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Cuphead – An enchanting game for one or more players. It is filled with hard bosses in three worlds with a succession of branching levels. On the head of the cup are hand-painted cartoons on the theme of the 1930s. The background is coloured with watercolours and you can play and listen to original jazz melodies at every level.

Cuphead is a pretty hard game to win, and you’ll understand from the first boss that you often have to expect to die. You start with 3 lives that can beat any level. In the shop you can buy more hearts, weapons and skills with gold coins scattered across the cannon and weapon levels.

The purpose of the cup is to find all the souls that have escaped the devil. Cuphead and Mugman must find these souls and defeat them in battle, or the devil will take their souls instead.

Passage through the cupHead

World 1: Inkwell Island 1

Botanical panic
Joint Claw Calamity
Threatened Zeppelin
Flower Rage
Forest Madness
Tree Tip Problem

World 2: Inkwell Island 2

Sugar-free Shimmy
Hazardous Pyramid
Carnival Core
Steering Wheel
Fire Frog
Playhouse Fog
Mausoleum 2

World 3: Inkwell Island 3

Honeycomb Herald
Shooting n’ Lootin
Jive Dump
Male Hull
Dangerous Pier
Deep Sea Hi-jinx
Dramatic Fanatic
Railroad Standard

Final: Display Ink tank

All bets
One hell.

Handpieces per head

Before playing the more advanced levels of the game, you should familiarize yourself with all the commands in the manual.

  • Squat – Hold on to the squat You can often sit down to avoid the bosses’ attacks.
  • Jump – Press the jump button for a short jump or hold it down for a longer jump.
  • Descent – You can descend from the ledges by holding down the button and pressing the jump.
  • Fire – Press the Fire button to open fire. You can always have two different weapons in your inventory.
  • Ex-Train – When you attack, the cards are built next to your hearts. Once you have a full card, you can use it for a special attack.
  • Super – If you visit the mausolea, you can find super attacks. If you have 5 cards, press the Ex Move button for the Super Attack.
  • Parry – Everything, absolutely everything pink in the game can be parried. You can also hit your boyfriend in cooperative mode to revive him. If you manage to parry something, you get a card.


Cuphead is produced by Maria and Ryan Moldenhauer for StudioMDHR Entertainment. She was born on the 29th. September 2017 for Microsoft Windows and Xbox One Cuphead was first introduced in 2014 at a Microsoft E3 press conference, where it distinguished itself by its aesthetic appeal. Since its release, Cuphead has received the vast majority of positive reviews about Steam and has become much more popular than the producers would have thought.



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