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Devil May Cry 5 Trophy Guide and Roadmap

With PS4 Game Devil May Cry 5 you can unlock a total of 49 trophies. In this trophy guide we will introduce you to all the trophies and their tasks.

Below you will find all trophies, but also tips, tactics and instructions. You’ll certainly find everything you need to know about trophies here! First you will find a table with a short overview. Then you will find a detailed list of all trophies, descriptions, trophy guides and much more!

More guides and information about Devil May Cry 5 can be found on our presentation page.

Devilish trophies can shout 5

Estimated time for platinum: approximately 60 hours
Full of trophies: 49 (1,3,5,40)
Trophies offline: 49
Trophies online: 0
Missed trophies: 0
Minimal progress 6

Devil Can Cry 5 Trophy Leaders

Without the complexity of hell you can win about 82% of the trophies, but it takes about 30 hours. If you want to unlock the platinum trophy, it’s hard to say how long it will take. In addition, you must repeat the s-rans for all other difficulties, except for Heaven or Hell.

Difficulties/ Modes:

  • Person: Enemies have 100% health and 100% damage.
  • Demon Hunters: Enemies have 200% health and 200% damage = Sparda’s son is unlocked.
  • Son of Sparda: Enemies have 400% health and 400% damage. Enemies attack much faster. New enemies appear. Released Dante must die and Irregular full user for Dante
  • Dante must die: Enemies have 800% health and 800% damage. The enemies are very aggressive and the opposing groups are free, as in the costumes of Sparda’s son = turns Heaven and Hell, Heaven and Hell and the Infinite Devil Trigger.
  • Heaven or Hell: You and your opponents die instantly in a collision.
  • Hell and hell: We die in one fell swoop. The checkpoints are deactivated. Only three resurrections for the mission. The enemies are based on Sparda’s son (400% health).

Human – Coverage of all secret jobs and missions.

The first step towards platinum is to play the game on the lowest difficulty level Person. Exiting this mode will unlock the next mode of Sons or Sparda.

Collect all collectibles:

  • 12 Secret missions
  • 32 Fragments of the blue sphere
  • 8 Fragments of violet balls

Here you will find a guide to all these collection points.

  • Devil Major Call
    Unlock all trophies.
  • Highway to Hell
    Leave the game in Hell mode
  • Well, I’ll be damned
    Has the overwhelming power to draw an unexpected conclusion
  • You get this trophy for seeing the secret end of the prologue. To provoke the secret end, defeat Urizen, the boss in the prologue. This happens automatically at a level of complexity that lies in heaven or hell. In this mode, all enemies die at the same time, including this boss.
  • Valid legend
    Delete all Category S missions of all difficulties except Heaven or Hell.
  • Dance with the Devil
    Finish the game in Dante Must Die mode
  • Stairway to Heaven
    Quit the game in Paradise or Hell mode
  • Secrets discovered
    Delete all secret missions
  • There are a total of 12 secret missions, here we show you all the missions and solutions.
  • Hell Hunters
    Remove all missions with rank S.
  • You have to complete all 20 missions + prologue with the rank S. The easiest way to do this is to do it in heaven or hell. With this level of difficulty, all opponents die on impact. Just use the guns to kill everything at once. It’s easy not to die.
  • jackpot!
    Collect more than 1,000,000 red balls in total.
  • If you’ve played the game twice, you’ve collected enough red balls.
  • Come on, Rock!
    Leave the game in human mode.
  • Nineteen o’clock show!
    Leave the game in Devil Hunter mode.
  • Proud Daddy
    Finish the game in Son of Sparda mode
  • Fall with grace
    Clear prologue mission.
  • Defend the people
    Defeat all enemies in Mission 01
  • Mission 01 has only one hidden enemy. If the broken bridge collapses, return immediately. The red mantis holds a fragment of the blue sphere. Kill her. The rest of your enemies can’t be ignored.
  • Where the red balls grow
    Red balls collected at an unexpected location in mission 02.
  • Reconnection
    Own mission 03.
  • Tower
    Destroy a specific wall in Mission 04.
  • In mission 4, after the railroad bridge, you’ll go into battle, a training manual about the use of Devil’s Trigger Bugs. Here, you have to destroy the wall with a nightmare. Here’s a video of it.
  • Leg Fracture
    Defence against threat from above in Mission 05.
  • End of line
    Operational version 06.
  • Sharing Pain
    Clearing Mission 07 with Nero and V.
  • Light in the dark
    Clean Mission 08.
  • Eagle Eye
    Destroy a certain wall on mission 09.
  • This is maximum
    Mission 10 of the network.
  • Don’t kiss with the best
    Use the right moment to get back on your feet in close combat with the boss on mission 11.
  • Cliff
    Emission network 12.
  • Everybody on the road
    Clear mission 13 with Naron, V and Dante
  • Haste
    Clean mission 14.
  • The slick moves
    Works carefully and prevents unnecessary damage in mission 15.
  • Obedience Training
    Go on the offensive without the use of brute force in the battle with the Mission 16 Boss.
  • Back to life
    Mission Authorization 17.
  • man in mission
    network mission 18.
  • Battle of the Ages
    Own missions 19 and 20 without mission continue (all difficulties except Heaven or Hell)
  • Not bad
    Make an elegant S-combination row.
  • Advance style
    Performance of SS style combination notation.
  • Serious and stylish game!
    Carry out the evaluation of the SSS combination.
  • Quick and dead
    Bat 5 enemies in 1 second
  • This trophy can already be unlocked in Mission 2, because the work shows how you are.
  • I think I can take off
    in total 60 minutes in the air, whether it’s for a jump or something else.
  • This trophy must be unlocked automatically.
  • Nothing Impossible
    Get all the skills from Nero
  • Be a legend
    Acquire all of Dante’s skills
  • Demon breeder
    Acquires all V grades.
  • Physical Improvement
    Upgrade your vitality meter to the maximum.
  • Clean devil
    Extend your devil’s trigger until it stops.
  • New position
    Accepting a new position of Morrison after the Red Grave incident
  • Demon Destroyer
    Defeat a total of 1000 enemies.
  • If you played the game twice, you had to beat enough opponents.
  • Rear and repeat
    Collect more than 100 diabolical switches during the missions.
  • This could be done by restarting the border crossing, preferably in Mission 15. Play until you reach the first statue of the deity on a mission. Stand behind the statue of the deity and you’ll get a short piece of the blue balf fragment on the mountain. In this section you will find 7 malicious Punch Line switches next to each other. If you destroy it immediately by pressing L1, restart the checkpoint and start again.
  • Dante Gambler
    Using a total of over 500,000 red balls with Dr. Faust
  • Who actually needs a gun?
    Clean mission 11 without weapons for Dante (all difficulties except heaven or hell).
  • This task is more difficult than you think, you have to play the game in different levels of difficulty, unlock skills and much more. We’ll explain everything here.
  • Unarmed and dangerous
    Shock mission 07 without activating the devil’s hammers (all difficulties except heaven and hell).
  • Protect pets
    Release mission 05 so the V-Demons don’t get stuck (all difficulties except heaven or hell)



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