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Disgaea 5 Complete – Get Max Stats And XP Points Quickly

Disgaea 5 Complete – Get Max Stats And XP Points Quickly

Disgaea 5 Complete – Get Max Stats And XP Points Quickly

Disgaea 5 Complete was released on the PC with the help of two publishers from NIS America, Inc. and developer Nippon Ichi Software, Inc. a JRPG of turn-based anime and a remake of the popular D5: The Alliance of Revenge was first published in 2015.

In the game, players follow the story of a young demon named Killia, who has decided to end the reign of the Void of Darkness by trying to enslave countless incredible worlds. You must acquire powerful weapons and skills and develop a strategy to defeat your enemies.

How to quickly get maximum XP statistics and results in Disgaea 5 full

In the course of the game, you may have noticed that your power level is mainly determined by the number of stats your character has.

To compile statistics you need to collect a large number of experience points, which can be tedious and time consuming. This guide therefore makes it easy for you to learn how to create statistics.

Below you will find detailed information on what you need and what you need to do to complete the Disgaea 5 statistics quickly and efficiently.

Championship received in subclasses

Subclasses are mostly common symbols that can be used to take your main character and other unique characters to the next level.

You can use them to get unique features such as Twin Head, Fatal Slash, etc.

To check your current level, you can go to the classroom where you can see your current level in all subclasses.

How fast and efficient can I get a championship for my subclasses? To make it easier for you, you need a spell called Geo Blast. You can take it out of the parchment and remove the geoblock.

The best part of this spell is that it can give you a lot of experience when the only object in the world you are in is a slaughter object, which can be obtained by an alchemist, and the complexity of the world is 20.

To fully master the subclass, you have to fill each room with the stars it contains, and each subclass has its own experience ceiling to raise the level. You can change characters with anyone on the list via the Black Assembly.

One thing to watch out for: Not every object world has a geoblock. In order to get a geoblock into the world of objects, you may have to start over several times.

Compulsory elements Before starting to obtain the statistics

First of all you need a Sage of the highest level with decent stats, some features and the Scudie Popsicle stick as main weapon.

  • Take the megaphone and it’s great for capturing the figure.
  • 100 day old curry elixir to significantly increase your HP level.
  • A powerful unit that will act as an interrogator.
  • The maids with their facilities.

Select the appropriate step

There are many different levels that can help you gain experience, but double fake is probably best if you want to earn XP points quickly.

This level contains many power fragments, which means that every enemy killed in Vengeance mode will have one, and with a geobomb you can destroy them quickly.

Starting up your own business

Select Sage from here and equip it with the following facilities.

  • Mass explosives
  • Twins
  • Lethal cut
  • A difficult position
  • Violence
  • Wisdom Incarnates

And get a skill land decimator.

With this setup, you can kill most enemies instantly if they have fewer SPDs than you do. What’s more, you can attack twice per turn if you don’t move, and if you set up an Izuna overload, you can even send a third attack.

If you’ve done everything right, you’ve captured enough prisoners, at least 25, thanks to the design and reliability of the megaphone. If you want more, you can simply rinse and repeat the method in Disgaea 5 Complete and capture as many prisoners as you want.

Interview with an inmate

As said, a powerful interrogator is needed to successfully threaten them. When you’ve finished the interrogation, you can draw magical powers from it.

A complete hit gives 1 magic hit. You can summarize all fragments simply by the Black Assembly.

Disgaea 5 Performance Update Complete

This is the last step, and as we said, you’ll have to hire a cleaner again. Don’t forget that the girl has an evil known as a gun that forces her to use a magic extract in AOE that increases the statistics of different characters at the same time.

The growth status is not unlimited and may be limited to 99 million, but does not include HP. You can get 10 million of the subclass and 10 million of the splinters, which can be doubled by evolutions on 40 mills.



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