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Conan Exiles Patch Notes 1.55 – New March 10 Update

Conan Exiles Patch Notes 1.55 – New March 10 Update

Funcom today released a new update for Conan Exiles . You can find the full version of the patch for this 10th September update below. Mars.

Update 1.55 Conan Exiles is now available as download for PS4 PC and Xbox One gamers should be patient.

Today’s update adds a tracker management system and other new content and bug fixes.

Highlights from patch

New trailer management system!

With great power comes great responsibility! Based on our trailer alignment system we implement a trailer management system. From this screen you have an instant overview of your army of followers, giving you extra control, even remotely! You can open it via a new tab in the player menu. From this new screen you can…

Search for your current number of trailers!

Conan Exiles Patch Notes 1.55 – New March 10 Update
If you have activated a limited population on your server or in a single-player game, you can check the current quota of followers and the maximum number of followers allowed according to the server settings. Quick and easy!

Check the statistics, save and cancel external links!

Conan Exiles Patch Notes 1.55 – New March 10 Update
From the control screen you can now disconnect tires with followers who do not want to save anymore. Just click on it and select Dissolve Link from the menu. It’s much easier than dealing with an emotional trauma if you do it in private!
We have also added new features! Are you tired of those boring disciples who decided to disappear in the middle of the night? You can now bring them back to your position (as long as you stay within your claim) to keep them under control! However, this power is subject to certain reservations. First, if they’re rescued, they lose their inventory and equipment. Once you have used the recall, you (or your clan) can no longer use it for a certain period of time (recharge), and followers who have recently participated in battles can only be recalled after a certain period of time. The best part is that both timers are adaptable! (currently via ini-Editing)

Find your trailers on the map!

Conan Exiles Patch Notes 1.55 – New March 10 Update
Conan Exiles Patch Notes 1.55 – New March 10 Update
Just like the current function where you can see your clan members on the map, you can now follow the location of your followers at any time. By default you can choose which of your slaves or pets you want to see on the map. No more hiding!

Summary retrospective overview

  • New trailer management system!
  • AI fixed!
  • Use the patches!
  • …and more!


Performance and stability

  • Several emergencies have been resolved.

Explosion correction

  • Additional settings to determine where players will accidentally die when interacting with certain grids or reaching certain locations.
  • The construction performance has been corrected.
  • Implementation of measures against self-closure.

New additions

  • Inheritance management system! Order and check your trailers with new and improved tools.
    • You can now interrupt your communication with your followers remotely.
    • You can now remind your supporters of your position if you have a complaint. This function has cooling and limits to prevent possible abuse.
    • You can now see your trailers on the map. You can choose which followers are displayed in this way and which are not (by default they are not selected).
  • The following ini settings have been added to manage the new functions introduced by the tracker management system (available from the G-Portal Web Administrator) :
    • EnableFollowerRescueOnLandClaimOnly=Valid/False. If this is the case, players can only rescue their followers on the land that belongs to them (or their clan).
    • EnableFollowerRescueInBuildExclusionZone=False/True. If this is a lie, the players cannot rescue followers in the exception building zones.
    • FollowerRescueCooldown=3600. Determines (in seconds) how often players can rescue followers (the costs are divided among the clan members).
    • DamageCooling for the rescue=600. The number of seconds the trailers can be stored cannot be stored if a player or target finder is damaged.

Manual corrections

  • It is no longer necessary to produce springs for silicone arrows.

Slaughtering changes

  • The effect of the Seth language and Mithras justice is no longer in effect until the system is abandoned.
  • Resolved a bug that caused the armor to enter the pile when firing consecutive sheets.

AI and deadweight correction

  • Solved a problem where the Rhino King couldn’t take revenge on attacks.
  • Fixed the problem with the stationary perception of the NPCs, which prevented them from reacting during their previous rotation.
  • NPCs must now change weapons correctly, even if they no longer throw weapons or break shields.
  • Solution to the problem that slaves sometimes prefer unarmed attacks, even if they have weapons in their arsenal.
  • Triumphs that have gone from a hand-to-hand fight to a long-distance fight or vice versa should no longer remain in a contemplative, non-responsive state, wondering what the meaning of life is or that the pineapple should be part of the pizza (it’s true).
  • Solved a problem when slaves didn’t follow the rotation of the attack and didn’t do combos.

Cleaning correction

  • A bug fixed in which the cleaner could not find a suitable target if the player was not in the LOD qualification area.

General error corrections

  • After mounting and dismounting a horse, the feather can under certain circumstances no longer be held in place.
  • Torches can now also be mounted on horses when travelling over water.

Animation and film corrections

  • Problem with the interruption of the animations on the mounted battles has been solved

Corrects user interface and text

  • In the breaks between the lashes, our #spellchekker team managed to correct a number of misspelled NPC names.
  • Several French localization problems for some articles and statistics have been solved. #le-game fence
  • Fixed a bug: when leaving a session with the active vanity camera, the password hint has disappeared.
  • The Estate Management tab has been added to the players menu.
  • The location of the trailers is now shown on the map (disabled by default).
  • Remove some unnecessary information from the pet information screen.
  • The last option of the game settings should no longer be locked from the screen.

Audio corrections

  • The problem was solved when humanoid NVKs constantly played animations and sound effects that were put on the bus when they were inactive. # Irresponsible

Power supply: Funcom



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