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Dauntless-Where and How To Get Furious Rage Scale

Dauntless-Where and How To Get Furious Rage Scale

In the PC game PS4 Xbox 30/05/2019

Dauntless-Where and How To Get Furious Rage Scale

Dauntless is a new game from Epic Games and Phoenix Labs for developers. It comes with many different monsters called Behemoths that you can hunt for new resources and create new items.

The extent of the anger is one of the many in-game resources you can get when you track down a particular hippopotamus. Below you will find a guide to help you obtain this resource easily.

How to get angry in Madness Scale

To obtain the Scale of Anger, you must defeat the Wrathtail Nasher, but since this is a rare drop, you may need to defeat some of these monsters before you can obtain the Scale of Anger.

Where to find the anger scale

To find Gnacher Ragetail, you must continue your missions until you find him. It’s advisable to do quests by Katerin Sorrel, who should eventually give you these missions.

On the devastated islands, in a whirlwind that is a chaotic storm and the most dangerous place in the world, you will also find Hnasser Ragetaila.

How to beat a rodent growing machine

To defeat this hippopotamus, you need a weapon that can easily rock like a hammer. When you play a game, ask your teammates to keep interrupting the hippo.

So you can easily deal with the hippopotamus, because Ragetaille has no particular elementary strength or weakness.

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