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Destiny 2 Forsaken: All the Dreaming City Chests Region

As you already know from the extensions of the Destiny 2 , there is also the new thorax area with left. In this guide we show you all the golden boxes, all the places, in Dreaming City.

In order to collect these golden crates in Forsaken, you must first gain access to Dream City.

On the map, you will see a small symbol that indicates where the regional box is located; after you collect the regional box, the symbol disappears.

All regional vaults in forgotten state

  • Interleaved ribs: There are a total of 18 safes in the area. All the places are here.
  • Dream City: There are only 12 logs. Below you will find 12 gold boxes.

City of Dreams – all boxes

In this region you can collect a total of 12 crates.

00:06 – Regional authority No 01 (two-digit fog)
00:40 – Regional authority No 02 (two-digit fog)
01:11 – Regional authority No 03 (two-digit fog)
02:05 – Regional authority No 04 (two-digit fog)
02:47 – Regional authority No 04 (two-digit fog) 05 (Reasylvia)
03:44 – Regional Authority No 06 (Reasylvia)
04:10 – Regional Authority No 07 (Reasylvia)
05:00 – Regional Authority No 08 (Reasylvia)
06:01 – Regional Authority No 09 (Beach)
06:42 – Regional Authority No 10 (Beach)
07:12 – Regional Authority No 11 (Beach)
07:52 – Regional Authority No 12 (Beach)



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