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Death March – Invincible Alchemy Build – Integral Guide

First of all, I want to say that this building is not for everyone. Alchemy may be a lack of variety in combat, eccentric spells or intriguing swordpirouettes get little attention, but it opens up many opportunities to fight for any type of opponent during the game. It also makes you invulnerable.

After seeing a lot of news about how I deal with X’s boss, why is X so difficult? I have decided to share this guide deep enough to help those who want to win the death march with ease and feel like an asshole at the same time.

It’s also my first real Red Fast, so take it easy.

Plus –

  • Strange amounts of health and regeneration. Literally non-distributable.
  • With proper installation, any cartridge/sample/hostile can easily be processed.
  • Excellent synergy with bouillons, armour and mutations, allowing a significant increase in statistics.
  • Feel like a real witch using all the tools at your disposal.
  • The ability 1-2 to hit any monster, with very few points invested in fighting skills.

Against –

  • Not much variation in the fight, things can seem a little repetitive due to the constant oil and drink circuits.
  • It is costly and time consuming to collect all the updates, so ideally it would be ideal to complete the construction.
  • At the beginning of the game, it is quite difficult not to raise the DPS to about level 12.
  • Some quests don’t need armor or drinks, so they can be a bit tricky. Mostly fighting.

Skill Tree – Screenshots are related to.

Death March – Unkillable Alchemy Build


Poisoned blades – 15% chance of poisoning the intended sample type (oil-based) – this will increase your dps.

Increased tolerance – no overdose threshold – we will not allow any additional toxicity damage. Tolerance bought – Each known formula increases your maximum toxicity – Required for more pots.

A refreshing drink – 25% of Max’s health is provided with each pot – will help you survive the early game.

Protective coating – 25% resistance to the target samples (oil-based) – This is your livelihood, will help you to be the evil god Geralt should be.

tissue transformation – +1000 in vitality for each broth – I generally make 3 broths at the end of the game.

Fixer – Leaf oils do not wear out – Useful for long fights or repeated battles with the same kind of monsters.

Synergy – The mutagen surcharge has increased by 50% – This gives us a much higher storage capacity with 3 large green mutagens (+2700 Vitalitet).

Faster metabolism – Toxicity decreases faster (always limited to infusions) – Allows for more frequent drinking

Hunter’s Instinct – In the event of an adrenaline rush, critical hits on a specific type of (oil-based) sample will cause 100% more damage.

Cluster Bombs – Bombs are divided into 6 smaller fragments – Helps control the amount of bombs against multiple enemies.

Hilarious fun – After two drunken murders, 100% critical success rate – Massive DPS, but maintain that toxicity!


Strong formation – Strong attacks increased by 25% – Our DPS comes mainly from strong attacks. Shovel fractions – Damage caused by a strong critical impact increased by 75%.


School Bear Technique – Each piece of heavy armor increases your viability by 5% and a strong attack by 5%.

With this building there is room for another joker. It is based on all locations in the competence tree accessed by mutagens. As a final skill, I would recommend the side effects or efficacy.

Transfer: Euphoria – Euphoria is enormous, because the juices of drinks and decoctions are pressed, each point of toxicity increases the damage to our sword and the intensity of our character by 0.75%. This is in synergy with the acquired tolerance, since euphoria alone can cause up to 200% more damage.Euphoria – OP.

Weapons and armour

Death March – Unkillable Alchemy Build


The Witcher Gear is so important. I can’t stress this enough. Once you’ve reached the level required for the witch’s equipment, start the hunt, starting with Griffin’s armor on level 11. Then go to level 20 for urine armor. Do not invest in bear equipment up to level 20, as it is worthless without heavy armour.

In Grandmaster, three Ursinus vests give you a 25% chance to get the free shield Quen if it breaks. This is crucial, because we will use 5 slots in our building, because the bonus for 6 slots is not as profitable.

Silver Sword: Aerondight (Invigoration Runewright Enchanted) Aerondight is the best silver sword in the game, acquired while searching for blood and wine. Until then, use either Ursin’s silver sword or Wolf’s silver sword.

Steel sword: Ursine Steel Sword (Invigoration Runewright Enchanted) This is a personal preference, I use Ursine to have a 5% chance to get an extra quen shield, but it’s your choice, all swords with witch stuff are quite effective.

Innovative Charm

With a full recovery, the regeneration of excess vitality is converted into additional damage at the next impact – a synergy with our constant recovery from attacks and increases our damage by 50% with a full recovery.

Armoured: Grand Master (or the equivalent) The Witch’s Prayer Dress (The Protector’s Magic). It’s the only real choice. An enormous amount of physical armor and gets a bonus thanks to the techniques of the Bear School.

Synergy: In Defensive Miracle, there’s a 100% chance you’ll get a free Quen shield if you go into battle. If this shield collapses, you also have a 25% chance to get a free shield based on our current construction. If this shield collapses, our cooking and skill choices will allow us to overheat while launching another deaf shield. This leads to a full recovery and then feeds us with our next car attack.

Breweries: Your broths will make you the divine Gerald you dream of becoming. At the same time, you can deal with an unprecedented amount of damage that causes a reversal and euphoria.

Ehidna Decoction – Actions that affect endurance restore vitality. It happens every time you break up with quan. The essence transforms Quen into instant healing and helps you maintain 100% vitality.

Ekimmars cooking – Damage to enemies restores vitality. Again, you must support us in full health when we encounter the enemy. Not to mention the fact that with a full recovery, extra healing turns into extra damage – thank you Reinforcement!

Water Hex decoction – Damage increases when vitality is at its maximum. This allows us to increase damage by 50% RELIABLE while maintaining optimal health. As far as I know it can be summarized as euphoria, reinforcement bonuses and other extra bonuses.

* General Council and Fighting Council

For each contraction you must prepare yourself. Once you get used to it, it’s pretty easy, but for those who are against it, I know there are mods who will do it for you!

  • Know Your Monster Types – Apply oils before each battle, this is especially important at the beginning of the game. You want extra bleeding damage and 25% resistance…
  • The golden oriental magic potion will save your life! – A bunch of freaks use poison to ruin your day. The beautiful Wielewaal will make it much better, because the poison will cure you now. If you do this, you will also get extra healing through refreshment, and this will contribute to your arm of vitality. Devil’s Puffball will also be a practical remedy!
  • Cluster bombs work great to control the battlefield, the North Wind lets you freeze entire groups of enemies so you can take them out one by one, and as mentioned earlier, the Devil’s Ball combined with the Golden Wheel creates a large healing zone.
  • Avoidance is always important! Hold Quen’s shields and run! We want to be healthy so that we can reap the benefits of our investments.
  • Take the time to look for all the recipes for broths and drinks, each of which will increase your total toxicity and thus the damage you can do to Euphoria.

I hope I’ve told you everything that’s important in this guide. I will certainly add others and correct misspellings as soon as they are found. Thank you very much,

Pope Wilheforz

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