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Destiny 2: Fixed Notes 1.29 – Update 2.1.0.

Bungie has released patch 1.29 for Destiny 2 Forsaken, with update 2.1.0. starting season 5. The first CSD premium will be broadcast in a week, on the 4th. December, published. Bangui has repeatedly stressed that Destiny 2 is in a transitional phase during this period (27.11). Keep in mind that more and more unexpected problems and limitations may arise.

Destiny 2 Update Version 1.29 (PS4) Patch 2.1.0 (PC, Xbox One)



  • Accessibility of chaos
    • Fixed an issue where Chaos Reach would cause a mix of visual effects when multiple beams were activated simultaneously.
    • A bug repaired that let the Chaos rays penetrate the shields of the friendly flags.
    • He solved a problem where the chaos didn’t damage the open spaces.
    • Pay attention: The changes related to the cancellation of the chaos will be introduced with the Destiny 2 2.1.1 update scheduled for December 4, 2018.
  • The Nova War
    • Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented Nova Warp from blowing up at the exit.
  • Wait
    • Solved a problem where sentries and banners lost energy when kept close to friendly explosions (especially during thunderstorms).
  • Spectral blades
    • Return of Spectral Super Blades to increase the reliability of PvP melee attacks and improve the effectiveness of stealth super skills.
      • More information can be found here: This week in Bungie – 11/08/2018.
  • Burning mole
    • Reduces camera shake and camera shake when touching the screen to reduce the feeling of seasickness when using Burning Maul Super.
  • Thunder accident
    • Set the camera during a flight to relieve engine sickness with Thundercrash Super.

Exotic weapons

  • Solved a problem where Aspect of Ofidia did not increase the range of melee fights from the different caster that attacked the melee (Igniting Touch, Orb Lightning, Entropic Suction, Devour, and Atomic Fracture).
  • The problem that the boots provided by the sleepers only lasted 15 seconds in the radiation pit has been solved, not the whole time.
  • The problem with Ursa Furiosa has been solved so that the super safety gain is more consistent between PvP and PvP.


  • Prison Act
    • Replace the advantages according to the law of the boss, who did not work well, with the archetypal weapons.
      • The triple tap is replaced by Feeding Frenzy
      • For the fourth time the charm has been replaced by the Zen moment.
    • The director’s law now includes bullet smuggling.
    • The internal text of the benefit in the Controller’s Act updated to distinguish it from aggressive explosives readers.
  • Reconnaissance rifles with high firing accuracy
    • The highly effective damage to the reconnaissance rifle increased by 1.87%.
      • Comment from Dev : Previously it was possible, with very great resistance, to survive three shots from the head of the shotgun. This change ensures that players at each resistance level are defeated by three headers.
    • Pay attention: This correction, which allows the delivery of high precision reconnaissance rifles at 150 rpm, is included in Update 2.1.1 Destiny 2, scheduled for December 4, 2018.
  • Gunshots
    • The quick-fire frame on shotguns now increases the restart of all shotgun cartridges when they are empty, instead of just the first cartridge.
    • Key tube
      • After three shots, the trench tube is deactivated.
      • The description of the trench tube was adapted to the new behaviour and an error was corrected that suggested increasing the accuracy instead of increasing the recharging rate.
  • The machine guns
    • The range of machine gun fire has increased slightly.
  • The machine guns
    • Slightly increased accuracy for machine guns

Exotic weapon

  • Prometheus Lens
    • The damage to the Prometheus lens has increased by 10%.
  • Rigid light
    • Solved a problem where a hard light could penetrate an enemy shield.
  • The ace of spades
    • Memento Mori has been reduced to five bullets, but can now be recharged during reloading without having to remove all the bonus damage from the bullets.


  • Fixed coat animation for Queenbreaker
  • Fixed an issue where a number of partial effects appeared in the Ego Person view when thousands of voices were used.
  • Problem solved when the onions sometimes became invisible when loading.
  • Animation Sharpened blade when a player is holding an onion.
  • A stain on the ornament of Refer-a-Friend Borealis has been forgotten.
  • Fixed a bug that slowed the arrow rotation when a player was lifting ammunition while the bow was stacked and out of ammunition.
  • Problem solved when Headseeker-Perk did not work without death after being activated several times.
  • A bug repaired in which a hand gun and an Ikelos rifle were shown in the obituary with symbols for criminals and an escort.
  • Animation for firing a grenade launcher sharpened to remove the net with an up and down shot.
  • Experienced animation of the grenade launcher during the jump to prevent the action from blocking the first-person camera.
  • Careful animation of the sniper rifle and machine gun during the jump to prevent the action from blocking the first-person camera.
  • Problem with animation solved when shooting and running with a machine gun.
  • Polished tractor gun sprint animation for a more natural feel
  • A bug was repaired that caused swords from models designed for launchers to be rejected and launchers from models designed for launchers to be rejected.
  • The Rapid Hit function now displays the status buffer when activating the
    Known Issue function: Murders committed with sniper rifles will be stacked twice; this will be included in a future patch.
  • Updated the exotic greeting bonus to remove text about the loading speed of the onions.
  • The description of the wireless battering knife is adapted to the actual behaviour, whereby the ammunition is returned to kill with a sword.
  • Corrected an issue where the torque transfer advantage did not work properly.



  • Mayhem returns in the form of a 6v6 playlist with point support for the new Forsaken Supers.
  • Lockdown and Showdown come back as rotating playlists and have been added to the private games.
  • Scorched and Team Scorched have been added to the personal races.
  • New Shaxx lines divided into Rumble, Lockdown, Showdown and several special medals.
  • Some turning modes (collision, control, etc.) now end with a countdown similar to that displayed for turning modes when the turn is complete.
  • Added new Crucible medals and associated triumphs for Abandoned Supermen, Machine Gun archetype weapons and Lockdown game mode.
  • Two new gold medals added – Happy hunting!
  • Fixed an error that caused a bad track of the bike badge.
  • Iron Banner now awards unique Iron Flag medals with unique instructions made of clay.
  • Iron Banner uses new unique Match Complete banners.


  • Bravery and glory are now divided into three sub-levels, as in the case of The Gambit.
  • Bravery and glory do not share the title of the Legend.
  • Bravery does not require players to win at Legend.


  • Shaxx has a new option to rotate items that can be purchased directly.
    • Players must have the courage to collect these items.
  • A new set of seasonal items has been added to the Shaxx inventory.
    • Exclusive items from previous seasons have been removed.
  • A new weapons mission has been added to Shakes’ inventory.
    • To enable players to progress with each character, goals are set for the entire account at each stage.
    • This quest requires two types of tasks: reaching a certain rank and celebrating a certain triumph; players can perform these tasks in any order.
  • Previous searches for Tower Top Weapons are still available under Shakes.



  • The Infamy Rankings have been adapted to better match skills and celebrity. The divisions will now always reward Gambit’s legendary equipment.

Social benefits and claims

  • The Infamy Rank Point prices of all gambits have doubled.
  • In many countries the targets have been redefined to make them shorter and easier to implement.
  • A new daily reward for killing primitive messengers has been added and inserted into the daily rotation.
  • Solved a problem where the Mischief Seek in the Crucible modes could progress.

NOTE:Once S5 is started and Infamy is reset, you must play a gambit match before you can redeem the bonuses. Players who lose these bonuses after the start of the Forge season, but before the Gambit game, will not receive points for their Infamy ranking from these bonuses.

Primary mechanical equipment

  • The catch-up mechanism has been adapted to offer more benefits to the management team.
  • The advancing team now receives up to one bonus stack from the primary low buffer (previously, they received up to three stacks, depending on how far away they were from the advancing team).
  • The startup time of the bonus stack has been increased from 22 to 32 seconds.
  • Primates will be less likely to compete with highly coordinated teams to reduce the number of intoxications.


  • A closer look at the error codes that may occur during the game and which may lead to possible penalties for leaving the game.



  • From now on, access to the raid on Last Wish is open to anyone who has access to the raid on Last Wish.
    • Does not require clan rank 4
  • New seasonal advances are available and new services will continue to be offered.

Positions and economy


  • Solved a problem where Rainmaker’s consumables did not provide showers for the mica of defeated enemies.
  • This problem has been solved when the ghost prize for public defenders at public events on Mars, Riot Coast or City of Dreams has not been properly applied.
  • A problem solved when the Nightfall single prizes fell in the Rude Owner’s Area.
  • Solved a problem where not taking prime grams could allow players to earn more than the prime cord buffer allows, leaving them short of extra prime grams for a period equal to the amount of extra prime grams they receive.


  • An error that occurred when Triumph’s name was Steadfast Meeting with Sloan on Lunar Titan has been rectified (you should always meet Sloan on Lunar Titan).


  • The missing weapons of the gunsmiths included in the collection for 2 years (not bought because of random orders).
  • A problem with the RWP Mk from BrayTech. II The scout rifle does not count for some players in the collection.
  • The undeserved nursery of season 4 is now hidden.


Control systems

  • Added a new screen capture key (default for the screen print key).

Text chat

  • New friend management teams added
    • /Friend
    • /removal
  • Addition of new fire brigade teams
    • /invitation
    • /Revues in

Note:Fire Teams can be directed to any player, with a full battle flag available to allow players to collect fire teams without sending requests to friends.



  • Item tips have been adjusted to solve the problem when pens or other information on the icon screen are cut off.
  • Fixed an issue where a proper rating banner for Le Creuset and The Gambit was not displayed at 21:9 resolution.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from returning to the track when the results screen was displayed at the end of the activity.


  • traditional Chinese
    • Fixed a bug that prevented some parts of the traditional Chinese user interface from being loaded correctly into the game.



  • Better activity and loading time on the consoles
    • Pay attention: We actively monitor the time it takes to load the player inventory screen, switch between the tabs in the user interface, start the game, enter the game and select the characters. For more details, see this week in Bungie – 11.08.2018 HDR
  • The problem was solved when the brightness was not set correctly for the players.


  • An issue regarding the lack of Transmat FX on the Amanda Exchange has been fixed.
  • An error with incorrect source lines for several elements of Dawning and Crimson Days has been fixed.
  • Problem solved where several shaders were not available in bulk on Rahool.
  • Fixed an issue where some UI items were not loaded properly during communication with the vendor and the launch of the character inventory.
  • Solved a problem where a failed prediction caused problems with the visual effects on third parties.
  • A bug fixed where the IGR version of High and Mighty did not take into account the murder of criminals on the run.
  • Fixed a bug where the I’m not sorry, I’m lost bonus IGR version needed too many points to be complete.
  • Fixed a bug where the IGR version of the crucible reward required too few points.
  • Solved a problem that caused a large number of baboons in the tower.




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