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Division 2 TU8 Gear Sets

Division 2 TU8 Gear Sets

| Published on the 16th. March 2020 at 18:54

Division 2 TU8 Gear Sets

Ubisoft / Department 2

Giant games are an important part of the final game development system in Section 2. These are unique sets of armour, each with its own characteristics. Integrating these meetings into your meetings can help to complement your character and give you the opportunity to form specialized meetings.

Here is the complete list of gears in Chapter 2, Update 8.

Section 2 Gear units TU8

  • Rigidly erected
  • Current Directive
  • a true patriot
  • Aces and eights
  • The dilemma of the negotiations
  • Spearhead
  • Boulevard de la Fonderie
  • Future initiative
  • Combat Force Squadron
  • Corruption of the system

Below are the latest infographics, which provide detailed statistics for each program, including bonuses and unique talent. This graph was created by the user of the service, so the credit goes to GrirverXVII.

Click on the title of Section 2 Upgrade 8 Gear Sets Infographic above to enlarge the image and make it more readable.

Division 2 TU8 Gear Sets

| Published on the 23rd. April 2020 at 5:02 p.m.

Section 2 Free Trial

A free trial version for section 2 is now available. Ubisoft has finally released a free trial version of his popular game The Division 2. The trial version contains eight full hours of absolutely free gameplay and is available on all platforms. You have full access to the game as long as it is active.

This is a great opportunity to try the game and decide if you want to invest your time and money in the game. The trial version is available from 21 hours. April and has all the features of the basic game. You can even collaborate with people and carry out each mission in story form as part of the experimental process.

You will not receive a free trial of Stages, but all other platforms can participate. Access to the campaign is free, and you can go to level 8 with any activity in the game. You can join your friends and explore Washington with them.

After the trial period you can buy a game if you want to continue your journey. All your character and looting data will be stored until then, and then unlocked if you decide to buy. If you are interested in this game, now is the time to act and try.

| Published on the 3rd. May 2020 at 8:41.

Haftor Bjornsson, the actor who played Mount in HBO ‘s popular Game of Thronesseries, broke the record this weekend for the highest load capacity of 501 kg at his gym in Iceland.

The record-breaking event was originally planned in Bahrain. However, due to travel restrictions, the event was broadcast live on Twitch of Hafthor. You can watch the lecture of Thor Twitch Deadlift below and follow it on your YouTube channel.

Björnsson raised the bar two seconds before he put the weights on the ground and celebrated.

The Haftor measures 6 foot 9 inches and has already won races such as the 2018 World’s Strongest Man. The eve deadweight record was set by Eddie Hall, who was the first man to lift 500 kg in 2016.

According to the official video on his YouTube, Haftor says I’m very proud, you know. I’m very happy. He was happy to prove the skeptics wrong. … So many people who said: 501 kg will never take off, but I also had a lot of support.



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