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Destiny 2 Maintenance April 21 – Update 2.8.1.

In the official support forum, Bungie announced the next update Destiny 2 . Tomorrow the servers will be offline, maintenance will be performed and an update 2.8.1 will be released. We have all the information on downtime and corrections.

When will Destiny 2 servers be shut down? Bungi will start the servers on Tuesday the 21st. April, shut up. Maintenance work starts at approximately 0900 hours Pacific time (1600 UTC).

How long does the maintenance take? The downtime will be about 2 hours. Servers must be back online by 11 pm Pacific Time (1800 UTC).

Should we download the 1.49 patch? It is not yet known if this will be a clean server update. If we need to download the patch, it will be a patch 1.49, PS4 version.

Lot 2 Stamps 2.8.1

There are no official patch notes for this update yet. Bungie will publish all details as soon as the update is released. We know so far:

  • The shaving hammer will generate light balls in the right way.
  • The Warmind Security Triumph’s victory will now be unlocked when players have fully upgraded all their bunkers.
  • Fate 2 will no longer be broken when players interact with the statue of Sura Aidoin on the broken throne during the Wish End quest.
  • A level 23 SDP update now makes it possible to use any character to clean the bunkers.
  • Rasputin Weapon Daily Serafin Weapon now allows any character to explain them.
  • The completion of the remaining campaign allows players to claim the final version of the book without borders, Curse Your Language.
  • Toaster players will display unlisted friends as black badges on zero energy.

Source: Bangui




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