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Complet MR Optional Quest List (Updated)

Complet MR Optional Quest List (Updated)

Complet MR Optional Quest List (Updated)


Complet MR Optional Quest List (Updated)

Complet MR Optional Quest List (Updated)

EDIT: The list is already complete! I would like to thank you/Overstarysky and you/WoNc for reporting some of the quests I missed and you/SkoomaSmuggler for filling out some of the latest RM applications I missed!

TREATMENT 2: Due to my inexperience with Reddit, I had to do it again to renew the name – oh!

Hello, everybody! I decided to take this sub-item and make a full list of additional MR searches, since in all the other lists I found, some searches were skipped here and there. This list will be updated with the free DLC samples that will be released in the coming months (starting with Rajan, oh my God, no). I hope that some people will find this list useful, because I am sure HCC did not like the idea of combining it with non-exhaustive lists spread over different websites. ¯_(ツ)_/¯.

NOTE: I won’t describe how to unlock these quests, I’ll just give you a list. Some of the quests are part of a chain resulting from a conversation with the NPC, and these quests are identified by means of bubbles (I believe).

Special places in the arena: They are unlocked when you first get control of the monster in question. After the first query, the query disappears and appears after a period corresponding to multiple queries. If you catch a monster for the first time and the quest does not appear in the arena, then the monster has no quest in the arena.

MR1*Q guests:

  • Deep water Snow / MR1 or above / Bone mode Hunting
  • Charge / MR3 or above / Banbaro yacht
  • Ice fishing! / MR2 or higher / Capture Picture mode (Ghillie Mantle update)
  • Call game / MR1 or above / play 10 wolves
  • Greetings to the tundra / MR3 or greater / Delivering 20 young butterflies
  • The big peaks are back! / MR1 or above / Hunting large hunters /
  • Literary thief / MR1 or above / Kulu-Ya-Ku hunt
  • Emerging Global Issues / MR1 or higher / vomiting
  • The shrub hitting / MR1 or higher / Toby Quadmies hunting
  • Sawmill Catch / MR4 or higher / Banbaro Catch
  • Wild Light Treasure Hunt / MR1 or above / Kulu Ya-Ku Hunt
  • Tower for tasters / MR1 or higher / Pooker hunting
  • Dragging and dropping in mud / MR1 or higher / Red flush
  • The Jura in my course / MR1 or higher / Hunting in Jura mode
  • All bad signals / MR1 or higher / Hunting at Qiqi Ya-Ku
  • Crushing my Girros / MR1 or higher / Looking for the great Girros
  • can’t do / MR1 or above / Dodogama hunting
  • This is the land of the Great Horn! / MR4 or higher / Hunting a hardened Banbaro (improved vitality cloak)
  • Special location: MR Vomit bag bag / MR2 or higher / Vomit bag bag hunt
  • Special location: MR Barrot / MR2 or above / Barrot hunting
  • Special location: MR Quads Toby / MR2 or above / Toby Quads Hunting
  • Special location: MR Banbaro / MR3 or above / Banbaro hunting

MR2* Questions

  • Analysis generates / MR3 or more paralysis / Toby-Kadachi viper hunt
  • Toxic and anti-paralytic forceps / MR4 or better / Toby-Kadachi Viper Handle (self-improvement)
  • Construction Boaboa / MR4 or higher / Winner 14 Boaboa
  • In our strength / MR3 or more / Hunting with hardened bone mode
  • They scratch our backs… / MR3 or higher / Hunting with hardened bone mode
  • Anathian Escapades / MR4 or greater / Anathian Hunting
  • Escorts of breakdown / MR4 or above / power hunt
  • Night Light Shadow / MR5 or higher / Paolumu Night Light Catch
  • Sticking your nose in something Elsa / MR4 or higher / Hunting in Anjanata
  • Queen of hearts / MR3 or higher / seeking affirmation
  • Nightmare face of / MR4 or higher / Paolumu nightshade hunting
  • Funny Girl talk / MR6 or higher / Hunting and Pink Ratio (health improvement)
  • Game of Paolum / MR4 or greater / Paolum hunting
  • Pink PTO / MR6 or above / Pink Rat hunting
  • Tip: Stay hydrated / MR4 or above / Dispel cowgirl coral roast
  • No laughing matter / MR4 or above / Rado track hunt
  • Stay away from the bugs! / MR3 or higher / Vespoids and hornets
  • look for this mica / MR4 or higher / get 20 Gaia-Amber
  • Put away red cup / MR6 or higher / Pukei-Pukei hard coral vomit hunt (waterproof jacket upgrade)
  • Special location: MR Fog Paolumu / MR5 or higher / Paolumu Fog Chaser
  • Special location: MR Toby-Kadachi Viper / MR4 or above / Toby-Kadachi Viper Hunting
  • Special location: MR Coral puke / MR5 or above / Coral puke
  • Special location: MR Rado runway / MR4 or above / Rado runway hunting
  • Special location: MR Ratian / MR4 or above / Ratian hunting
  • Special location: MR Pink Ratio / MR6 or greater / Pink Ratio Hunting
  • Special location: MR Paolum / MR4 or above / Paolum hunting
  • Special location: MR Anyanat / MR4 or above / Anyanat hunting

MR3* Questions


  • Do you remember that time? / MR6 or above / Barion hunt.
  • Murlyk room: Stone / MR10 or greater / tiger capture
  • Scanning to new low level / MR7 or higher / Ratalo-hunting
  • Nargakulda si, / MR7 or above / Nargakuga hunting
  • The secret of a good piece / MR7 or higher / Glavenus Hunt
  • Red and black Aces / MR11 or higher / Ratalo and Nargakugu Hunting (update glider jacket)
  • A line in sand / MR7 or above / Diabolo hunting
  • Leaf flash / MR7 or above / Glavenus hunting
  • Simmer and Slyze! / MR11 or above / Glavenus and Ratiance hunting /
  • Legian left for / MR7 or higher / Legian chasse
  • Black wind / MR7 or above / Nargakuga yacht
  • No wanker within the meaning of / MR7 or later / Odogaron hunting
  • Lion shaking the valley / MR9 or more / tiger hunting
  • Throwing, rolling and shouting / MR11 or higher / Chasing the Tigress and the Radoban (Challenger jacket update)
  • All reviews / MR7 or higher / Lavasiota yacht
  • Hurricane / MR7 or greater / Hurricane continuation
  • Explosion warning during operation! / MR9 or above / Brachido hunting /
  • Secret Mud / MR10 or higher / Snap Brachido
  • Explosion Festival! / MR11 or higher / Brachydios and Uragaan yacht (update fire jacket)
  • Proud white knight / MR12 or above / Hardened barion hunt (improved avoidance mantle)
  • Unpleasant bodily harm / MR12 or more / hunting hardened bullfrog (update of thief’s clothing)
  • Special location: MR Nargakuga / MR8 or above / Nargakuga hunting
  • Special location: MR Trolley / MR7 or above / Trolley hunting
  • Special location: MR Glavenus / MR8 or above / Glavenus hunting
  • Special location: MR Legian / MR7 or above / Legian hunting
  • Special location: MR Odogaron / MR7 or above / Odogaron hunting
  • Special location: MR Ratalos / MR7 or above / Ratalos hunting
  • Special location: MR Tigerx / MR10 or above / Tigerx hunting
  • Special location: MR Braids / MR10 or above / Braided wire hunting
  • Special location: MR Diablocs / MR7 or above / Diablo hunting
  • Special location: MR Hurricane / MR7 or above / Hurricane hunting

MR4* Questions

  • Noble Frostfighter / MR12 or above / Hunting alloys
  • Tundra Serenity Breaker / MR13 or higher / Hunting the vulgar Anyanata
  • Duo of Rome / MR16 or higher / Howling Legion Hunt (Ice Mantle Update)
  • Treasure in pairs / MR13 or greater / supply of 2 hot spring stones
  • These eyes Azure blue all see / MR13 or more / Hunting in the hatchery Azure blue
  • Forest disaster / MR14 or above / Odgaron ebony hunting
  • In the heat of battle / MR13 or above / Black Diabolo hunting
  • Shadow crime / MR14 or above / Ebony hunting Odogaron
  • This sheet is / MR14 or better / Acidic nightshade
  • Murlyk room: Light iron / MR15 or higher / acid head separation
  • Murlyk room: Black iron / MR16 or greater / Ebony Odogaron and Hunting Odogaron
  • Azure Ratalos / MR13 or above / Hunting Azure Ratalos
  • Thunderclap / MR14 or greater / Fulgur Anjanath (Thunderclap Upgrade)
  • Penetrating black / MR17 or higher / Hardened black Imp hunt (rock shell reinforcement)
  • Special location: MR Azure Ratalos / MR13 or above / Hunting Azure Ratalos
  • Special location: MR Black Diablocs / MR13 or above / Hunting Black Diablocs
  • Special location: MR Fulgur Anjanath / MR14 or higher / Fulgur Anjanath Hunting
  • Special location: MR Oxygen separators / MR15 or above / Oxygen separator flushing
  • Special location: MR Ebony Odogaron / MR15 or above / Ebony Odogaron hunting

MR5* Questions

  • Clear Sky Envelope / MR19 or higher / Shoot Daora Kushala
  • Windscreen / MR19 or higher / Pull Daora Kushala
  • Royal Sand Auditorium / MR19 or above / Game Theories
  • Sun sign / MR19 or higher / Playing theostra
  • Sword fighting on Rome / MR17 or higher / party at Welhan
  • Storm attack breaks / MR19 or greater / Kiriyin set
  • Memories of the Sea God / MR20 or more / The Assassination of Namibia
  • It’s life after death for me / MR19 or higher / Killing a Blackveil Vaal Hazak (immune system improvement)
  • Death row / MR19 or greater / Blackvale Waal Hazak game
  • Something with anger / MR18 or more / Hunting something like a Baselgear
  • Murlyk room: Silver / MR19 or higher / Take something from Basel Geyser
  • Tyrant’s Banquet / MR21 or higher / Chasing the Hard Devil (Upgrade Pharmacy Dress)

MR6* Questions

  • Remote control Lorelei / MR23 or higher / Playing Ishwall ball
  • We walk in this city / MR24 or more / Tiger hunting, Nargakuga, Zinogra, Brachidios and Glavenus.
  • A warm night on top of a tower / MR50 or more / Playing the lunastar
  • Ode to the Moon and the Sun / MR125 or greater / Hunting for gold and silver rattan (improvement of the drum mantle)
  • Divine Splash / MR150 or higher / installation of Rugged Kirin and Rugged Namel (weather vest upgrade)
  • Unexpected storm surges / MR175 or higher / Daora Kushala hardened and Waal Hazak hardened (affinity increase)
  • Master Hunters of the New World / MR200 or higher / Quenched Theatre, Quenched Lunaster, Quenched Welhana and Nergigante Reiner
  • Special location: MR Zinogre / MR24 or above / Zinogre hunting
  • Special location: MR Yan Garuga / MR24 or above / Yan Garuga hunting
  • Special location: MR Bread Tigerx / MR70 or higher / Hunting tiger with rough feet
  • Special location: MR Golden Pied Piper / MR70 or higher / Chasing the Golden Pied Piper
  • Special location: MR silverratalos / MR70 or higher / silver rat hunting

The source: Initial reference

Please send the complete list of additional (updated) RM requests for Monster Hunter World.

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