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Division 2: New York Exotics Warlords List

Division 2: New York Exotics Warlords List

Division 2: New York Exotics Warlords List

Exotica has come a long way since the original partition game. They have been rebalanced with Division 2, and more have been added to the game. With the release of Warlords of New York Title Update, the exotic has been updated and edited to make it more accessible to casual gamers. With the new Gear 2.0 system, they can also be adapted to almost any style of play.

Part 2: Exotica List of New York warlords

New York warlords raise the baseline from 30 to 40. As you can imagine, your exotic level 30 will no longer be viable at the new level limit. But there are ways to bring her back.

Part 2: New York Warlords Exotic Weapons List

Lady Death (SMG) – Exclusive warlords

SMG, which combines well with flank and pistol positions. You get batteries when you move and use batteries when you shoot to damage the bonus. After the murder, you’ll also get a high-speed runner.

  • Shield, Crete, Spidran.
  • Stole some boss names and hyena boxes from New York.
  • Breathe with free talent
    • On the way, during the transport of the sprint, you get 4 stacks per second or 8 stacks during the transport of the sprint, for a total of 40 stacks.
    • Each shot consumes one battery and increases the damage by +60%.
    • Kills gives a driving speed of +20% for 10 seconds.

Division 2: New York Exotics Warlords List

Division 2: New York Exotics Warlords List

King of Bullets (LMG) – Exclusive Warlords

This exotic LMG has the talent of Hell’s Bullet. There’s no need to reload, and for every 100 hits, all the ammunition is refilled. For some of the highest DPS in the game, you can actually fire bullets without having to reload the weapon.

Division 2: New York Exotics Warlords List

Bighorn (AR) – Exclusive warlords

The Bighorn is a new exotic assault rifle developed exclusively for the New York warlords.

Unscrupulous (rifle)

  • Exotic rifle
  • Binary trig talent
    • The weapon fires by pulling the trigger and releasing it.
    • If both balls hit the same opponent, you get a pile.
    • By firing on 7 stacks, the enemy fires a 7-meter shot, causing 900% damage to the weapons and consuming batteries.

Sweet tooth (shotgun)

  • The exotic rifle fell into the hands of rogue states.
  • Sandman talent
    • Melee immediately attacks non-elite opponents.

Chatterbox (SMG)

  • Exotic submachine gun
  • Talent Connected Chat
    • Reloading results in a 20% increase in the shooting speed for each opponent within a 15m radius for the duration of the camp.
    • Max Stacks: 5
    • Dead to add 50% to your magazine.

Freedom for Kendra (rifle)

  • Exotic Canon
  • Talent for freedom or death.
    • Get a pile of every shot.
    • Max-stack: 30
    • Main shots consume all batteries and shield repairs for 3% per battery

Mor (LMG)

  • Exotic light submachine gun
  • Dropping bosses in the Black Zone.
  • A plague of outcasts with talent
    • The strikes cause a weakening that damages the weapon 100% in 10 seconds.
    • Max Stacks: 50
    • If an enemy dies in a retaliatory attack, the stacks are moved to the next enemy within 25 meters.

Division 2: New York Exotics Warlords List

Nemesis (sniper)

  • Exotic sniper rifle
  • The talent of the electromagnetic accelerator
    • Firing the weapon 0-100% damage, depending on the duration of activation.
    • Chances are that the material of the Nemesis in the zoo falls at the first end of the invasion with each revolution.

Division 2: New York Exotics Warlords List

Eagle carrier (AR)

  • exotic assault rifle
  • Shocking talent of an eagle
    • The accuracy increases up to +30% while turning.
    • Preliminary shots provide the shutter speed buffer for 15 seconds.
    • Tensile strength was increased by 1% for body shots and 5% for head shots.
  • The talent for perseverance
    • 40 to 80% of the damage caused is postponed until the buffer expires.
    • The total delayed damage for each killed enemy is reduced to 100% when 3 enemies are killed while the buffer is active.

Diamond backrest (rifle)

  • Exotic rifle
  • one persistent bite
    • The rotation of the diamond marks the enemy at random.
    • Hitting the enemy consumes the marker and results in a critical hit with +20% damage.
    • After each top-up, a new random enemy is marked.

Chameleon (AR)

This new exoticism revolves around three amateurs who do not exclude each other in order to unite.

  • exotic assault rifle
  • Change the colour to suit your surroundings.
  • Adaptation skills
    • 30 head shots give a +20% chance of a critical impact and a +50% chance of damage from a critical impact within 45 seconds.
    • If you fire 60 shots at the body, you’ll have +80% weapon damage in 45 seconds.
    • A 30 step snapshot gives a charging rate of +150% in 45 seconds.

Part 2: New York Warlords Exotic Devices List

Case for Hanslinger Exotic Dodge City

The exotic chest was acquired through the collection of various items for its manufacture.

  • The talent to draw fast
    • If the weapon is in the holster, select the buffer every 0.5 seconds to stack up to 100.
    • In return, the first shot absorbs the buffer and causes +10% damage to the stack.

BTSU Exotic gloves

These are Black Tusk’s gloves falling off Black Tusk’s enemies.

  • Translation talent stands for the test of time
    • Explosion Hive refreshes the allied refrigerators and provides an inflated price in 15 seconds.
    • Allies receiving the effect will not be able to use it after 120 seconds.

Odessa Sawyer Kneepads

  • Exotic kneecaps
  • The grace of talent in the spotlight
    • We can’t be surprised at the explosions.
    • Staying in the body for 6 to 12 seconds without firing resists damage when aiming for 1 to 2 seconds.

Division 2: New York Exotics Warlords List

Tardigrade armoured system

  • Real sons.
  • Nano ablative category Talent
    • Every time your armor or that of an ally breaks, he gets 80% of your armor as a 10-second bonus.
    • Reload to allies: 45 seconds.
  • If you kill the enemy with your special weapon, it will be cancelled for the Allies.

bag from Acosta..

  • Exotic backpack
  • Talent at your fingertips
    • Hitting an enemy with a grenade gives a proficiency level of +1 for 15 seconds. gives excessive charges if it is already at proficiency level 6.
  • Two in a bag.
    • +1 Booking capacity
    • +3 Grenade capacity
    • +25% Ammunition capacity
    • +10% increase in repair capacity
    • +10% Impact on the status

Division 2: New York Exotics Warlords List

Division 2: New York Exotics Warlords List

Division 2: New York Exotics Warlords List

Coyote mask

  • Season 1 price, ranking 35.

Marxman Rifle Depot – Bridge

To get the bridge, you have to kill Klutz in the arena of the Union Fortress, which has been conquered. There used to be a bug that didn’t fall well, but it has been fixed with today’s patch (6 March 2020).

NinjaBike Messenger Knee

  • Exotic kneecaps
  • Downloaded and saved in the DZ
  • Parkour! Talent
    • Running a cloak to camouflage yourself or arm your current weapon.

Division 2: New York Exotics Warlords List

Division 2: New York Exotics Warlords List

Division 2: New York Exotics Warlords List

Imperial Dynasty

  • Exotic case
  • Skill level +1
  • +7.3% Securities status
  • +8.1 Protection against risks
  • The talent of the dragon
    • During battle, the nearest enemy must be burned within a radius of 20 metres.
    • Restart: 40 seconds

Division 2: New York Exotics Warlords List



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