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Cuphead Cheats Offers Infinite Jump, Super Meter, Coins And More

Cuphead Cheats Offers Infinite Jump, Super Meter, Coins And More

In Xbox 01/10/2017 PC games.

Cuphead Cheats Offers Infinite Jump, Super Meter, Coins And More

Developer and publisher Studio®HR Entertainment has just released its latest Cuphead game, an ongoing game in which players compete for the title Cuphead in a world that resembles a classic cartoon from the 1990s.

In the game, Cuphead loses a bet with the devil, and to pay off the debt, you as a player must now fight on different platforms, perform different tasks and defeat many bosses. Cup Head has an infinite life, but that doesn’t change anything, because a certain part of the game can be very difficult to get through.

The game has a multiplayer version where the second player can join the fun and play for Mughman. Both characters can make matches and special moves, and when they fill their special counter, there are also different weapons that players can use.

The game has received an overwhelming majority of positive comments on the pair, and is currently at 10/10. If you plan to buy the game, reviews may be useful, but if you have already bought the game and want to try new cheats, you can follow the instructions below.

The first impostor is a 4.4 MB large training file available on Mrantifun. But there are small demands on the cheat code to work as if you have to be beaten once before you can use God fashion. To use the supermarket, you have to use the supermarket once, and to get parts ad infinitum, you have to open the shop, activate the editor to close the shop and then open it again.

You will find below the list of cheats he can activate.

  • God’s regime
  • Supermeter to infinity
  • Endless pieces

The second cheatcode is a trainer that is available on Wemod and contains 14 options that users can use. The trainer automatically detects the platform and version of the game you are using and tells the users whether the game is supported or not. Below is a list of the scams he offers.

  • Unlimited health
  • Rooms without borders
  • Invincibility
  • Super Unlimited
  • Zero # of deaths
  • Invincibility lasts
  • Saves time since the injection.
  • Traffic speed
  • Taking the lead
  • Traffic speed
  • Turn on the first Super
  • Hard mode enable
  • Switch on black and white
  • 2 Activating the striptease

The third cheater is also a trainer and comes from CheatHappens and offers 7 options. According to the file description, both adware and viruses are free. So if your security software accidentally sends a malicious message, you can ignore it.

Below is a list of cheats he can activate.

  • Invincible
  • One shot kills
  • Add a room
  • Supermeter Mine
  • Complete the next step with a review
  • Completion of the next phase of the platform with Pacific Class
  • Infinite Jump

Cuphead is currently available on PC via Steam and on Xbox via the corresponding Estore. More information about the game can be found on the official website or on the Steam page.



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