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Code Vein Update Version 1.50 Patch Notes on March 24th

Bandai Namco has released a new update for Adercode, we have all the information about the 1.50 update of 24. Mars.

The1.50 code update can now be downloaded for all platforms. On Playstation 4 you need to download and install 1 GB. The update adds new features, such as real-time photo mode, in which you can now play the piano.

Corrections to code 1.50

Basic updates

  • A new feature has been added to the thermal baths that allows you to view events from the past.
  • Now you can sit in front of the piano.
    When they are in place, you can press the keys to play the piano.

Photo mode updates

  • A new real-time mode has been added to the photo mode.
    In Live mode, you can use the photo mode without stopping the game.
  • The photo mode can now also be called up during a multiplayer game.
  • The multiplayer photo mode is always in real time.
  • The dose settings are now available for your partner in photo mode.
  • The mask display settings now apply to your partner.
  • New picture frames and special effects have been added.

System Updates

  • New gestures have been added.
  • Change the time when you can enter the depth information in New Game+.
  • Now you can get the map you need before the arrow cryp is completed by studying the memo next to Davis in the base.
  • Several bugs and problems solved.




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