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Stem depth


The deep water is a large area with difficult passages. It includes several subareas, such as the Weavers’ Stables and the Beast Cave. Here the Trampas, another pale ore, is finally found after a senseless battle between the bosses and one of the three dreamers.

The best place to access the depths of the sea is the mushroom plain west of the village of Mante. If you fall into the Deep Nest, you’ll immediately find a burst of the mask. Cornifer is on the left and sells the card for multiple Geo’s.

Turn left around the narrow caves, then go down to the hot springs and standat . To the right is the tramway station, below the tramway station is the charm of the Sharp Shadow, but you need a shadow cape to get there, and above the tramway station is a treacherous piece of quay for a piece of boat.

To get to the fragment, you have to pass several creatures, a harp, at the exit from above, then to the right, the harp.


When you come to the end on the right side, you will see a broken wall with the soul totem behind it. You have to get from the top of the tourniquets to the viaduct.  Take a fragment of the ship on the left. Continue on the left side for quick access to the stage.

Turn left and jump off the ledge twice from the top. Make a big left cut and land on the edge of the broken wall.


Break the wall and go down to raise Grub . Break another wall on the left side and follow the passage until the next fight with the boss.



Sock has 680 health points and four different attacks to give you a headache, but the fight isn’t that hard if you use the arena to your advantage. If you’re standing next to the center platform, you’ll miss most sock attacks. They can stay here and heal or attack as Sock approaches.

Four attacks, jumping in the air, releasing infection droplets, jumping on a roof and raining with infection droplets. If you hit the boss in front of Pale Oreon the right side.

Tram line destroyed

Go back to the cave at the left side of the hot springs and enter the corridors. When you get to the point, you kill the creature and the superstretch on the left wall. Upgrade to version Grub.


Keep going up, a little more to the left, and then go down to a small arena with dead insects. The beetles come alive and attack. When all bugs are destroyed, scroll down and save Zote the Mighty again. Then right and right to the royal idol.

If you want to heal or save your game, go to the trambank. Bottom, left and top in the middle column. Eventually it leads to the mushroom swamp, but on the right there is a secret wall. On the map above you can see exactly where it is located.

If you go that way, you’ll come across four potholes. Only the third is a real larva, the rest is a mimic.


Go back to the previous bank and turn left through the tram doors.

Fight or avoid flying creatures that spit caterpillars and fall into the passageway to hit the lever that opens the door. Continue to the left and get off at the interrupted tram to find tram , which crosses line. On the way back, you can press another lever to open the upper door. If you jump over the roof, you’ll find the cocoon of life.

Go back to the bench and get out in front of the tram doors. Then turn left in the direction of Traumchef.


For the fight against Galen, go left, then on and around the cocoon of life. You may need it for this fight.


Galien has two major attacks. The first is the spinning. It’s big enough. It’ll chase you into the arena. The shroud for Galien facilitates passage through the rotating mesh. It is recommended to equip the Dashmaster or Sprintmaster mascots.

Galen moves slowly through the arena, and it is only sometimes that the transporters give him a slight slap. If it has caused enough damage, it first lays one and then two small rotating braids. Galen will give you 200 essences if you are defeated.

Weber’s Cache

Go to the right and then down. Turn left to the den of the beast. You have your first race with the Stalker Bandit underway. They are armored and can only be hit if they open to attack.  Hit them when they open and walk away. An amulet with a defender’s armor will always cause damage if you stand next to him.


The entrance of Weaver’s Den is on the right where Grub is marked on the map, but you’ll have to go through another tracker and break through the wall to find it. Go right, up, and then hurry through the peaks to find the charm of Weaversong .

Get out of Weaver’s hideout and turn left. Take Grub if you haven’t already. You may have to hunt it down. The video above shows you your exact location.


In the upper right corner of the shelter there is a formwork station. Go into the beast’s cave and sit on the bench. The little creatures will lure you into a trap and leave you somewhere in the depths of your hiding place. A hideout is a small maze, so you have to look around a bit to know where to go. Before you leave, you must find the Hallownest seal and the Grub .

At the top of the animal cave on the plinth is the dreamer, Gerra the beast. Have a dream, and then make it come true in your dreams. Attack him until you blow up the structure and use button B to concentrate the power.

Leave the cave of the beast from the head of the plinth to the left and down. There’s a couch downstairs. Part of the floor will break, so you can go to the entrance.

Return: Old swimming pool More information: Crying Stones



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