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Destiny 2 Forsaken: All 16 Ahamkara Bone Locations – Marasenna Lore Triumph Guide

Search all bones of Aamkara in Fate 2? We’ll show you all the bones of Aamkara, leader of the Marasenas, Lor triumphant.

In this guide we show all the sites of the Aamkara bones found in the city of dreams. The time stamps are listed below!

Attention: Most panties are produced in a very short time and are only available in certain weeks. There are only 4 tenders per week which are not linked to tenders/events.

The first 4 can be obtained at any time. There’s no time stamp for them.
00:00 – Marasna #14 Fideicide III
00:45 – Marasna #7 Kosmogira III
01:25 – Marasna #3 Brefos II
02:26 – Marasna #5 Kosmogira I

The dark monastery, the royal court and the broken throne that followed only appear when the curse of the City of Dreams is at its strongest. It takes place every three weeks.

The mission of the Monastery of Darkness:
14.56 – Marasena #11 Ecstasyat III

The queen’s court:
3:57 PM – Marasena #13 Homicide II

The dungeon of the broken throne:
06:06 – Marasna #12 Fideicide I
07:15 – Marasna #6 Cosmogira II
08:12 – Marasna #1 Archilox
09:25 – Marasna #2 Brefos I

The next one will appear on Ascension Day only every six weeks. This is the order in which they appeared in the first six weeks, it may change in the following weeks.

The challenges of ascension:

Call for Harvest Festival (1 week) :
10:32 – Marasena #16 Part I

Defeat in the race for the climb of the temple (2nd week) :
12:11 PM – Marasena #15 Heresiology

The challenge of climbing the Ruins of Destruction (week 3) :
14:03 PM – Marasena #9 Ecstasy I

Challenge the climb with polished edges (4th week) :
16.35 – Marasena #10 Extension II

Call to the Ascension of the Abyss of Agonarch (week 5) :
18:28 – Marasena #8 Cosmogira IV

Call of the Cimmerian Garrison on Ascension Day (week 6)
19:54 – Marasna #4 Brefos III



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