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DC Universe Online Power Guide: How to Choose Best Power

DC Universe Online Power Guide: How to Choose Best Power

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There are many forces to choose from, so here are all the details.

Choosing the power in DC Universe Online is an important moment for all passionate gamers. This is the moment when you choose the path to victory. In total, you have 15 choices, but each of these choices essentially gives you the tools you need to perform one of the three main roles that can be found in all MEAs.

In the DC Universe Online area these roles are defined as tank, supervisor and healer. Your group must consist of at least one of these roles if you all want to succeed.

How to select the tank content in the DC online world

DC Universe Online Power Guide: How to Choose Best Power

If you want to play Tank in DC Universe Online, you have several options. The forces that best complement the character of a tank are fire, ice, earth, anger and the atom. If you choose one of these powers, you’ll have a great start.


If you want to cause serious damage to your team while sunbathing, it’s hard to beat the firepower. With this power you can use violent methods such as sacrifice and inflammation to punish your opponents.

Ice cream

The power of ice makes it possible to achieve an extraordinary degree of stability, even if you can still cause considerable damage. If cryonics is more your style, give the power of the ice a chance.


It’s a pretty unique force. You can exploit the terrain by carrying out several devastating AoE attacks that shake the ground yourself. Or you can use that power to call mighty creatures by your side.


If you want to get rid of the aggressiveness of your allies and keep an eye on yourself, then the power of anger is just what you need. In addition, you may receive a punishable amount of individual compensation from the target.


This power can be useful if you want to disable the ASE or a single target. Whatever damage you do, nuclear power will cover you.

How to select the drive power in the online DC world

DC Universe Online Power Guide: How to Choose Best Power

The controlling role is a unique interpretation of a classic MMO supporting character. In this lesson you can use your skills to control the battlefield. But you can also help your allies with powerful fans. If this role suits you, you can choose between five powerful forces.


This power is all about convincing your opponents. If you want to learn how to use destructive methods of mass control, then this power is for you.


The power of the gadgets allows you to distract your enemies, but also puts a little more emphasis on setting traps to lure your enemies into an ambush.


For players who want to do as much damage as they want to help their allies, there is a light force. With this power you can take your tanks to the front and punish your enemies with devastating attacks.


Quantum power is ideal for any player who wants to maximize their ability to control the crowd as a mental attribute. But this power also gives you supernatural mobility, because you can teleport your enemies.


With the power of the ammunition, you can cause a huge arsenal of damage when working with explosives and weapons. With an accused tendency to be supportive, this force is great if you want to do damage.

How to choose the power of an Online Healer in the DC Universe

DC Universe Online Power Guide: How to Choose Best Power

This is a classic support role for MMOs. As a healer it is your job to keep your team alive with your healing powers and change the amateur game. In light of this, there are five different forces to choose from if you want to be a healer.


The power of nature will enable you to transform yourself into powerful animals, because you will use the land around you to heal yourself and your allies. A stability shot allows a player to use the forces of nature to support both his team and the tank when the situation arises.


With this power you can call, hit and attack simultaneously. Whatever the situation, witchcraft gives you advantages for your team. After all, it’s a versatile healing power.


This power allows you to heal allies as well as harm enemies. So this power is perfect for any player who wants to heal his allies while at the same time causing damage to the front line.


When it comes to moving your allies’ loved ones and poaching them against your enemies, it’s hard to defeat celestial power. This power consists of dictating battles by manipulating both your allies and your enemies.


The energy of the water is sufficiently flexible. If you want to do damage, this force offers several powerful AoE attacks. But power only really manifests itself when you use it to heal your enemies.

DC Universe Online Power Guide: How to Choose Best Power

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