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Darkmoon Fair Schedule for Classic WoW

Darkmoon Fair Schedule for Classic WoW

| Published on the 9th. March 2020. 3:57 a.m.

Darkmoon Fair Schedule for Classic WoW

Since February the Darkmoon Faire is back at Classic WoW. It’s a fun event with vendors, games and various prizes, including some pretty amazing things for those who want to invest some time to get them.

On the first Friday of each month, the Black Month Fairy appears, which turns between the Horde and the Alliance. It opens the following Monday and closes the following Sunday. This gives the players one week a month to visit the fair.

Here is the current calendar of the Black Monthly Fair in Classic WoW.

Black Month Entertainment Program for the Horde

Month Setting Market launch End of Location
February 7 10 16 Malgor
April 3 6 12 Malgor
June 5 8 14 Malgor
August 7 10 16 Malgor
October 2 5 11 Malgor
December 4 7 13 Malgor

The Dark Month faction in the Horde may be just behind the Blood of Thunder, as can be seen on the map below.

Dark Months Calendar for the Alliance

Month Setting Market launch End of Location
Mars 6 9 15 Elvin’s Forest
May 1 4 10 Elvin’s Forest
July 3 6 12 Elvin’s Forest
September 4 7 13 Elvin’s Forest
November 6 9 15 Elvin’s Forest

The Dark Month faction of the Alliance faction is located just outside Stormwind, south of Goldshir, as can be seen on the map below.

Take a look at the list of Darkmoon Faire Buffs that can help you in PvP and PvE.

Darkmoon Fair Schedule for Classic WoW

| Published on the 15th. April 2020 at 6:24 a.m.

Departure from Zul’Gurub is scheduled for the 15th. April for World of Warcraft Classic players worldwide. This is the fourth phase of unlocking content and introduces new levels, a new reputation, new items, new world dragons and a new dungeon. In this guide we discover the best incentives Zul’Gurub can offer.

Best enchanted zulgurub in WoW Classic

There are two types of new spells entering phase 4, including leg and wheelchair spells and shoulder spells. The rewards of these hourglasses have been somewhat delayed, so it is important to plan who will receive them with your guild.

Zulgurub’s leg and helmet spell

The leg and helmet of the Zulguruba require a reputation of friendship within the Zandalar faction. In addition to this status, you need two things:

  • The idol of the primitive Hakkari
  • Pierced voodoo doll

The first is the idol of the original Hakkari, who descended from the Jin do Hexer and Broadlord Mandokir. A pierced voodoo doll was then found in the smoothed hoodoo pieces scattered throughout the dungeon. The dolls are not attached to the van, so they can be picked up at the auction house.

Here is a list of enchanting legs and helmets:

  • Druid – The Laska of the Animist
    • +10 Endurance, 10 Intelligence, 24 Heel.
  • Hunter – The Call of the Falcon
    • +24 Powder attack on the range, +10 stamina, +1% chance of hitting.
  • Wizard – Presence of vision
    • +18 cure and damage triggers, +1% spell shock
  • Paladin – Zagreb Sincretista.
    • +10 endurance, +7 protection, +24 healing.
  • Priest – The material aura
    • +10 endurance, +4 MP5, +24 healing.
  • Vagabond – The embrace of death
    • +28 attack force, +1% evasive action.
  • Shaman – The vigilant embrace of Vodoussan
    • +15 intelligence, 13 healing and enchantment damage
  • Wizard – Witchcage
    • +10 Brain, +18 Healing and spelling damage.
  • Warrior – Presence of power
    • +10 endurance, +7 protection, +15 shield unit value.

An extra leg and helmet charm is available under the name Savage Guard, which demands a well-deserved reputation and a natural +10 resistance.

Zulgurub enchants the shoulder

Shoulder spells require a high position in the Zandalar faction. These miracles also require Sandalian dignity coins, which are rewarded for the destruction of Bijour and the conversion of coins into Vinchaks.

  • Sand pay signal setup – +30 Attack power
  • Sign of mojo sandalar – +18 spelling damage and healing.
  • Zandalous Serenity Mark – +33 healing spells.

It is a good strategy to keep the insignia of Zandalar Dignity as a sign of charm and not to eat them for reputation, because the sublime can easily be achieved by simply throwing Zul’Gurub.

| Published on the 7th. April 2020 at 4:36 p.m.

In order to shorten long queues, free character translations have been added to the classic WoW in certain areas. The following servers allow players to play freely whenever they want.

WoW Classic Server for free character transfer

  • the wealthy of the United States
    • Incendius
    • Firelin
    • website .
  • The richness of the EU
    • Firemouth

Blizzard will close the transfers to servers that have reached the population threshold without warning.

This advertisement accompanies the release date of Blizzard’s Zul’Gurub. In addition to the release of Zul’Gurub, Nightmare Dragons will also be released the same day.



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