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Destiny 2: All Relic Locations – Baby Candy

Do you have trouble with the exotic quest of Destiny 2 and can’t find the relics? In this guide we show you all the places – the baby sweets – real exotic tasks of the last stage.

When you’ve completed all stages of the search and found the relics, you’ll receive an exotic True rocket launcher in Destiny 2.

A children’s candy – A guide to all relevant places

To retrieve the relics, play NothingSentinel like Nightfall or Strike. You also need Queensfoil dye because you need to be on the climb.

We need to find 5 relics to open the last chest, which has True at the end. If you play in a fire team, all the relics count, including the relics of another player.

When mission Full appears, you’ll have 90 seconds to find and open the last safe. In the video below you can see the whole process and the 10 relic sites.

00:06 – Season #1
00:18 – Season #2
00:33 – Season #3, #4, #5
01:20 – Season #6, #7
01:49 – Season #8, #9, #10
02:34 – Final / Vault



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