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Consecrated World Mechanics 2.2.

From 2.1. the perception of the sanctioned world has changed radically (from 2.2. even more with balance corrections and errors).

In order to enjoy the benefits of membership, one must have a spiritistic or fanatic-spiritual ethics.

This gives you access to 2 planetary solutions – the world of the dedicated world and the world of the dedicated revolution.

These solutions can only be applied to celestial bodies in your region that are not habitats, circular worlds, or stellar class bodies (these include black holes, neuronal stars, etc. everything that forms the center of the system). This essentially means that it can be used on all planets, whether they are inhabited or not.

The number of solutions (both for adding and removing a modifier) costs 50 influential bases. You can only have three holy worlds at the same time.

There are four levels of sanctification that a planet can have under the influence of the NGR and the type of planet:

– Hives, cars, AI and urban worlds cannot exceed 1 level.

– Asteroids, coffin worlds, gas giants and protected worlds have 80% chance to become level 1 and 20% chance to become level 2.

– All other uninhabitable planets that do not belong to the above classes have a 10% chance on level 1, a 70% chance on level 2 and a 20% chance on level 3.

– All other living worlds are waiting for the above, and the worlds of Gaia have a 50% chance to reach level 2, 40% chance to reach level 3 and 10% chance to reach level 4.

– Gaia Worlds will always be level four.

You can go through the planetary plane many times and endlessly as long as you are willing to use your influence.

Each dedicated level of quality adds 1 point to the level of modification of the dedicated realm, which varies from 1 (one planet on level 1) to 12 (three planets on level 4).

Their effects are as follows:

– Level 1: 2% unit and spiritual attraction bonus, 1% convenience bonus.

– Level 2: 4% unit and spiritual attraction bonus, 2% convenience bonus.


– Level 3: 6% unit and spiritual attraction bonus, 3% convenience bonus.

– Level 4: 8% unit and spiritual attraction bonus, 4% convenience bonus.

– Level 5: 10% unit and spiritual attraction bonus, 5% convenience bonus.

– Level 6: 12% unit and spiritual attraction bonus, 6% convenience bonus.

– Level 7: 14% Unit and Spiritual Attraction Bonus, 7% Convenience Bonus.

– Level 8: 16% unit and spiritual attraction bonus, 8% convenience bonus.

– Level 9: 18% unit and spiritual attraction bonus, 9% convenience bonus. (MAX for uninhabited planets)

– Level 10: 20% unit and spiritual attraction bonus, 10% convenience bonus.

– Level 11: 22% unit and spiritual attraction bonus, 12% convenience bonus.

– Level 12: 25% Unit and Spiritual Attraction bonus, 15% Convenience bonus.

Sources : I took these numbers directly from the game files for 2.2.2.

So, basically, if you only want to use an uninhabitable planet, you can get a maximum comfort bonus of 9% (still quite difficult because a 2.2.1 nerd only has influence on unity and spiritual attraction), or if you’re willing to give a little influence and a few layers of garbage (a world without graves) of living planets, you can push that bonus to a very respectable 15% comfort (same bonus as a mega art installation, pretty big fan of a 2.2.1 limit of 12%).

Overall, the bonuses are incredibly strong and offer both massive support for the basic game unit (allowing you to snowball in tradition and ignore the construction of the unit) and very rare empires: a large proportion of amateurs. If you maximise this and combine it with an artistic mega-installation, you reduce your comfort and workplace needs by 30% on the planet, allowing you to create different and more usable buildings OR stack your installations to increase your happiness and stability (for a % production bonus).

2020 will satisfy both classic and modern players. To get on the list, the game must be confirmed for 2020, or there must be a good reason to expect it this year. Therefore, upcoming matches with a simple announcement and no recognizable release date will not be taken into account.

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