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Deck Guide: Chulane, Tales Brawl Teller

Deck Guide: Chulane, Tales Brawl Teller

The bridge on this Chulane Brawl is completely broken. It’s probably one of the best lists we’ve made for Fighting. Today we are going to take a look at the deck and discuss some options for the cards. Let’s cut to the chase.

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Commander1 Chulan, Narrator (ELD) 326

Deck1 Golden Goose (ELD) 1601 Field of the Dead (M20) 2471 Paradise Druid (WOD) 1711 Leaf Fish Druid (M20) 1781 Ilisian Qariatida (THB) 1741 Incubation Druid (RNA) 1311 Ilisian Dryer. Forests (THB) 1691 Rosethorn Akolit (ELD) 1741 Kettlebell Engineer (RNA) 1802 Iceland (THB) 2801 Maraleaf Pixie (ELD) 1961 Faeburrow Elder (ELD) 1901 Garenbrig Castle (ELD) 2401 Woodland Mystic (M20) 3441 Final Destruction (WAR) 1601 End-Raze Forerunners (RNA) 1241 Nissa, Who Shakes the World (WORLD) 1691 Ugin, The Unfathomable (WAR) 21 Nyxbloom Ancient (THB) 1901 The Great Cenge (ELD) 1611 Knight of Thorns (M20) 1671 Nylea, Eyes Closed (THB) 1851 Uro, Titanium Wrath of Nature (THB) 2291 Krasis Hydra (RNA) 1831 Evil Borrower (ELD) 391 Kingdom of the Mantle Giant (ELD) 261 Agent of Traitor (M20) 431 Deputy Inmate (RNA) 1651 Free Hydra (M20) 2001 Evil Wolf (ELD) 1811 Beast…Whisper (GRN) 1231 Oracle of Tassa (THB) 731 Rising Reef (M20) 2171 Frozen Mystic (RNA) 1741 Giant Pole (ELD) 1491 Arches (ELD) 3311 Heartwood traps (M20) 2581 Temple of Mystery (M20) 2551 Simic Guild Gate (RNA) 2581 Breeding basin (RNA) 2461 Guild gate of Selencia (GRN) 2551 Floral sand (M20) 2431 Temple garden (GRN) 2581 Temple of Abundance (THB) 2481 Temple of Enlightenment (THB) 2461 Blessed Spring (RNA) 2511 Silent Bay (M20) 2591 Azorius-Guild Gate (RNA) 2441 Tower Command (ELD) 3331 Fairytale Walk (ELD) 2441 Ruin Field (THB) 2421 Levels (THB) 2786 Forest (TL) 286

Chulan’s Control Strategy

We want to control a Chulane channel. Throwing creatures, drawing cards, playing clay, throwing other creatures, and so on. How do you do that?

The best way to achieve this is to have lots of creatures and lots of mana. Once you’ve covered those two things, all you need is the finish line and that’s it. Of course, it can’t hurt to have a few good cards to complete the game.

Deck Guide: Chulane, Tales Brawl Teller

Mana creations

Since we need both creatures and extra mana, we take both in one. Creations that enable us to conjure up earlier form a quarter of our Chulane Brawl list.

We have 9 creatures giving us mana of our own accord, like the druid of Eden. These creatures are so good at this game that we even play Woodland Mystic, which can only be found in the home games for beginners. (You can always do this in the arena.) Another great mana creature is Faberrow the Elder, who often gives three manas.

There are six other creatures that help us with mana, although they don’t deliver it:

  • Ouro, the Titan of Natural Wrath…
  • A revitalized reef
  • Dryad from the Ilisian forest.
  • Nyla, Keen-ide.
  • Mr. Thornov
  • giant beanpole

Nyla is surprisingly strong once you start dating Chulan. Cost reduction is a real asset.

Other chulans

Unfortunately, your master plan sometimes fails because your opponent kills Chulan. You have to prepare plan B. If you have cards with the same effect as your commander, your second plan shouldn’t be much different.

Deck Guide: Chulane, Tales Brawl Teller

That’s why we have two more cards to draw when we play Creatures, the Great Henge and Whispers of the Beast. Of course they’re not that powerful, but they can work in an emergency.

The second possibility of Chulan

As if Chulan wasn’t powerful enough with the first line of the text, there’s something else. For three mana you can return to your hand for every creature you control.

You can just use it to jump any creature and start the chain of Chulane goes. Since you can use it on any creature, you can send Chulane back to save it before removing the spell. This will save you the burden of the commander.

But the best use is to apply powerful effects on the battlefield. Our favorite is definitely Frill Mystic. You can place your opponent under a soft castle and bet against a spell for two. Pretty cute, huh?

Cards such as Impudent Bond Holder and Betrayal Agent will also work perfectly.


We basically have three ways to win the game. Let’s see which way you go.

Advantage of thecard

Sometimes your Chulane explodes, you draw a ton of cards, you have more than twice as many countries as your opponent. They see how desperate their situation is and they admit it. If this doesn’t work, choose the second option.

Final + Pork

You play final destruction with X=10. Whatever creature you’re looking for, you win the game. Usually the big pigs – the End-Raze Harbingers – are attacked to completely destroy the enemy with an army that tramples them.

What’s cool is that you can get Precursors for X=8. You don’t get a bonus before the finals, but it should be enough to finish the game most of the time.

Tassa Oracle

Sometimes you paint most of your terrace with Chulan. When your loyalty exceeds the number of cards in the game, play the Bag Oracle and win the game. It doesn’t happen very often, but if it does, it’s a pretty good option.

Possible start-up

The game of Chulane Brawl consists of three suits, so it has a lot of good cards. Since we only have room for sixty cards, we can’t play them all. Here are some cards that are not on our magic list, but might be suitable for you:

  • Biological sludge
  • Eternal Oceans of God
  • Keynote speaker Vaniffar
  • Changeover time
  • Vivien, Chappion Wilde.

You have your own list for Chulain, the storyteller? Please share them in the following comments.

The end of a story

We’re not talking about the end of a fairy tale, we’re talking about storyteller Chulan, and since it’s the last paragraph… Well, you did. If you want to buy a Chulane newspaper – unlike us – you can buy it at Amazon.

However, if you want a different list of fighting stories, you can try one of them out:

  • Torbran, Tan Red Fell.
  • The nitrogen sample
  • Tassa, Deep Dwelling.

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Until next time, you can accompany Chulan in all your games.



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