Divinity Original Sin 2 Cheats 【The Complete List】

Divinity Original Sin 2 Cheats 【The Complete List】

In the PC game PS4 Xbox 22/09/2017

Original sin 2

Publisher and developer Larian Studios has released the new Divinity Original Sin 2, a sequel to the original Divinity game released in 2014. The gameplay is similar, but with some unique changes and new content.

Players can choose between breeds such as lizard, dwarf, human, elf, undead, each breed has its own characteristics and possibilities. In the races you can also choose classes where you can specialize in melee combat, fight from a distance or become a magician and use dangerous spells. New advanced features include a cover system that can be used during battle and a multiplayer mode where players form a team and compete against an enemy team on a large stadium map.

Divinity Original Sin 2 quickly became popular, but it takes a long time. So if you want to buy a game or if you’ve already bought a game and don’t have much time to make it and upgrade it or if you just want to have fun, you can use the cheaters below.

The first cheat code is a coach and comes from CheatHappens. The file has been scanned and does not contain any advertisements or viruses, so if your firewall gives a warning, it is a false positive. Below is a list of cheaters that can be activated by the trainer.

  • Endless health
  • unlimited PA
  • Infinite source points (Battle I/O)
  • Endless physical armor
  • Endless magical armor
  • One shot kills
  • Add EXP
  • No reloading for skills
  • A perfect fit
  • Change the number of the selected item
  • Unlimited number of tags when creating characters
  • Changing attribute points
  • Changing combat skill points
  • Changing Civilian Assets Points
  • Change of talent goggles
  • No loss of power.
  • Remove the requirements for the selected position
  • Unlimited weight
  • Super speed
  • 11-character editor

The second cheatcode is Gtrainers, the size of the trainer file is 819,2 KB and can be downloaded in WinRAR format. Below is a list of cheats he can activate.

  • Endless health
  • Endless shielding
  • endless PA
  • An MP without end
  • No expiration time
  • Info. Weight
  • Max. Relationship
  • Super speed
  • Destroying the enemy’s armor
  • One shot kills
  • Endless money
  • Endless Express.
  • Ultra-high Dmg
  • An endless pharmacy
  • The Endless Book of Skills
  • Endless scrolling
  • Endless locks
  • Infinite identity. Tools
  • Endless attributes
  • Endless combat skills
  • Infinite survival skills
  • An infinite number of talent points

Cheat codes can only be used in one campaign, but do not use a coach in an online game because sooner or later the Valve Vac system will recognize your cheat codes and you will receive a permaban on your account.

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