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Destiny 2: All Dead Ghost Quests Location – Shadowkeep Guide

With the latest update of Destiny 2 and Shadowkeeper DLC not only new cases from the region but also new Dead Ghosts have been implemented.

But there are differences with the old Dead Spirits, you can’t just find them. You have to find every dead ghost. To obtain the quest, you need the Lost Ghost Trail item, which falls from chests, helium filaments or nightmare enemies on the moon.

In what follows, we’ll show you all the quests and locations of Dead Ghost.

Guide to the Habitat of Dead Spirits – Lot 2

Echoes of the Great Disaster

A dead spirit is only there when you have a special quest called Eris Morn Echo of the Great Shoah.

First Team Crotus Padla

The Dead Ghost is only there when you have a special mission called Eris Morn’s Fallen Crotus Team.

The search for Adonna

A dead spirit is only present if you have a specific quest called Adonna Quest by Eris Morn.

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