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Dauntless – where and how to get a scorch scale

Dauntless – where and how to get a scorch scale

In the PC game PS4 Xbox 30/05/2019

Dauntless – where and how to get a scorch scale

Dauntless takes players to a world that has been destroyed by a catastrophic event torn apart by monstrous dinosaurs like a creature called Behemoths. Now you have to complicate all these monsters and save humanity.

Scorch Scale is one of the many resources available in the game with which you can create new weapons, armor and other items. So you can see below how easy it is to obtain this source.

How to get burned scales in Dauntless

To get the Ladder of Fire, you must win and kill Gellion Scorchstone. But because this is a rare drop, you might have to kill some of this hippopotamus before you get one.

Where can I find the fire ladder?

Since the scale of Skorch is derived from that of Skorchnevy Gellion and you can find this hippopotamus on the ruined islands of Maelstrom, it is a dangerously chaotic place.

You can also find them by playing chase missions, which you can unlock by completing the search for common victims.

How to beat Scorchstone Gelatin

To defeat this hippopotamus, you must first learn its strengths and weaknesses. Hellius Scorchstone is one of the elements of the flame, so it is not necessary to use the element of the flame against him.

The best way to fight this monster is to arm it, which is a resistance against Blaze, and to use weapons that contain an element of Frost.

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