Dark Soul 3 【Best Sorcerer Build】

Dark Soul 3 【Best Sorcerer Build】

Looking for the best Dark Souls 3 Sorcerer Build?

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Dark Soul 3 is ideal for giving many options for character types. For someone new in the game, the knight may be the best way to start, but for those who love spells and ranged combat, the wizard type character is more suitable. If that’s what you want, here’s the construction of my Dark Soul 3 wizard that I used at the beginning of the game.

Collecting magic can be very difficult in the beginning if you’re not used to keeping your distance and launching attacks. Like me, I’m from a knight who inflicts damage and carries out commercial attacks to a sorcerer who avoids melee and non-commercial attacks. Two very different styles and it can be difficult to switch from one style to the other.

What also strikes me is that you can develop your own peculiarities over time. You can find a strategy that suits you personally and/or makes you feel comfortable. So take all these recommendations as a basis and make them unique. Don’t worry too much, because it’s only natural if you experiment with different styles.

You have to start somewhere, but here are some of the equipment, spells, stats, and weapons I used at the beginning of the game. It’s the same here: Once you’re familiar with a spells game, you’ll be able to design a unique Dark Souls 3 sorcerer build as you grow stronger.

In Dark Soul 3 Wizard, the assembly material is probably the most difficult part of the assembly process. It is in the nature of the wizard to keep a distance, attack from a distance, escape, and always withdraw. We don’t know if they can damage the tank or block anything. Although you could, it wouldn’t be so magical. Most of your equipment will consist of light armor.

If you are new to Dark Soul 3 and have no experience with previous Dark Soul games, I advise against starting with a wizard. Here is another article describing the best Dark Souls 3 Sorcerer Build for beginners.

Here are some of the passports I used at the beginning of the game. Equipment Wizard’s robe, magic hood, magic trousers, magic gloves, and wise man’s ring They were found at the stake in the crucifixion forest. On the side of the large crab, in front of the small crab. In the end, there is a small hidden room. Keep in mind that there is a Lycanthrope Lycanthrope that can be painful during the examination. Be patient and clean the lycanthrope.  The equipment should fall off as soon as you destroy the barrels.

Sage ring

Sage Ring increases virtual mobility. Virtual agility is effective in reducing the time it takes to cast spells. The maximum casting speed is reached at 50 maneuvers. These rings offer low dexterity and reach the speed limit of casting. Must be used for all newcomers.

The ring of the wise man of the corpse is located in the ruins of the castle. Here, you can call Aegon on the way to the sacrifice. Then jump into a hole in the ground next to Eigon’s shield. This ring gives virtual mobility of +30. That means you’re gonna cast a spell like you’ve stuck up your sleeve 30 times.

The +1 version of the ring can be found on the rafters above the Grand Archive. Come down from the roof where the winged knights are. The updated version offers you virtual mobility of +35. If your agility at this stage is less than 35, you should wear the ring.

The version of the +2 ring is in the campfire of a dancer. Take the stairs and turn left to Consumed King’s Garden. If you take the elevator down, be prepared to go halfway down. Turn right to the shard of Estus and then left to the broken stairs. If you look at the bottom of the stairs, you’ll see the ring. The same goes for this ring, but with higher virtual mobility. This is case 40.

Dragonglass ring effect

Dragonfly Cross Ring increases spelling damage by +20%.  This ring is at the Burning Keep. Go straight ahead into the main hall, then turn right, walk to the end of the corridor and open the gate with the key of the prison. The ring on the rocks below.

Young dragon ring

This effect increases the damage to the Young Dragon’s hex ring by 12%. The ring is given by Orbeck van Wienerheim after he bought 3 wizards, gave him every role, and played like any other class, except wizards.

Candle clinic

The candlestick of the clergyman is both a straight sword and a catalyst.  These weapons can be useful for wizards who know how to use them. With the sword, you can perform many excellent moves, such as a hidden jump attack, which can be very useful in PvP.

Don’t forget that the Ecclesiastes’ candlesticks cannot be filled or polished. However, it can be reinforced with titaniumite. This weapon is the Blue Flame of the Dark Souls II. Since the sword is also a catalyst, the weapon has no heavy attacks. Moreover, the sword has a requirement of faith, but it cannot perform miracles.

Although not as deadly as conventional swords and catalysts, it can also be used as a hand weapon thanks to its wide range of movements. Usually, I’ve seen these guns in PvP. You can’t fire 3-4 shots at the enemy, but you’re held with respect and you’re versatile.

It is the boss’s only weapon that goes up to +10 and is reinforced with the usual titanite. All other weapons of the boss are only up to +5 and are reinforced by a Titanite scale.

The candles of clergymen can be obtained by moving the soul of the Deacon.

Science candles

The Science Candle is a dagger that increases the damage of all spells (darkness and light) by 12.5%. It is recommended to use these weapons on the hands to get bonuses for the main weapon of the spell.

These weapons can’t be contaminated either. If you want to do more damage in melee battles, reinforce yourself with titanium. For amateur magicians, you can stack spelling damage with other objects. For example, the ring of the young kite, the shear pattern, the ring of the kite. React below if you know of other elements that may accumulate even more.

The location of this weapon is for sale at the temple maid. You give Greyrat’s ashes after you qualify for the weapon. You can also buy it from the Grey Council of the Undead for 3500 souls.

The way out would be to kill the scientists in the Grand Archives. You may lay down your weapons. Maybe you’ll get lucky with the first few tries.

Experimental magician

The staff of the Court Wizard has the highest spell level 3 of all employees of the Dark Soul. The staff provides 238 spell checkers, provided you have your intelligence statistics at 60. Even if you don’t have such a high grade yet, the staff will offer you one of the best magic lovers of all. So if you want to cast as many spells as possible, this wand can really help you do damage on your way out.

This is the most powerful stick in the game for non-black magic. The philosopher’s crystal wand deals with damage while his arsenal is active, and Isalit’s wand deals more damage with dark sorcery.

The location of this personnel can fall out of a simulator into the poisonous swamp of Profited Capital. Mimik is located on the second floor of the church building with a view full of handmade animals.

Intelligence is the heart and soul of this building. If you want a really strong magic body, intelligence is an essential part. The status makes it possible to deal with powerful magical weapons.

This facility is essential for spells. The Focal Point (FP) is what your spell uses to do damage. The more spells you have, the more you can do. Other indicators, such as intelligence, are essential, so it is not advisable to raise the parameter yourself.

Vitality is your health statistic (HP). As with any other building, health statistics are important. It can be very important for the wizards when you’re new in the building. Wizard protection isn’t very good. So you may need to develop your safety skills. If you don’t have a shield, sun damage or trade battles aren’t necessarily a good idea for a wizard.

You can leave the rest of the statistics on the base if you wish. It is up to you to decide if you want to increase your stats for a reason other than this. If you have any ideas for additional comments on the statistics below.

As you know, spells are what make a good magician. They offer you a way to prevent damage, and depending on the witches’ spells you use (light or dark), they can improve your health.

Soul Arrow is a great spell to start with. It is excellent at a young age because it uses very low FP. The spell is suitable for both early PvP and PvP games. Later in the game, you can ascend to the great soul arrow.

Farron’s arrow is another interesting option in the first game. The arrow is perfect for quick damage. I’d say you should use a Farron arrow in combination with a soul arrow, especially in PvP. The dart can be used to kill enemies with a layer of HP. It is not recommended to use the arrow as your main spell, because the damage is too low and you will lose some of your speed.

Farron Hail can do a lot of damage if you have the right conditions. If you have all your spells as a buffer for items and equipment and you hit your opponent directly, you will cause serious PvP and PvE damage. The only thing that has to do with this spell is that the range is not very large, so you can jeopardize your protection by using this spell effectively. The big PvP players know this, so maybe you have to be tough to hit them with this spell.

Shower throw is another important spell that causes damage. They are very expensive for your FP but very effective for PvE and PvP. If you can take these pictures, you will do a lot of damage to about 400 or even 500 if you are very polite. This spell actually costs more than another spell like the Great Soul Arrow, but the damage the spear does to a soul is much better. Almost all spells are based on a lot of time, so it doesn’t matter how much damage they can do if you can’t touch them.

Soulstream – The most ridiculous spell in the game (in a good way). If you manage to carry out this spell attack, you will be overwhelmed. I’m saying this because of the moment this spell was cast. It’s very bad. If your opponent is not a statue or beginner or just something that moves, it will be very difficult to score a point. Surprise attacks are an effective way to achieve success. This method works well for PvP and PvE, but as soon as your opponent becomes aware of it, they will advise you not to try it again. Unless you’re willing to damage your armor, which you do, as a wizard, as an enemy.

It’s far from a perfect initial configuration, but I don’t think there is. Here are some of the elements and spells you should take into account when making your ultimate wizard. If I missed something that could be very useful, please respond below.

So here you have it, the best Dark Souls 3 sorcerer build to become a master mage.


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