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Destiny 2: Cayde’s Cache Location – Cayde’s Will Quest

In this manual we show you all personal caches of the Kaydalocation.

If you want to get the Ace Han Peakrifle, you need to collect all your personal Cayde caches. This is part of the exotic quest Ace of Spades and Testament of Caydes.

Here we show you all locations of 4 Cayde for Caydes Will Quest in Destiny 2. Caches are not marked on the map, but if you are near the cache, you will be informed in the Kide Mystery Next game. The rooms are hidden on different planets, all locations are here:

Kayda Cache Spaces – Forgotten track

00:08 – Cache IO
01:03 – Cache Nessus
02:02 – Cache de la côte
03:08 – Cache EDZ



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