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Comprehensive Power Armor and Mode Guide

Hey, survivors! I’ve worked as an armour champion for a long time and from the end of 18 years I’ve served the PS4 community with their need for armour. I’ve served over 150 survivors in my humble PA camp. I adjust armor, do painting, provide repair/wood services and have literally everything to do with powerjackets. If you want to know more about what I do and how I do it, take a look at my mail history. I take my energy reservoirs seriously, and my goal is to make the PA’s dreams come true. In this guide I want to share my knowledge about electrical armour, collect and supplement my knowledge about fashion, decors and general assemblies.

There are a lot of great articles about Reddy. But I think we can all benefit from a thorough analysis of the available PA modifications and a comparison of the different kits (X01, T-series, excavators, etc.). There is some confusion about how to get the shielding adjustments, what exactly some of these adjustments do, and which shielding offers better protection, and I’m trying to shed some light on that. I will also list the cost of materials for each mode, but sometimes they are different when it comes to armor. It is important to remember that the X-01 currently has no plans, so they are not smartphones, and in addition to the materials mentioned in this guide, some Ultracite or black titanium may be needed for shielding and excavators.

I would like to improve this guide with your feedback, so please delete your questions, ideas and comments.

Flood reserves and statistics 76

There are 3 basic properties for electrical armour. Damage resistance (DR), energy resistance (ER) and radiation resistance (RR). All figures in this manual are summaries of the maximum value for better comparability. These figures change when kits with the Fix it Good advantage are repaired up to 200% because this bonus increases the damage resistance by a total of 30-50 points, depending on the durability.


The PA excavator is a new model in the Fallout series, first introduced with the Fallout 76. It is a prototype of a powerful armor that was only mass-produced in the First World War. The excavator designed for the mining industry has unique advantages for both weight transport and ore mining. A complete set of excavators, even without adjustments, gives the users +100 weight during transport. She is tall and although she has the lowest stats of all, a set of well adjusted spades can do wonders. In addition, equipping the excavator with the complete equipment increases the ore yield when levelling minerals/metals by a factor of four.

DR 240 ER 240 RR 366


The big, mean and disgusting Raider Power Armor is a classic. He is a visually gorgeous asshole who (in my opinion) looks the best, but unfortunately has bad statistics. This should not mislead you, because the statistics are much higher than those of a bellows shovel. It is therefore relatively inexpensive to repair and maintain and is accessible to anyone with a level 15 or higher.

DR 340 ER 340 RR 340


Another classic, the T45, is a loser. It has only average statistics, but compensates for the low repair costs and high adaptability. T45 is available from level 25, making it somewhat valuable at lower levels, but will not be very useful in the future.

DR 360 ER 360 RR 360


Hail to T-51b, the king of resistance to damage! The T51b has the highest resistance to damage and play energy and a wide range of settings. This fact is largely underestimated because people somehow feel that the T60 should be better with its higher rating. However, the T-51b is a beast when it comes to beating. It is highly customizable and has a range of fairly affordable paint finishes. One of my favorites is my switch to violent armor when it comes to murder.

DR 455 ER 455 RR 310


The brotherhood of the steel classics, the T-60, is the highlight of the T Series. It is statistically behind the T51b, but has a very attractive appearance and can be adapted with a wide selection of BOS lacquers. It is very cheap to repair the T60 kit, it usually has solid statistics and there is a good selection of mods for one.

DR 400 ER 370 RR 415


The prototype X01 is available for creation after the search for the corresponding enclave has been carried out. It is a very advanced shield with very good statistics. . X01 Mode cannot be manufactured and should therefore be purchased specifically from suppliers located in the bunker control room . It is a very overestimated power armor, for which it can be quite difficult to get fashion. I think the T51b and Ultracite are more viable alternatives.

DR 400 ER 455 RR 453


The Ultracite Power Armor is also a prototype of the power design that will be available after the completion of each BOS search line. It has some of the highest rates of all, but it also has the highest costs for maintenance and handicraft production. The ultracitic PA mode is treacherous, but their plans are only available as rare drops on the SBQ. The community is full of mods like me, but the general availability of mods is clearly low and somewhat limiting.

DR 454 ER 395 RR 395


Ballistic or physical damage is more common than energy damage in this game, making DR the main attribute for Lore armor. The large DR allows you to absorb more blows than with less damage. Radiation resistance is practically unimportant, as all nuclear weapons already offer excellent radiation resistance in nuclear zones. The difference between the upper and lower characteristics of the RR will be about 1 rad/s more or less radiation in nuclear areas, which is either seconds before the next radar deployment, or literally has nothing to do with the availability of the SpongeBonus and the crew. That’s why T51b and Ultracite are the best choice for Zoneprotection. The X01 and T60 have the same value, while the X01 makes a leap forward with the best radiation and energy resistance in its class. Overall, the excavator has the worst DR and ER performance and therefore offers the worst protection. The T45 and Raider are almost at the same level as their statistics, their adaptability and low availability make them equally practical, although I prefer the Raider PA because of its low availability (level 15) and unique appearance. Note that the T60, Raider and T45 are very cheap to repair. The T51b and X01 are a bit as expensive, while the Excavator and the Ultracyte need special rare materials (black titanium or Ultracyte in the right order) for repair. Power armour is classified according to their statistics and usefulness (this classification is subjective):

T51b > Ultracite > X01 > T60 > T45 ≥ Scavengers > Spades.

Armament changes and their use

Although it is easy to find descriptions of the types of armor available in the game, there is some confusion about how they work. In this section I will try to explain each available mod in the game with its availability and creation cost.

The cost of the materials mentioned in this manual may vary for different PA kits. For example, most Ultracite PA models require Ultracite, while an excavator may require black titanium.


Headphone wearing modes

Internal database: +2 Information service

Intelligence is an important SPECIAL statistic for the production and detection of high strength survival equipment. The problem is that it is impossible to make objects in armor. This makes the internal database the worst helmet mode of all, because there is a much more useful choice.

Available for : FULL SHIELDING

Material value: 11 adhesive, 11 aluminum, 11 crystal, 11 fiber optic

Recognition sensors: The visor is aimed with a compass rifle, which marks the enemy.

Hidden gemstones, recognition sensors can be particularly useful in racial protection situations. Each target you aim at is marked with an arrow above your head and a compass below it. This feature makes the Stealth Boy almost useless and can certainly give its benefactor an important advantage. Recognition sensors are only available for the X01, purchased as bunker module.

Available for : X-01

Sensor field: Perception +2

The addition of a collection bonus is always welcome. The ability to track enemies and get some bonus points for the VATS is good. Unfortunately, the VATS is not the best solution for the Power Armor because it can deplete the thermonuclear core faster than ever.

Available for : FULL ARMOUR

Material value: 9 adhesive, 9 aluminum, 6 fiber optics, 9 fiberglass

He’s pointing at Hud: The V’s choose living enemies.

One of the most popular steering wheel options, the Targeting HUD emphasizes actual targets with a hint of red. It is useful, very useful, because it allows you to identify the creatures visually. It is sometimes difficult to identify creatures in nuclear zones and dark places, therefore HUD Targeting is a valuable helmet module.

Available for : FULL ARMOUR

Material value : 17 Glue, 17 Aluminium, 14 Diet, 17 Copper, 5 Casting Raspberries

Overlay of the VAT matrix: Increased risk of VAT fraud

This method increases the probability of an impact on VAT by 10 %. It’s a welcome addition. The use of VAT in energy reservoirs is problematic because it can increase the consumption of thermonuclear cores. Although the VATS matrix overlay does not exist in plan form, it can be purchased by many different suppliers for the T-series and is located in the bunker for X01. Available for : T-Series, X-01

Slice mode

Hydraulic cultivators: Increase in unarmed damage

It is impossible to use unarmed weapons, such as gloves and armour in Lore armor, and some hand styles try to compensate for this by increasing the damage.

Available for : FULL ARMOUR

Material value: 11 adhesive, 11 aluminium, 11 butter, 16 steel

Optimized browsers: Reduces action point costs for power attacks

Optimized braces are the most useful hand mod in the game, because they are very useful in melee combat and reduce the cost of action points for attack strength. This means more damage in shorter update intervals.

Available for : FULL SHIELDING

Material costs: 11 adhesive, 11 aluminium, 13 ceramics, 12 rubber

Rusty dowels: Unarmed attacks cause blood damage

They add bleeding damage to your unarmed attacks. However, the bare fists of the PA are not very practical and there are better alternatives to close combat.

Available for : FULL SHIELDING

Material value: 13 adhesive, 13 aluminium, 16 ceramics, 16 steel

Tesla browser: Causes energy damage to unarmed attacks.

The extra energy damage is not very big, but it can be nice to see sparks flying from bare metal fists.

Available for : ALL RIGHT EQUIPMENT (Ultrakit is questionable)

Material value: 13 adhesive, 13 aluminium, 13 ceramics, 16 steel, 5 cobalt fluxes


governing bodies

Blood purifying products: Reducing the risk of drug abuse

It is aimed at drug addicts who constantly use chemicals (psychopath, buffoon, anger, etc.) to crush their injuries and statistics. Trshchatelnogo test s etom ya ne provodil, but it would help to reduce the chance of addiction. Unless you’re a crazy chemist who actively produces and consumes a lot of chemicals while you’re on the road, I don’t think there’s an advantage to this thing.

Available for : FULL SHIELDING

Material value: 13 aluminium, 13 adhesive, 13 antiseptic, 13 rubber, 5 fluorescent fluxes

Basic composition: Increases the speed of the action point update.

Who can say no to increasing the Ap prolongation when he’s in power? Building a core is exactly that, and it shortens the time it takes to reconstruct a valuable access point. Freedom, in a way. The freedom to wait less time for the next attack of power or to make the final leap to safety. So it works well with bonuses like dodging to undo damage. In combination with certain foot models that improve the performance of the legs, the whole core is a reliable choice.

Available for : FULL SHIELDING

Material value : 13 Glue, 13 Aluminum, 10 Diagram, 7 Basic material, 5 Yellow cake flow

Emergency protocols: The health condition is less than 20%, the speed is increased by 25% and the incoming damage is reduced by 50%.

Friend of bloody unstable body movements, emergency protocols – one of my favourite torso-mods. If you like to play on the weak field, this is for you. If your health drops below 20%, the emergency protocols cancel out half of the damage. It’s huge, and you can see the extra power it provides. There is also some speed increase, which is certainly a welcome addition, but the need to do more damage while a lot of damage is done with a bloody weapon.

Available for : FULL ARMOUR

Material value : 15 Glue, 15 Aluminium, 12 Schematic, 8 Basic materials, 5 Flux violet

Reagent Package: Provide vertical flight capacity via the PA

The classic jet backpack adds a new dimension to your explorations. The ability to fly for a short period of time opens up a whole new world.

Available for : T-Series, X-01

Material value: 17 adhesive, 17 aluminium, 14 asbestos, 9 base material, 5 cobalt fluxes, 5 purple fluxes

Kinetic alternator: Damage repair Action points

Action points can be valuable for powerful attackers and shady users, so Kinetic Dynamo is an interesting solution for those who want to recover their APs in powerful armor. With each blow, your access point is a little refreshing, just as the legendary vampire effect invigorates your health when activated.

Available for : T Series, X01, looters.

Material value: 13 adhesive, 13 aluminium, 10 antiseptic, 19 ceramic, 16 rubber, 5 cobalt fluxes

Medical pump: It automatically skips the seal if the condition is less than 50%.

The medical pump works in the same way as this bonus, allowing automatic use of the seal when the health level is low. It’s like the legendary effect of self-stimulation on shielding. Here too, there is an advantage that the medical pump makes something superfluous.

Available for : FULL ARMOUR

Material value: 12 aluminum, 12 adhesive, 12 antiseptic, 12 schematic, 4 yellow cupcake streams

Actuators for motion support: +2 force

As one of the cheapest and most widely used mods, Motion Assist Servos adds valuable power points to your build. It is a welcome addition that not only increases your weight when you wear it, but also increases the damage in close combat. There are many other excellent alternatives, but it is the ideal choice for an excavator to maximise payload.

Available for : FULL SHIELDING

Material value: 11 adhesive, 11 aluminium, 13 rubber, 12 spring, 14 steel

Reagent plates: Reflects 50% damage to the attacker.

One of the most popular modifications to the fuselage, nozzle plates reflect half of the damage the attacker suffered. Nevertheless, you will receive the totality of the damage. There is some confusion as to whether this change only reflects melee’s damage, but it works for all damage. It is a very useful way to mark enemies and when using crop protection.

Available for : FULL SHIELDING

Material value : 17 Adhesive, 17 Aluminium, 14 Asbestos, 9 Core material, 16 Rubber, 5 Fluorescent flux

Stealthy Boy: Activates the Stealth field by pressing and holding the key.

One of my favorites, Stealthboy, works as described. Squatting allows you maximum discretion, but it exhausts your action points when you squat. Consumption is quite insignificant, but the additional benefit of stealth management is enormous. Ideal for the protection of plant varieties, Stealthboy works like a legendary chameleon for armor.

Available for : Series T, X01

Material value : 17 Adhesive, 17 Aluminium, 14 Circuit, 14 Fiber optics, 14 Gold, 5 Fluorescent Flux

Tesla coils: Constant damage to the energy sector in a small area.

Who would deny the constant damage done to nearby enemies? Tesla coils are excellent for marking nasty creatures. Ideal for nuclear zones, with Tesla coils, you just have to bypass the enemies to reach an xp and steal them to death. This is necessary for rapid alignment.

Available for : FULL SHIELDING

Material value: 17 adhesive, 17 aluminum, 17 copper, 14 fiberglass, 20 rubber, 5 yellow cake streams

Welded partition wall: Enemies take damage during successful melee attacks.

This is confusing because to this day there has been no clear explanation of what exactly the welded reinforcement does. The definition is confusing and a bit vague. According to my tests, it works exactly like the blasting plates, but for the damage caused by the melee. Unlike the reaction plates, however, if the welded joints reflect the complete reverse damage of the mixture, you get 0 damage. This is undoubtedly an excellent feature.

Available for : Ultracite, dredgers, looters.

Material value : 17 Aluminium, 17 Glue, 13 Ballistic fibers, 13 Steel

Leg movements

Calibrated shocks: +50 portable weight

Calibrated punches are the most popular fashion piece in the game today. Calibrated strikes can add up to 100 pounds of valuable weight to your armour choice. It is one of the most useful things in fashion in this game, which requires almost no introduction.

Available for : FULL SHIELDING

Material value : 17 Aluminium, 17 Glue, 17 Fiberglass, 5 Flux Purple

Explosion vent : Increase the radius of damage on landing

That sounds like a great idea, but unfortunately it doesn’t work. Yes, the presence of an explosive vent is not currently relevant to a landing approach or anything else. Explosive wells are bugged and bombed from the start, which literally does nothing.

Available for : FULL ARMOUR

Material value: 11 aluminium, 11 glue, 11 asbestos, 11 nuclear materials

Kinetic actuators: Increases the update speed of action points while driving

In Precipitation 76, action point updates vary depending on whether you are standing still or moving. Kinetic actuators increase the update rate of the PA’s when switching to fixed positions.

Available for : FULL ARMOUR

Material value: 13 aluminium, 13 adhesive, 13 base material, 5 fluorescent fluxes

Optimized drives: Reduces the cost of action points for Sprint

One of the lesser-known miracles, optimized servo motors significantly reduce AP’s costs for Sprint. It works like a marathon bonus, but for the armor. You will be surprised how long you can work with optimized servo motors.

Available for : FULL SHIELDING

Material value : 14 Aluminium, 14 Glue, 14 Fiberglass, 14 Spring, 4 Cobalt Streams

High performance servo drives: Increases the sprint speed with extra cost per action point.

Ultra-services increase the sprint speed, but they also significantly increase AP consumption. I don’t like to use servomotors with a higher gear because there are already mutations for a higher speed and the action points are too valuable to drain the water quickly.

Available for : FULL ARMOUR

Material value: 14 aluminum, 14 glue, 14 fiberglass, 14 spring, 4 river raspberries

Recommended power armament models

In this section I would like to present my fashion recommendations for each individual set. It is possible to mix and match one of the recommended assemblies and use it on another (depending on availability). I just wanted to come up with some creative ideas for the choice of fashion.

Atlas (excavator)

When used on an excavator the weight can be up to 210 kg. There’s certainly a big difference between survival and death. The helmet: Aim for the HUD torso: Servo weapons supporting motion: Optimized Brake Legs : Calibrated shocks

Blood container (T-51b)

If you, like me, are a fan of bloodthirsty bodies (bad health with increased damage), then this is the one you should choose. Emergency protocols make any damage a small blow if you are less than 20% healthy. You’d be surprised how much damage you can do with that.

The helmet: Destination of HUD

The hull: Emergency protocols

Guns: Optimized bracelets

Feet: Calibrated shocks

Sparkling pilot juice (scavenger)

This is especially useful for marking enemies to reach the XP farm at lower levels. Electric fists are also great fun when you’re bored.

The helmet: Destination of HUD

Body: Tesla coils

Guns: Tesla Bryceres

Feet: Calibrated shocks

Invisible killer (X-01)

As a PvP specialist, the Stealth Assassin can use intelligence sensors to mark targets and stay hidden while leaning on the Invisible Boy’s body. Sometimes I use the X01 helmet on other sets, just to use the recognition matrix as the only one for the X01.

The helmet: Reciprocity sensors

The hull: Stealthboy

Guns: Optimized bracelets

Feet: Calibrated shocks

VAT on fraternity (T-60)

Although VATS is not recommended for armor, this design can take advantage of the increased likelihood of VATS strikes and the AP update rate to quickly empty the dungeon of VATS strikes. Make sure to keep the thermonucleus loop in stock before use.

The helmet: Exceeding the matrix of value added tax

The hull: Nuclear assembly or kinetic alternator

Firearms: (all)

Feet: Calibrated shocks or optimized servo drives

The Queen’s Husband (Ultra Pølse)

Who can say no to the damage done by a nasty QBS, right? Well, the royal man will certainly tame his lady with a taste of his own strength.

The helmet: Destination of HUD

The hull: Sprinkler plates or welding joints

Guns: Optimized servomotors

Feet: Calibrated shocks

All night (T-45)

In combination with optimized servo motors, the core of your armor can become a sprint machine. Whitesprings Golf Club is practically a sprint from the centre.

The helmet: Sensor network

Body: Main assembly

Firearms: (all)

Feet: Optimized servomotors

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please include them in your comments. In addition, you will find me on all platforms with my u/ I would like to answer your questions and help you with your EV needs.

2020 will satisfy both classic and modern players. To get on the list, the game must be confirmed for 2020, or there must be a good reason to expect it this year. Therefore, upcoming matches with a simple announcement and no recognizable release date will not be taken into account.

By 2020, there will be tons of them… in the world of video games. Here are the fifteen races we expect for the first half of 2020.



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