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Pass of the Supreme Knight of the Old Republic

Once you have escaped from the planet Taris, you will be taken to Dantooine, where the Jedi Enclave is located. The Jedi Council will request a meeting. Follow Bastila to the Jedi Hall. Kart awaits you outside the halls and shows you the way.

At this point, you just have to agree with everything they say. At some point you will return to Black Hawk and dream again with the Bastille. Go back to the Jedi rooms and talk to them again. Sleep patterns suggest Bastila should be your Jedi teacher.

Dantooine’s You may eventually take padawan training, but you must take three tests before you are accepted.

Major studies

First test: Jedi Code

To become a Padawan, you must understand the teachings of the Jedi. You’ll be tested for the Jedi code. You can ask anyone here about the Jedi Code, and they’ll read it for you. Something like that.

No emotions, there’s peace.

There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.

There’s no passion, there’s peace.

There’s no chaos, there’s harmony.

There’s no death, there’s power.

As soon as you learn that the Jedi Codex scouts are back in the Heat Training Room and agree to the first test. Repeat this operation for the tenants and you will pass the first test.

Second test: Construction of a light sword

Go back to the Jedi Council and speak to Master Dorak. He will tell you about the different lightsabers and how they work for different kinds of Jedi. Master Dorak will ask you a series of questions to establish your identity. It doesn’t matter what you answer here, because you can still choose the coloured lightsaber you want.

Blue lightsaber – Guardian Jedi

Yellow lightsaber – Guardian Jedi

Sword with green light – Jedi Consular

Go back to Master Heat and get the lightsaber. That’s it for the second task! Master Heat will tell you about the corruption in the forest, but the Jedi have little advice on the subject.

Third search: Corruption in forest

If you haven’t left Jedi territory yet, now would be a good time to explore the area. Speak to the droid east of the tree in the middle and ask for his release.

In the courtyard, you meet John, whose daughter was apparently murdered by a Mandolorian. This is a secondary search that you can perform now or later. There are a few other people you can talk to, but for now, for example Rodian and his shop, but for now we’re going to focus on the main task. If you need tickets, you can buy them at Rodyan for 2 credits each.

Go east and south. Keep an eye out for cat dogs. These beasts are pretty aggressive, but they’re easy enough to fight. Make sure they don’t work with any of your characters and everything will be fine. Continue east and south until you hit Matale Grounds. A corrupt grove south of this area.

Make sure your protagonist is completely healed before you talk to Juhani. Maybe you should give your protagonist a few amateurs before you start, because this fight can be pretty tough.

Fight with Juhani

Juhani is also training as a Jedi, and she will immediately knock out the other two members of your party. You have to fight them alone. The use of the Bastille lightsaber can make this fight a little easier, because it is equipped with two blades.

The fight with Juhani is over before you kill her, and she starts talking to you. If you play your cards right, you won’t have to kill her, and she will join your game as a selected character. You have to use these options when you talk to him.

Who are you?
Are you trying to reach the dark side? Why is that?
Do you lick Quatra, your master?
I was sent by the Council to remove the stain from this bush.
I don’t feel the anger you’re torturing, Juhani. I wish you peace.
The first step to real knowledge is to know that you are ignorant.
Even in death, the Force will keep them alive.
Anger? Show them that you are free of this fundamental passion.
Your inner peace and harmony will show them your sincerity.

If your first attempt failed, you can come back here later and try again. You can’t continue with the main story until it returns to the Jedi Council or is killed.

There’s one main task left, but we’ll come back to it after the secondary tasks.

Secondary studies

There are several side quests on Dantooine that you can do or not do. I suggest we finish it before we head east to the ruins, that’s the last big search on this planet.

Mandalorian Marauders

Just outside the Jedi Enclave you meet a man named John, who is angry with the Mandaloreans in the area because they have kidnapped one of his relatives. He offers to pay you to free Dantuan from the Mandalorines. There are three groups of Mandalorians on Dantuan. Maybe you met them earlier when you were trying to find Juhani in the woods.

The first group is in the middle of the map with a bush. The second group is located west of Matale Mansion and the third group is in the southern zone with Sandy Land. Mandalorians can be hard to win, so you have to bring the best warriors with you.

After winning all three groups, go back on the map with Grove and go to the center. Here’s the Mandalorian leader, Sherruk. It’s actually pretty hard to take on Sherruk, who claims to have defeated a lot of Jedi.

Let one of your members face the Sherruk with great protection and good health. To help you, you can refine your characters with battles, stamina or powerful stimulators. Throw a few grenades at less equipped enemies to prevent them from shooting at you with a laser. You can use your shields before you go into battle to suck up the gunfire.

If Sherruk dies, search the body for objects, including a lightsaber. Go back to John outside the Jedi enclave to get your 1000 or 2000 credit reward. If you refuse the prize, you will receive small extra points.

Dead settler

It’s a pretty simple task, but you have to find the body. You can find the remains of a dead settler in East Matale. His name is Kazus and he is the son of Nurik Sandral. Go back to the Sandral area and talk to Nurik to complete the investigation. He won’t believe Kat Hounds killed him, but at least you told him what you found.

Sand/Metal Disputes

Sandralas and Matala hate each other, at least their parents. When you have completed the third test of the Jedi, Ahlan Matale will summon the Jedi to intervene. The Council will offer you the opportunity to intervene in this matter.

Go to Sandral Mansion and talk to the droid of the front guard. Tell him the Jedi Council has asked you to come, and you will be admitted. Nurik Sandral has nothing to say to you, but as soon as he leaves his daughter Rahasia, he will come out and tell you to go in through the side entrance.

Go to the side door in front of the mansion and get in. Explore this area and kill all the droid attackers. They’re pretty easy to handle. First you find Shen of Rakhasia. If you find Shen, he’ll tell you he won’t leave without Rahasia. When you meet Rachasia, she’ll show you where Shen is on the map.

Once you have spoken to Shen, go back to Rachasia and tell her that Shen will not leave without her. Go back to Rachasia and tell her that Shen won’t leave without her. Rahasia is ready to meet him outside the estate. Go back to Shen and tell him.

They’ll go together, but Alain and Nurik will overtake them. They argue, and the two lovers can leave. You can influence families on the dark side by insisting that they have to fight for it, or you can try to make peace between them by telling them to let the children decide for themselves.

Satellite missing

Eliza, a companion has disappeared outside the Jedi enclave. After you talked to her, you discovered that she had actually lost her droid to replace her husband.

Located on the east side of the cathedral map, the Droid is attacked by Kath’s dogs. Kill the dogs and talk to the droid.

There are no bright spots, only dark spots if you kill the droid and tell Elise you didn’t find it.

Crystal cave

After the tests, the Jedi Council will inform you about the Crystal Cave, where you will find crystals used in lightsabers. To find the cave, go to the easternmost part of the map where Sandy Land is located.

In the cave you’ll find Kinrat Spider. Kill her, then get the crystals. We can find different crystals. Make sure you open all the eggs to get more crystals. They can be used in lightsabers or sold at a profit.

A stellar forex map in ancient ruins

It’s part of the main concern. A map of the Star Forge can be found in the ancient ruins east of the Jedi Enclave. You won’t get this quest until you’ve been promoted to Padawan’s rank.

Enter the ruins and go south through another gate. There’s a droid who seems to have been here to inform travelers. He says there were others, Malac and Revan, of course. When you’re done talking to him, make sure you’ve looted Nemo’s body and then go through the west or east gate.

West Through – This room, which guards the old terminal, contains the Guardian Droid. It’s pretty hard to win, so make sure you have one of your characters with an ion gun or something. After the defeat, use the terminal and talk to him. Use the terminal’s data panel and talk to him again. The terminal learns your language so that you can communicate with it.

You are asked to identify the worlds that bring death. You have six options, and three of them are good. These are the rods, desert and volcano.

East Gate – Return to the main area and enter through the East Gate this time. Inside is another Guardian Droid, which you have to take care of just like the others. Use the terminal as you would in another room, talk to it, use your data panel and talk to it again.

This time you have to identify the animal worlds. These are Grassland, Oceanic and Arboreal.

When you have answered both questions correctly, a central door will open giving you access to a map of the Old Star.

Go back to the Council and tell them what you found. They’ll send you looking for more maps of old stars and, hopefully, the location of the star itself.

When you return to Ebon Hawk, Deesra will stop you and tell you about a dangerous creature called Terentatek. When you have finished talking to your head in Ebon Hawk, visit the galaxy map in the cockpit to select your next destination.

You have freedom of movement in the galaxy, but Tatuin or Kashyik is the obvious choice for your next location. Lock him up and leave the planet for your next adventure.

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