keep fighting and kill him, your rivalry with Castiglion will increase dramatically. The end of this meeting is the end of the investigation.

Gift ship with bottle

You can find this gift in the smuggler’s cut, in the coffin, when looking for courtesy for the Black Powder. Take this gift to the hanged woman and give it to Isabella.

Donation of Rivainey’s mascot

To find this gift, you have to go to the docks at night to access the unused passageway, it is a talisman found there. Go back to Isabella when you find her and give her a present.

Dragon Age 2 Guide to Companion Sebastian

Characteristic analysis

Sebastian is only available if you have a DLC prince in exile. His family consists of nobles from the Starkhaven, which makes him a prince. When he was young, he behaved badly and embarrassed his family, forcing them to join the Chantry. He thus became a righteous man who accepts no offense. You can meet Sebastian first by contacting the Chantry Board. Unlike the other characters you recruit, completing his first pet search will not lift his blockade as a party member. You must complete the search for his second companion before you can include him in your game.


  • Sebastian is another optional character that can be recruited. You must complete his first Duty Quest to begin the recruitment process.
  • Unlike other counsellors, if you missed finding your first counsellor in the first act, you can still do so in the second act.
  • There’s only one time Sebastian can leave your group. If you don’t kill Anders at the end of the game, Sebastian will be gone forever.
  • If you recruit him, you’ll meet Sebastien in Chantry when he’s not in your group.
  • A romance with Sebastian is possible, but he has strict rules. Although the other characters have nothing against you, Sebastian has. He only enters into a relationship with a female figure.
  • If you try to flirt with him, you should never flirt with another companion. If you do, you’ll miss your chances before you even start.



Activation – Go to the Chantree Board in Hightown and watch a short scene, then look at the board for more information on the quest.
Execution – You must find and destroy Flint Company’s mercenary groups. They can be found at night on the docks, in Sandermount and on the Wounded Coast.
Conclusion – When you’ve killed all three groups, you can go back to Chantry and tell Sebastian what you’ve done.


Activation – At the beginning of Act II, when you have completed the task, you can go to Sebastian and tell him about the search.
Execution – Sebastian wants you to help him investigate the death of his family. Go to Harimman Manor and find your way around the house, and meet some family members along the way. If you go far enough, you’ll find your mother in a hidden passageway behind the house. Here you must fight Lady Harimman and the demons.
Completion – Once you’ve killed all your enemies, you can cross the house and go to Chantry to talk to Sebastian and complete the search.


Activation – Go to Chantree and talk to Sebastian. He will ask for your help and agree to start the search.
Execution – You’ll need to cross Hightown to get to the Viscount’s warehouse at night. Go to the throne and kill the enemies you meet there. When it’s done, talk to Leliana.
Completion – Talk to the High Priest to complete the investigation.

Gift of Starkhaven longbow

If you play Sebastian’s atonement, you’ll find his grandfather’s bow. You’ll find him on the Harimman estate, looting the body of a Flint mercenary in the basement. Go back to Chantree and give this to Sebastian to strengthen the relationship.



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